When is The Society season 2 coming to Netflix? Projected release date

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When is The Society season 2 coming to Netflix? Projected release date

Assuming Netflix renewed The Society for a second season, when can we expect it? When is The Society season 2 coming to Netflix?

When it comes to dystopian futures and YA dramas, it’s not always easy to write well, keep suspense and give a realistic view of the world. The Society on Netflix has certainly managed to do that and now we’re expecting a second season. When will The Society season 2 be on Netflix?

Right now, all we can do is predict a date. I’m assuming that a second season will be picked up. The series has been heavily promoted by Netflix and there’s a buzz on social media about it. As long as there are viewers and the show is being talked about, a second season is usually given. It’s a third, fourth and onward season that we need to worry about due to the costs exponentially increasing.

Assuming a renewal comes in within two months — a highly popular show can get a renewal within a month now — we can expect the new season to be available 12-14 months after the previous release. So, we’re looking at May 2020 to July 2020 for the release of The Society season 2 on Netflix.

There are plenty of questions to answer for The Society season 2. Without spoilers, one of the big mysteries was revealed by the end of the first season. The teens figured out what had happened to them, leaving a big question about getting home. This is where the second season could take off.

Then there are still the discussions of building a society and of surviving in a world without adults. These teens have had to fend for themselves, figuring out how to create a society that helps everyone thrive while learning new skills like cooking, farming and even sign language. These talks of survival and working together need to continue until they figure out a way to their parents.

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