NYS Division of Local Government Services

elcome to the New York Department of State’s Division of Local Government Services. The Division…

NYS Division of Local Government Services

elcome to the New York Department of State’s Division of Local Government Services. The Division of Local Government Services is a principal resource for New York’s local governments by providing training and technical assistance to local governments and community organizations throughout the state, and helps local officials to solve problems involving basic powers and duties, public works, municipal organization, planning, land use and regulatory controls, and community development. Services provided by the Division reflect New York’s commitment to strengthening state and local partnerships to improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers.

The Department is a key resource for local government leaders to foster cooperative and collaborative solutions to the challenges they face. We offer assistance in three specific areas:

  • Local Government Efficiency ProgramLocal Government Efficiency, including government consolidation and dissolution and shared services. The Department’s Local Government Efficiency (LGe) program provides technical and financial assistance to help municipalities identify opportunities for cost savings through intermunicipal cooperation, reorganization and regionalization. This may include, among other things, studies to determine the efficiency of municipal dissolution or consolidation, the merging of neighboring police departments or the deployment of regional infrastructure. Grants are also available to fund the implementation of these projects. Over the past ten years DOS has allocated $94 million to over 520 projects which to increase shared services, and enhance efficiency in services and to produce cost savings. Overall, this program has been a great success, as completed projects are producing savings that over the long-term are estimated to exceed $675 upon implementation of all projects.

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  • Local Government TrainingLocal Government Training, including training courses on-site and online and a Technical Helpline for local officials. The Local Government Training (LGt) program is often a local official’s first point of contact with the New York Department of State. Each year, DOS staff train thousands of members of
    planning boards, zoning boards of appeals, local governing boards, and others at regional training
    events, through online tutorials, and with our many land use and legal publications. When not on the
    road, DOS staff educated and experienced in land use planning are available to assist local officials
    with technical questions about planning and land use regulation by telephone or email.

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