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Fun Bird Activities for Spring Spring is finally here! Now is the perfect time to…

Audubon Minnesota

Fun Bird Activities for Spring

Spring is finally here! Now is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh spring sights and sounds. See some fun options below.  

Audubon Minnesota
Indigo Bunting Photo: Arlo West/Audubon Photography Awards

Trees and other plants are beginning to grow and show off their spring colors, beneficial insects seem to magically appear, and our beloved migratory birds and returning to their breeding grounds. Join Audubon in welcoming spring and the many migratory bird species through these bird-friendly (and Earth-friendly) activities.

Go Trash Birding

Now that the snow and ice has melted, you have probably noticed a lot of trash laying around. Trash is a serious hazard for birds and other wildlife, and trash also has a negative impact on water quality. Grab your gardening or work gloves and a garbage bag to take along on your next nature hike or birdwatching walk and pick up trash along the way.

Watch for Hummingbirds

Early May is when Minnesota typically welcomes back Ruby-throated hummingbirds! These tiny birds weigh less than a nickel and travel incredible distances during migration. Here are a couple ways we can welcome hummingbirds to our yards. 

How to make hummingbird nectar:

Audubon’s Hummingbirds At Home project:

Grow your own Birdfeeder

Provide sustenance for birds with Audubon’s Plants for Birds resources! Native plant species help support birds in a number of ways. Native plants provide shelter, nesting locations, and food resources like seeds, berries, nectar, and beneficial insects that many birds need to feed their young.

Check out this webpage to discover what you can add to green spaces to welcome birds and support them throughout the year.

Find Kid-friendly Activities 

Audubon has been releasing weekly segments just for kids/families. Each segment spotlights something fun and new about the lives of birds. It’s loaded with fun learning and DIY activities that celebrate birds and encourage kids to get outside.

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