The Political Environment

More and more, it feels like Trumpis running the Death Star. Because on top of…

The Political Environment

More and more, it feels like Trump
The Political Environment
is running the Death Star.

Because on top of his careless self-absorption and botching of pandemic preparedness that has left countless patients suffering and dying from lung congestion, you can add his big-business-serving intentional release of more tailpipe emissions into the air – 

The new rule, which is expected to be implemented by late spring, will roll back a 2012 rule that required automakers’ fleets to average about 54 miles per gallon by 2025. – – 

– on top of his even more sweeping suspension of clean air and water oversight and enforcement that will put pollutants into everyone’s air, water, lungs and food supplies: 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a freeze on enforcing environmental regulations due to the coronavirus pandemic that is so sweeping in scope that critics have begun to argue the change is actually a bid to advance the Trump administration’s long-standing deregulatory agenda.

Under the new directive, announced Thursday, the EPA says it does “not expect to seek penalties for violations of routine compliance monitoring, integrity testing, sampling, laboratory analysis, training, and reporting or certification obligations in situations where the EPA agrees that Covid-19 was the cause of the noncompliance.” 

The rule, which will remain in place indefinitely, means factories, power plants, and other major polluters have tremendous discretion in deciding whether or not they think the coronavirus will prevent them from meeting legal requirements on air and water pollution and hazardous waste management. The EPA will not be fining companies for violating certain requirements on limiting pollution during this time.

Other power-hungry leaders are exploiting the pandemic for personal or ideological reasons, so Trump figures, since it’s always about him, ‘why not me?’

Everyone knows – – other than Trump and his Death Star lieutenants – – that pollution is measurable, and, unchecked is bad for people, as I wrote in 2018. 

There’s widespread mercury pollution in WI. Trump would add to it.
Smoke stacks from a factory. 

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