3 Things To Do When You Get Involved in a Fight

  There is no right or wrong way when it comes to offering help to…

3 Things To Do When You Get Involved in a Fight


3 Things To Do When You Get Involved in a Fight

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to offering help to someone else who is in need of it.

It is not uncommon these days to see people fight, be it at all home, in public transportation, in school, or even in workplaces.

We oftentimes find ourselves in the middle of those situations and wonder whether intervening is the best Call of action.

Watching two people yell at each other or fistfight especially if we know them, leaves you with an incredibly uncomfortable feeling.

Is it the right thing to intervene in a physical or a verbal fight, is it dangerous? Is your property at stake or is your business and your workers in jeopardy?

It is safe to assume that some injuries might be sustained whether serious or minor.

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Let us take a look at some of the strategies that you can make good use of If by any chance you find yourself in the middle of a physical or verbal fight

Here are some of the ways you can de-escalate them.

1.  Wait for the perfect time to intervene.

Timing is everything, waiting for the perfect time to intervene in an argument is key, it will determine the success of your intervention.

You need to assess the argument first and survey the situation fully. You can not abruptly jump in assuming you understand what has led to the argument.

Arguing is not bad, it is healthy but an argument that gets heated only goes downhill from there.

You need to assess the body language of the individuals, are they starting to encroach each other’s spaces, is anyone tearing up or are they getting red?

When an argument gets overheated and you can hear over the top verbally abusive words, then that is the best time to intervene.

These are telltales signs that an argument is about to get physical.

The best way to intervene is by gently pushing back the person who is closer to you or someone of your gender.

Use your body as a shield and speak calmly as you break up the argument.

2.  Ask for help from other onlookers.

In case there are people around within hearing range, ask them for help before breaking up the fight by yourself.

Getting help to break up the fight will be easier since you will have an extra hand. You are more likely to successfully break them up.

Onlookers are less likely to come and help if you shout and yell for help.

Instead, approach one and while looking straight through their eyes, ask them to help you break up the fight.

It is best if you get someone who has a big stature and looks more athletic, do not leave a scene of fighting individuals to ask for help.

3.  Face the antagonist.

If in any case one of the two fighters is actively picking on the other and purposely antagonizing the other, then you need to step in and give the antagonist a reason not to fight.

Use a smooth and calm voice to redirect the antagonist from fighting.

Make sure you get in between the two and obstruct them before things get super violent.

However, only do this after you have assessed that there are no lethal weapons that are being used in the brawl.

If in any case you know one of the people involved in the fight, use their name when calming them down, try using a phrase that will soothe them out.

If the situation gets out of hand or there is the involvement of lethal weapons such as guns then quickly make a call to the police and report the situation before the individuals get severely hurt.


Stepping into a physical fight or any form of altercation is a brave act.

Your main aim is to de-escalate the situation by taking up heroic responsibility without picking sides.

Focus on remedying the situation by treating both parties equally, it is mandatory to remain neutral no matter who’s in the wrong.

If any lethal weapons are involved make sure you contact the authorities for expert help before anyone gets hurt.

Now you have all the information that you will need to de-escalate a heated argument or a physical fight.