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Ontario Historical Society :: Welcome

Ontario Historical Society :: Welcome

The 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot in the War of 1812
John R. Grodzinski, Goose Lane Press, 2014

Native Memoirs from the War of 1812: Black Hawk and William Apess
Carl Benn, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014.

Coffins of the Brave: Lake Shipwrecks of the War of 1812
Kevin J. Crisman, ed. Texas A&M University Press, 2014

The Pendulum of War: The Fight for Upper Canada, January-June 1813
Richard Feltoe, Dundurn, 2013

Fire Along the Frontier: Great Battles of the War of 1812
Alastair Sweeny, Dundurn, 2012

Tecumseh & Brock: The War of 1812
James Laxer, Anansi, 2012

Four Wars of 1812
D. Peter Macleod, Douglas & McIntyre, 2012

Ontario History: Special Double Issue on the War of 1812
Spring 2012, Vol. CIV, No. 1.
Ed. Thorold Tronrud, Published by The Ontario Historical Society.

The Call to Arms: The 1812 Invasion of Upper Canada
(Upper Canada Preserved

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Barony Of Gaultier Historical Society

Barony Of Gaultier Historical Society

Canon Power tells us that BALLINVELLA is Baile an Bhile “Big Tree Homestead.”
Ballinvella has an area of:
• 1,003,910 m² / 100.39 hectares / 1.0039 km²
• 0.39 square miles
• 248.07 acres / 248 acres, 0 roods, 11 perches
Ballinvella borders the following other townlands:
• Ballyloughbeg (Gaultier) to the north
• Ballynamoyntragh (Gaultier) to the east
• Ballyshoneen (Gaultier) to the west
• Kilmacleague East (Gaultier) to the west
• Orchardstown (Gaultier) to the north
In the 1901 census there were 12 inhabitants making up two families (Kehoe and Gough). Three inhabitants stated that they could not read.
In the 1911 census there were 16 inhabitants making up three households (Whittle, Fowler and Whittle)
In the 1821 Census Matthew Butler tells us that Thomas White aged 44 was a farmer and had one son James aged 6 and three daughters Anne, Ellen and Mary. There were
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Historical Society of MichiganHistorical Society of Michigan

Historical Society of MichiganHistorical Society of Michigan

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The Historical Society of Michigan office in Lansing is CLOSED TO VISITORS. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak we strongly encourage everyone  to contact HSM via e-mail at or to the specific staff member you wish to contact. You can also use the contact form found HERE.

The Historical Society of Michigan (HSM) is the state’s oldest cultural organization, founded in 1828 by territorial governor Lewis Cass and explorer Henry Schoolcraft. The Society helps to connect Michigan’s past to students, educators, historical organizations and the public through educational programs, conferences, publications, awards, workshops, referral services, networking opportunities, and  support for local history organizations.

HSM publishes Michigan History  and Chronicle magazines, operates the Michigan History Day (National History Day in Michigan) program statewide, runs history conferences for the public throughout the state, certifies farms in it Centennial Farm Program,

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Explore Our Collections | Wisconsin Historical Society

Explore Our Collections | Wisconsin Historical Society

Click on a link below to see the collection overview page. Use that as a starting point for your research.

  • 1964 Freedom Summer Project

    Browse or search over 30,000 original documents from Freedom Summer, an effort by civil rights activists to integrate Mississippi’s segregated political system

  • American Journeys

    digital library and learning center containing eyewitness accounts of early American exploration and settlement.

  • Eugene Walter Leach Collection

    This digital collection contains the papers of Walter Eugene Leach (1857-1983), a Racine, Wisconsin, historian and curator of the Racine County Museum.

  • GI Press Collection

    This collections contains page images and searchable text of 2,400 periodicals and other items such as pamphlets and posters created by or for U.S. military personnel during the Vietnam War era.

  • Henry and Elizabeth Baird Collection

    The papers of Elizabeth and Henry Baird from 1798 to 1937, prominent 19th-century Wisconsin settlers.

  • Increase A. Lapham Papers

    Lapham (1811-1875) was a

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