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Horror Society – Your Voice for Independent Horror

  • Blu Review – Picasso Trigger (Mill Creek Entertainment)

  • NECROPOLIS: LEGION – The Director’s Cut Premieres on Amazon Prime 5/8

  • Eureka Entertainment to release THE THOUSAND EYES OF DR. MABUSE [Die 1000 Augun des Dr. Mabuse]

  • BayView Entertainment Partners with Horrornewsnet to launch“HNN Presents” Video Distribution label

  • Survival Horror Game “The Inner Friend” Now on Consoles

  • Blu Review – Malibu Express (Mill Creek Entertainment)

  • AMC’s Shudder SURPRISE Drops Acclaimed Indigenous Zombie Thriller BLOOD QUANTUM April 28th @ MIDNIGHT EST (US/UK/Ireland)

  • Creepy New Clip for AMONG THEM

  • Ryan Nicholson’s GUTTERBALLS (2008) is available NOW

  • Blu Review – Hard Ticket to Hawaii (Mill Creek Entertainment)

  • Ted Geoghegan’s radio program “This is Not a Story About…” is now available on streaming services

  • Blu Review – Double Team (Mill Creek Entertainment)


  • IFC Midnight’s “The Wretched” Moves In to Drive-Ins and VOD May 1st

  • Available Today On Demand Everywhere: Bone-Chilling Horror Feature “Witches in the Woods”

  • Troma President Lloyd Kaufman to Appear Live & (Virtually) In-Person at Mainframe Comic-Con

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