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The Yale Political Journal‘s first issue, published in February 1947.

The Politic: The Yale College Journal of Politics is a monthly Yale University student publication that traces its roots to 1947, when the Yale Political Journal: A Magazine of Student Opinion was founded. The magazine was revived in 1979 as the Yale Political Monthly by future political commentator and historian Robert Kagan, and known alternately as Yale Political Magazine for the following twenty years.[1] In addition to Kagan, past Editors-in-Chief include author and CNN host Fareed Zakaria and Foreign Affairs Editor-in-Chief Gideon Rose.[2]


In 1947, a group of undergraduate students started the Yale Political Journal: A Magazine of Student Opinion, or the Journal for short. In their first issue, the founding editors wrote:

“We have coined as our by-line, ‘a magazine of student opinion’ presupposing that student opinion is worthy of separation

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Political journalism company based in Arlington County, Virginia

Politico, known originally as The Politico, is an American political opinion company based in Arlington County, Virginia,[4] that covers politics and policy in the United States and internationally. It distributes content through its website, television, printed newspapers, radio, and podcasts. Its coverage in Washington, D.C. includes the U.S. Congress, lobbying, the media, and the presidency.[5]


Origins, style, and growth[edit]

John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei left The Washington Post to become Politicos editor-in-chief and executive editor, respectively. With the financial backing of Robert L. Allbritton, the pair launched the website on January 23, 2007.[6][7] Their first hire was Mike Allen, a writer for Time,[8] and Frederick J. Ryan Jr. served as its first president and chief executive officer.[9]

From the beginning, journalists covering political

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Political economy was the original term for the study of production, the acts of buying and selling, and their relationships to laws, customs and government.

It developed in the 17th century as the study of the economies of states which placed the theory of property in the theory of government.[1]
Some political economists proposed the labour theory of value (first introduced by John Locke, developed by Adam Smith and later Karl Marx), according to which labour is the real source of value. Many political economists also looked at the accelerating development of technology, whose role in economic and social relationships grew ever more important.

In late 19th century, the term “political economy” was generally replaced by the term economics, which was used by those seeking to place the study of economy on a mathematical basis, rather than studying the relationships within production and consumption.

In the present, political economy

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Politics (Greek: Πολιτικά, Politiká) is a work of political philosophy by Aristotle, a 4th-century BC Greek philosopher.

The end of the Nicomachean Ethics declared that the inquiry into ethics necessarily follows into politics, and the two works are frequently considered to be parts of a larger treatise, or perhaps connected lectures, dealing with the “philosophy of human affairs”. The title of the Politics literally means “the things concerning the polis”.



Aristotle’s Politics is divided into eight books which are each further divided into chapters. Citations of this work, as with the rest of the works of Aristotle, are often made by referring to the Bekker section numbers. Politics spans the Bekker sections 1252a to 1342b.

Book I[edit]

In the first book, Aristotle discusses the city (polis) or as he likes to call it a “political

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2019 American mystery teen drama web television series

The Society is an American mystery teen drama web television series created by Christopher Keyser, that premiered on Netflix on May 10, 2019. The series stars Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon, Sean Berdy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Jacques Colimon, Olivia DeJonge, Alex Fitzalan, Kristine Froseth, Jose Julian, Alexander MacNicoll, Toby Wallace and Rachel Keller. In July 2019, the series was renewed for a second season, which is set to be released in 2020.[1]


The Society follows the story of a group of teenagers who must learn to run their own community after the rest of the population of their town (West Ham, Connecticut) disappears.[2] The mystery begins when the students of the local high school return early from a canceled field trip and find that everyone else is gone.[3] A dense forest appears surrounding the town; the

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Politik (Yunani: Politikos; Arab: سياسة, siyasah) (dari bahasa Yunani: politikos, yang berarti dari, untuk, atau yang berkaitan dengan warga negara), adalah proses pembentukan dan pembagian kekuasaan dalam masyarakat yang antara lain berwujud proses pembuatan keputusan, khususnya dalam negara.[1] Pengertian ini merupakan upaya penggabungan antara berbagai definisi yang berbeda mengenai hakikat politik yang dikenal dalam ilmu politik.

