Judge deems Oklahoma train crossing law unconstitutional

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A federal judge in Oklahoma has ruled in favor of a railroad that challenged a state law that bans stopped trains from blocking streets for more than 10 minutes.

BNSF Railway Co. sued Oklahoma last year after police officers in Edmond and Davis issued citations over blocked streets. The lawsuit listed the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and the cities of Edmond and Davis as defendants, The Oklahoman reported.

U.S. District Judge Charles

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This photo of children living in poverty caused shock waves in 1992. Where are they now? | Society

When Katrina first saw the photo, she cried. The four-year-old girl at its centre is seated at a dinner table, with chips on her plate and a fork in her hand. Behind her, the walls of the room are bare and grimy. The toddler’s eyes are fixed on the middle distance – possibly sad, possibly thoughtful, wholly absorbed in a world that lies just off the page. “I didn’t recognise myself,” says Katrina, known

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This Election Is an Opportunity to Discover the Amount of Cancer in the Body Politic

There has been fraud. Of that, most are certain

Yet, there has always been some amount of fraud in every election. Yes, there are and have been the corrupt, acting on their own, for one reason or another, hoping to tip the scales.

These individuals, however, have been in the distinct minority in times past, or so we are led to believe. As such, we have had reasonable confidence in the results of our elections.

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Serbia’s anti-terrorism laws being misused to target and curb work of NGOs, UN human rights experts warn – Serbia

GENEVA (11 November 2020) – Human rights experts* today expressed concern that the Serbian authorities are using oversight powers designed to target the financing of terrorism to obtain banking information and information on financial transactions of more than 50 NGOs, media associations and other non-profit organizations. Those targeted stand out for their work on human rights, investigation of war crimes, monitoring of the government’s work, and other forms of investigative journalism.

“We fear that such

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Gov. Ducey defends Arizona’s election, explains the law after Trump lashes out

After certifying the election in Arizona on Monday, President Trump lashed out at Gov. Ducey, an ally of his all year long. Ducey later put out a 9-tweet thread.

PHOENIX — On Monday, Arizona officials, including Republican Governor Doug Ducey, certified the election.

This came after all 15 Arizona counties certified in their counties, which means Ducey, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and Attorney General Mark Brnovich much certify the results statewide.

After doing so,

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What Is Turiyavaad In Politics In Vedic, Hindu Culture

Dogma and ideological stagnation has percolated through the cracks and crevices of contemporary life, society and politics. There is a need for freshness and a certain inflow of novelty to move beyond the glaring inadequacies of western constructs and ideologies that are all-so-often blindly adopted and realised by all and sundry, sans the much-required close-reading and understanding of the distinctly different realities of people across the world.

Even at the level of ideas, there is

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‘Like Obama’: What Biden’s presidency could mean for human rights | US & Canada News

During US President Donald Trump’s four years in office, he was not shy to withdraw from a slew of prominent global human rights treaties and institutions.

Trump not only pulled the United States out of the Human Rights Council in 2018 and the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement but he also withdrew his country from the World Health Organization (WHO).

And – in a move that was sharply criticised by the international community – Trump issued

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Global Legal Network Ally Law Celebrates 30th Anniversary at 2020 Super Conference

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ally Law, a global legal network that includes more than 70 member firms and nearly 3,000 lawyers worldwide, celebrated three decades providing comprehensive legal services to corporate, individual and governmental clients during the opening session of its two-week Super Conference 2020. The virtual event, which began on November 11, 2020, and continued through November 20, kicked off with the unveiling of new video and print

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Law Society of Alberta alerts lawyers about fake firm “Lawman & Associates”

Following a report made in August, the website hosting provider told the law society that it would investigate the matter. As of the time of writing, the website remains operational.

“Lawman & Associates” released an advance fee letter, allegedly authored by an Alberta lawyer, stating that recipients could claim life insurance payout, of which 90 per cent would be shared to recipients and 10 per cent would be dedicated to charity. The law society obtained

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In America’s body politic, Trump’s gut made his presidency failure

 For the past four years the US government has been led by a president who boasts that his best decision have come from his gut. Bile replaced brains, and it has been painfully apparent in the results.
President Donald Trump is fighting a bitter but losing battle to hold on to a job he doesn’t really like. Of course, he likes the power, the prestige, the praise and the perks – but not the job
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How the explosion in critical race theory is poisoning America

How likely are we to heal our country’s wounds if we divide our fellow citizens into “white people” who are stained, and “people of color” who are innocent and pure? This ghastly enterprise is being undertaken by the left in America today.

