Whiskey Ratings, Reviews, Bars, & Stores

What’s the best single malt scotch?  That’s really up to you and your tastes alone. …

Whiskey Ratings, Reviews, Bars, & Stores

Whiskey Ratings, Reviews, Bars, & Stores
What’s the best single malt scotch?  That’s really up to you and your tastes alone.  But if you want to see what we think, we’ve tried a whole lot of them.
Whether you know what makes a bourbon a bourbon, or if you’re just starting out, we’ve got ratings and tasting notes on stuff from Kentucky to California.
Blended Scotch, Japanese single malts, Canadian stuff, and everything else.  If you don’t know the difference, learn the easy way — drink some!
What We’ve Been Up To Lately
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Though our site receives a lot of traffic, and we post regular reviews and ratings on bourbon, single malt whiskey, and a lot more, we don’t really publish big articles or meeting updates anymore.


Well firstly, because most people use our site just as we intended it — as a easily sortable and searchable whiskey database. We built things so it would be easy to find the best bourbon, malt, or whatever you’re looking for.

But also, the whiskey “scene” has changed, particularly with the explosion of bourbon’s popularity. Braggadocio has come to dominate so much of the “whiskey internet” that we don’t want to seem like we’re trying to contribute to that. We think that sharing and tasting is more important than yelling and showing off. So while we continue to meet regularly, we keep more to ourselves about it nowadays.

Ratings and reviews will always keep coming, because we feel that provides a good public service… and because they’re fun to do! Cheers all and DRINK WHISKY!


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We’re a private club, but a public resource. The Society rates and reviews bourbon, single malt scotch, and anything else that qualifies as whisk(e)y. Twelve years of experience have also made us leading experts in the authentication and valuation of rare whiskey bottles. Pour yourself a glass of something nice and take a look around!
More about us and what we do…
 Latest Must-Try Whiskey (What’s this?)
Glenrothes 2007 Adelphi

n:  dank.  A bowl of sugared plums, apricots, and cherries on Dagobah.


p:  Wow.  A mouthfull of flavor.  Not hot, despite the ABV, just flavorful. Chocolate cake and candied prun… More

 The Stores List
Does your corner store only have Jim Beam?  No problem.  Check out this list of the Best stores in Los Angeles for whiskey.  More…
 The Bars List
Finding a good Whiskey bar in Los Angeles is hard.  Here ‘s the best (and worst) we’ve found so far.  More…
 The Online List
If you’re like us, then you’ll order whiskey online frequently.  We’ve got some experience, and would like to pass is on to you.  More…

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