7 Things That Are Wrong With Society

Humans are such a complex species. We could not figure out the mind of a…

7 Things That Are Wrong With Society

Humans are such a complex species. We could not figure out the mind of a human, no matter how hard we tried. Psychology touches on some of the behavioral and thought processes that are experienced by a human, but Psychology will never be completely factual because the human brain is far too complicated. We want the world to be a happy and just place, but unfortunately, it will never be so. Here are some things that are wrong with the world today, and why.

1. Social Media

People can argue that social media has had a positive impact on society economically, and maybe even socially in some cases. Truth is, social media is the worst thing that could have ever happened to us. It is so easy to express our darkest thoughts when we are behind a screen. It is so easy to manipulate people when we put certain stimuli in their faces enough. Literally, I could make up a whole situation right at this very moment that is completely false, and post it on social media–and people will believe it! We can get a whole group of people to hate an entire population if we are persistent enough. We are so consumed by technology, we fail to realize who we have become because of it.

2. The “Human”

We are human and we are not perfect. Cliche, but true. We have wild thoughts, behaviors, and intentions within us. Sigmund Freud would call this the “id, ego, and superego.” We are all made up differently. That being said, we can be nice and we can be mean. People are going to be mean, it is inevitable. That is something we just have to deal with. If you think about it in a religious perspective, we are all sinners. Not a single person can prevent another person from being what they are.

3. Not Seeing All Sides To A Situation

We are biased people and want to stay true to our beliefs. Unfortunately, no one takes the time to see all angles of a situation nor do they ask why another person may feel the way they do. We should find some middle ground and look at things with a broader perspective.

4. We Are Quick To Attack Those Who Challenge Us

Person A. “Wow that girl was ignorant for doing that.”

Person B. “Do not say that! You’re ignorant! You don’t know what you are talking about! Shut up!”

Just adding fuel to the fire, buddy.

5. We Are Impulsive

6. We Don’t Know When To Shut Up

7. And Everything Offends Us

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