White employees go to work and are compelled to sit through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion humiliation sessions, which inform them that they are frauds whose success has been purchased by the suffering of

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Liberal MP Julian Leeser calls for ‘national security advocate’ to test human rights claims

The bipartisan Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security is the key parliamentary oversight body which scrutinises national security legislation.


While agencies such ASIO and the AFP appear before the committee, Mr Leeser said they were constrained by what they can say in public.

“The national security advocate would be able to play a more robust role in helping the committee – and, through it, the Australian people – to understand the government’s legislation

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ASU Law again No. 1 in state for bar passage

November 10, 2020

Arizona State University alumnus George “Sonny” Cave is no stranger to building things from the ground up. Whether he was pursuing little-studied areas of scientific research or establishing a team of lawyers for a large tech company from scratch, Cave spent his professional life discovering his niche by carving his own trail. 

After completing his bachelor’s degree in botany from Duke University in 1980, Cave headed west for his master’s degree program

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How Cashless Society Will Influence World’s Businesses and Our Lives

It is a rare thing to see someone pay with cash at a grocery store. This had been the case way before the pandemic and the increased popularity of contactless payments. Soon, even taxi drivers in small towns will be expected to accept credit cards. At this point, a cashless society is inevitable, and business owners and the general public need to be prepared for it.

What a Cashless Society Implies?

This emerging phenomenon is

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Trump’s ‘Stealth Deportations’ of Venezuelans May Violate Human Rights

venezuelan migrants deported from united states

A man from Venezuela seeking asylum in the United States holds his daughter at the entrance to the Paso del Norte International Bridge on February 28, 2020, in Ciudad Juárez. Photo by PAUL RATJE, AFP via Getty Images

Several Caribbean island nations and the United States have come under fire from humanitarian groups and U.S. politicians for deporting Venezuelan migrants and refugees home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The government of U.S. President Donald Trump deported

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Utah Law Schools Announce Full-tuition Achievement Fellowships

PROVO, Utah, Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark Law School (BYU Law) and the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law (Utah Law) today announced a collaboration with leading Utah law firms to create the Achievement Fellowships Program. Under this program, students will receive full-tuition awards and access to mentorship activities to attract, recognize and support students who have qualified for admission to law school in the face

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‘Society has changed’: Orangeville bylaw bans for-profit sale of cats, dogs, rabbits

Unless a cat, rabbit, or dog is from a rescue or shelter, pet stores will not be able to sell these animals in Orangeville.

At its Nov. 9 meeting, Orangeville council voted in favour of staff recommendations on a bylaw in response to numerous concerns raised to the town over the past several years about the sale of pets.

Perhaps the biggest point of controversy among councillors on the issue was that there is only

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Japan eyes US-style law to sanction Uighur human rights abuses

TOKYO — As China faces growing criticism for its treatment of Uighur Muslims, Japan has begun weighing a legal foundation for sanctions like those imposed by the U.S. and Europe, with implications for Japanese companies that might be unknowingly contributing to the problem.

Eleven Japanese companies were among the 82 well-known global brands named in a report in March by the Australian Global Policy Institute as those relying on factories that use forced Uighur laborers. 

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My father-in-law criticises my parenting. How do I deal with that? | Parents and parenting

My husband’s parents live nearby and have been a great support since my son was born last year (my family live abroad). They regularly help out with childcare and, despite a few minor differences of opinion, we trust them and are grateful we can rely on them when we need a helping hand.

But my father-in-law has become very critical of me. He regularly makes hurtful comments, always aimed at me, even when

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Kathryn Newton on Freaky, Big Little Lies, and The Society

When Kathryn Newton appears on Zoom—a little late but looking flawlessly flustered—she eventually offers an explanation: “I’m just not ready to be a human again.” I know what she’s saying. “It’s quarantine,” she adds. “Why is it that having one appointment is so difficult? I’m used to seven things a day. Quarantine, I have one thing, and I just can’t get it done.” She rolls her eyes at herself, laughs, tosses her mass of strawberry-blonde

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