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He said that Sindh goverment‘s Green Karachi programme was a great initiative which would have…

He said that Sindh goverment‘s Green Karachi programme was a great initiative which would have positive impact on overall atmosphere of the metropolis.
Can we not even question the Federal Goverment, he asked.
Representatives of Trend News Agency participate in the International Goverment Communication Forum 2019, which is underway in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates).
In Fine Arts Competitions, 2nd Category Misbah Bukhari (IMCG (PG)F-7/2), Maira shafqat (Goverment PG College for women 6th road Rwp),Nimra Zafar Bilquees (Goverment PG College for women 6th road Rwp) Secured 1st 2nd and 3rd positions.
Scotrail have said about 85 per cent of its revenue comes from fares set by the Scottish Goverment which decides how much they should charge.
Earlier in the day goverment spokesperson Eric Kirathe blamed local workers for not being able to use the right channel to raise air their grievances with their employer.
Respondents said that the city goverment does not pay serious attention to this problem It is the responsibility of the goverment to take some concrete step to root out this crime.some suggestions may support the law-enforcement agencies in controlling this serious problem.
Addressing the participants at Khatam-e-Nabuwat Chowk, Malik Nadeem Kamran said the Punjab goverment had taken several measures to maintain law and order on the occasion of Ashura.
Summary: The car, for the first time, was displayed at the Dubai International Goverment Achivements Exhibition.
Be in no doubt the goverment has the legal right to impose new contracts on Junior Doctors.
PESHAWAR — Former president of district bar council and a joint candidate of tripartite alliance for Union Council (UC)59 Sarband Maulana Shams Ul Haq Advocate has said that he would perform his role as a bridge between locals and goverment.

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