Top Tips to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Did you know that approximately one in five slips, trips, and falls result in a…

Did you know that approximately one in five slips, trips, and falls result in a severe injury of some sort? We trip all the time, but dealing with the aftermath of an injury can be a major challenge. These injuries might leave you unable to work or unable to perform your daily living needs, leading to extensive bills, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering.

Taking steps to prevent these slip and fall accidents is the best option, but not all accidents are completely avoidable. When you do experience an injury from a slip, trip, or fall, you may need to consider working with accident lawyers in New Orleans to help you get compensation for your injuries.

Preventing Slips and Falls

Ideally, taking steps to avoid slips and falls from happening is what should take place. Realistically, this simply doesn’t always happen. And you may not be aware of or notice a hazard before the fall occurs.

When you are on someone else’s property or on a business property, they have a certain responsibility to help make hazards known and offer protection as much as possible. Try these things when you are out:

  • Watch for any warning signs and adhere to the warnings
  • If handrails are available, make use of them to avoid an accident
  • When a surface is notated as wet or slippery, use caution or avoid that space until it is no longer hazardous
  • If you notice an issue that needs to be addressed, report it to the management of the facility right away

Businesses Take Steps to Protect People

Businesses are required to follow certain actions in an effort to protect people from injuries and harm on their property. Again, not everything is avoidable, but being proactive will reduce the risk of injuries.

Businesses can ensure safety through these tips:

  • Make sure lighting is adequate for all spaces within a property
  • Ensure proper handrails are installed where necessary and required
  • If a hazard is known, signage should be posted and clear to any visitors
  • Spills or debris must be cleaned up quickly
  • Property should be monitored and inspected for hazards, and those hazards should be handled right away
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance make a difference
  • Emergency routes and exits need to be easy to understand and clearly marked

Common Fall Scenarios

Commercial properties are by far one of the most common places that slip and fall injuries occur. Retail stores have the largest number of injuries from slips and falls because of their sheer traffic. Sadly, many of these could potentially be avoided.

The most common slip and fall scenarios include:

  • Floors that are uneven, wet, or slippery
  • Stairs with inadequate lighting, high steepness, and inadequate handrails
  • Improper lighting issues

What Should You Do If You Are Injured from a Slip or Fall?

While the hope is to reduce slips and falls as much as possible, the reality is they will still happen. If you are injured in a slip or fall that could have been avoided by some of the things mentioned here, you may be eligible for compensation. The best option is to work with experienced accident lawyers in New Orleans to help you understand your options and navigate the legal process.