Politik adalah seni dan ilmu untuk meraih kekuasaan secara konstitusional maupun nonkonstitusional.

Di samping itu politik juga dapat ditilik dari sudut pandang berbeda, yaitu antara lain:

  • politik adalah usaha yang ditempuh warga negara untuk mewujudkan kebaikan bersama (teori klasik Aristoteles).
  • politik adalah hal yang berkaitan dengan penyelenggaraan pemerintahan dan negara.
  • politik merupakan kegiatan yang diarahkan untuk mendapatkan dan mempertahankan kekuasaan di masyarakat.
  • politik adalah segala sesuatu tentang proses perumusan dan pelaksanaan kebijakan publik.

Dalam konteks memahami politik perlu dipahami beberapa kunci, antara lain: kekuasaan politik, legitimasi, sistem politik,

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Politik uang – Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

Politik uang atau politik perut adalah suatu bentuk pemberian atau janji menyuap seseorang baik supaya orang itu tidak menjalankan haknya untuk memilih maupun supaya ia menjalankan haknya dengan cara tertentu pada saat pemilihan umum. Pembelian bisa dilakukan menggunakan uang atau barang. Politik uang adalah sebuah bentuk pelanggaran kampanye[1]. Politik uang umumnya dilakukan simpatisan, kader atau bahkan pengurus partai politik menjelang hari H pemilihan umum. Praktik politik uang dilakukan dengan cara pemberian berbentuk uang, sembako antara lain beras, minyak dan gula kepada masyarakat dengan tujuan untuk menarik simpati masyarakat agar mereka memberikan suaranya untuk partai yang bersangkutan.

Pasal 73 ayat 3 Undang Undang No. 3 tahun 1999 berbunyi:

“Barang siapa pada waktu diselenggarakannya pemilihan umum menurut undang-undang ini dengan pemberian atau janji menyuap seseorang, baik supaya orang itu tidak menjalankan haknya untuk memilih maupun supaya ia menjalankan haknya dengan cara tertentu, dipidana dengan pidana hukuman penjara paling lama tiga

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A government is a group of people that have the power to rule in a territory, according to the law. This territory may be a country, a state or province within a country, or a region.

  • Governments make laws, rules, and regulations, collect taxes and print money.
  • Governments have systems of justice that list the acts or activities that are against the law and describe the punishments for breaking the law.
  • Governments have a police force to make sure people follow the laws.
  • Governments have diplomats who communicate with the governments of other countries by having meetings. Diplomats try to solve problems or disagreements between two countries, which can help countries to avoid war, make commercial agreements, and exchange cultural or social experiences and knowledge.
  • Governments have a military force such as an army that protects the country from terrorists and other major threats that attack or which can be
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Theatrical poster

Directed by Brian Yuzna
Produced by Keith Walley
Written by
Music by
Cinematography Rick Fichter
Edited by Peter Teshner
Distributed by Wild Street Pictures

Release date

  • 1989 (1989) (London)
  • June 11, 1992 (1992-06-11) (U.S.)

Running time

99 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Society is a 1989 American body horror film directed by Brian Yuzna, and starring Billy Warlock, Devin DeVasquez, Evan Richards, and Ben Meyerson. Its plot follows a Beverly Hills teenager who finds his wealthy parents are part of a gruesome cult for the social elite.

Though the film was completed in 1989, it was not released until 1992. It was Yuzna’s directorial debut and was written by Rick Fry and Woody Keith. Screaming Mad George was responsible for the special effects. A sequel, Society 2: Body Modification, was in development, with a script written by Stephan Biro.


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Group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction

A society is a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same spatial or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Societies are characterized by patterns of relationships (social relations) between individuals who share a distinctive culture and institutions; a given society may be described as the sum total of such relationships among its constituent of members. In the social sciences, a larger society often exhibits stratification or dominance patterns in subgroups.

Societies construct patterns of behavior by deeming certain actions or speech as acceptable or unacceptable. These patterns of behavior within a given society are known as societal norms. Societies, and their norms, undergo gradual and perpetual changes.

Insofar as it is collaborative, a society can enable its members to benefit in ways that would otherwise be

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