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Office of E-Government & Information Technology

Office of E-Government & Information Technology

2015 Annual Report to Congress: Federal Information Security Modernization Act (February 27, 2015) (100 pages, 2.57 MB)
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Background Laws/Resources

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Federal Enterprise Architecture


The Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture (May 2, 2012) (PDF, 1.9 MB)
Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework version 2 (January 29, 2013) (PDF, 9.3 MB)

FEA Reference Models

Business Reference Model version 3.1 (May 15, 2013) (PDF, 0.2 MB)
Business Reference Model version 3.1 Taxonomy (May 15, 2013) (PDF, 1.0 MB)
Performance Reference Model version 3 (August 3, 2012) (xlsx, 0.1 MB)

Management Tools

IT Dashboard – Your window into the Federal IT portfolio

Reference model maintenance process– Update FEA Reference Models

Success Stories

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Strategies and Guides Archive
  • FY10 UPI Codes for the E-Gov and LoB Initiatives (July 2008) (8 pages, 0.2 MB)
    The purpose of this document
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Office of Open Government

Office of Open Government

The Office of Open Government is charged with providing both the Executive Office of the Governor and each of Florida’s agencies with guidance and tools to serve Florida with integrity and transparency.

On January 8, 2019, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 19-11 re-establishing the Governor’s Office of Open Government. The order states, in part:

The Governor’s Office of Open Government, in coordination with the General Counsel, will (1) facilitate Floridians’ right to access the public records of the Executive Office of the Governor; (2) establish and maintain a website providing information on readily requesting public records; and (3) provide routine training for employees within the Executive Office of the Governor regarding Florida’s public records and sunshine laws.


Request a Public Record

The Governor’s Office of Open Government processes requests for records within the custodianship of the Executive Office of the Governor. To request records from another state agency, please

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7 Powerful Habits To Win In Office Politics

7 Powerful Habits To Win In Office Politics

Office politics – a taboo word for some people. It’s a pervasive thing at the workplace.

In its simplest form, workplace politics is simply about the differences between people at work; differences in opinions, conflicts of interests are often manifested as office politics. It all goes down to human communications and relationships.

There is no need to be afraid of office politics. Top performers are those who have mastered the art of winning in office politics. Below are 7 good habits to help you win at the workplace:

1. Be Aware You Have a Choice

The most common reactions to politics at work are either fight or flight. It’s normal human reaction for survival in the wild, back in the prehistoric days when we were still hunter-gatherers.

Sure, the office is a modern jungle, but it takes more than just instinctive reactions to win in office politics. Instinctive fight reactions

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Office of Information Practices

Office of Information Practices


As the COVID-19 virus has become a global pandemic and a serious threat to the health and welfare of our state’s population, the Uniform Information Practices Act (Modified), chapter 92F, HRS, was temporarily suspended and the Sunshine Law, part I of chapter 92, HRS, substantially suspended by the Supplemental Memorandum of Governor Ige dated March 16, 2020, to give government the maximum flexibility to focus its attention and personnel resources on directly addressing the immediate situation at hand.  When the situation is stabilized and there is proper leeway to re-direct those resources, the suspension of these laws will be lifted.

In the meantime, OIP is not accepting new cases until clarification of its authority to do so is received or the Supplementary Proclamation is terminated.  Moreover, in accordance with the Governor’s emergency directives and the State’s social distancing efforts to keep the community and government employees safe and

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Edmonton Divorce Lawyers | Verhaeghe Law Office

Edmonton Divorce Lawyers | Verhaeghe Law Office

Located in Edmonton with offices in both Athabasca and Whitecourt to better serve your needs

Verhaeghe Law Office Lawyers

Edmonton Family Law, Edmonton Divorce Law, Edmonton Criminal Defense Law, Edmonton Real Estate, Edmonton Immigration Law, Wills & Estates and Corporate Law.

Looking for a lawyer? With locations in Athabasca, Edmonton, and Whitecourt, Verhaeghe Law Office is the law firm that knows the lay of the land and the legal landscape.

Verhaeghe Law Office was founded in the 1940s and has been providing cogent and clear legal advice to Albertans for over 70 years. A family-run business, when you deal with Verhaeghe Law Office, you know you’re getting the best in legal representation this province has to offer.

I Need a Lawyer. Can Verhaeghe Law Office Help?

We have an experienced and qualified team of lawyers with a wide variety of practice interests. Check out our team on our website for

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How to Win at Office Politics

How to Win at Office Politics

Create Strong Relationships

Build the personal network you will need to reach your goals.

Successful politics starts with relationships: You’ll need your coworkers’ support — or at minimum their respect — to accomplish anything. Your colleagues all have their own information and allegiances that they can put to work for you — if, and only if, they’re so inclined. “Relationships are built on reciprocity,” says management psychologist Karissa Thacker. “If you do someone a favor, 90 percent of people return the favor.” Likewise, if you exclude someone or block their progress, you’ll get similar treatment in response.

In seeking allies, don’t just look upward. Coworkers below and equal to your position often have the power to support — or thwart — your goals. Admins may know tricks about how and when to approach the boss with a request. And your direct report in marketing could move to the accounting

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