The World Government

The World Government First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they…

The World Government

The World Government

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

in office since January, 13, 2015, 5:00 AM UTC

No taxes, no bureaucracy, no enforcement!


Coming soon: History Ministry, Health Ministry, World Register, World Ranking

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Mo 30.03.2021 23:00 UTC: Mr.Gordon Brown’s proposal to establish global emergency body with executive powers is beingh thorougly examined by TWG.

Tu 04.12.2019 21:57 UTC: Hereby Acting President establishes World Health Ministry for supporting, among other purposes, pre-conception genetic research for parents and genetic maneuver to provide good health for their future child. He Jiankui is preferred candidate to be the Minister.

Su 20.05.2018 3:00 UTC: Acting President of the World decided to unite Defense and Disarmament authorities. The main weapon we use against mosquitoes is simple net. Why guns and bombs are still used against humans? –

Fr 10.02.2017 2:50 UTC: The World Government is neither an organizer nor participant of the World Government Summit in Dubai (February, 12-14, 2017). Please make inquiries to

We 18.01.2017 3:40 UTC: Dear people! The World Government exists for 2 years. It have not started any war, nor spent any taxpayers’ penny. Is not it enough to be proud and feel itself the best government in history of humankind?

Th 07.04.2016 23:00 UTC: TWG invites everybody to monitor UN Secretary-General election at (brief Time-table and links at TWG Wiki)

Fr 25.09.2015 14:00 UTC: Acting President is watching UN summit on UN Web TV

Mo 03.08.2015 20:33 UTC: First candidate registered at 2015 World Assembly Election

Fr 24.07.2015 4:00 UTC: 2015 World Assembly Election Campaign start (beginning of candidates nomination) appointed to 01/08/2015

Sa 20.06.2015 2:30 UTC: World Exterior Ministry site created. Its tasks are: relations with other biological species (including extraterrestrials whether they exist): animal languages research; preventing cruelty in interspecies relations; bioengineering methods of nutritive meat cultivation outside animal body; interspecies relations ethics.

Th 11.06.2015 2:05 UTC: World Transition to Democracy: Draft Road Map published

Sa 14.02.2015 21:35 UTC: The best way to improve things in Russia is not to interfere. That is why Acting President decided to appoint Roman Arbitman, who has large and successful administrative (see ISBN 978-5-98424-083-3) and diplomatic (see ISBN 978-5-9691-1184-4) experience, the Special Envoy on Russian Affairs

Mo 19.01.2015 22:10 UTC: Enlightenment and Culture Minister resigned

Th 15.01.2015 3:00 UTC: The World Government’s Facebook page created

We 14.01.2015 5:00 UTC: Enlightenment and Culture Minister appointed

Tu 13.01.2015 5:00 UTC: Acting President of the World assumed the office and created The (Transitional) World Government

Tu 13.01.2015 04:32:20 UTC: Since domain exists, it must be run properly! Hereby I, Grigory Belonuchkin, a responsible cybersquatter, assume the command, until a representative parliament is elected democratically by the majority of human beings. As long as I manage the government, its motto is – No taxes, no bureaucracy, no enforcement!

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