Syracuse’s ABA Approved Online Law School Program

The Power of Orange! Founded in 1895, Syracuse University College of Law offers students a forward-leaning,…

Syracuse’s ABA Approved Online Law School Program

The Power of Orange!

Syracuse’s ABA Approved Online Law School ProgramFounded in 1895, Syracuse University College of Law offers students a forward-leaning, rigorous legal education that prepares a diverse student body to succeed in the practice of law and other professional endeavors. 

The College of Law’s classroom and practical curriculum is designed to ensure that graduates have the knowledge, discipline, and analytical skills to succeed in the 21st-century legal profession and related fields.

At the same time, the College promotes the development of the law and justice by engaging in significant and creative legal scholarship, and by participating actively in the local, national, and international legal communities.

To study the law is to join the ranks of some of the best minds in history. You join leaders, idealists, inventors, entrepreneurs, dreamers, agents of change, and heroes. This is the tradition you enter when you study at Syracuse University College of Law.

We believe an outstanding legal education is as dynamic as the law itself. Syracuse puts you at the center of an intellectual, professional, personal, and cultural experience. It is an experience that will make you a better lawyer and a better leader.

Syracuse sits at an enviable position for law schools. It is rigorous, intimate, and friendly. Your mentors are faculty known for extraordinary teaching who also happen to be thought-leaders in their fields. Ranked among the best in the nation for our trial and appellate program, the College also is a leader in emerging fields such as disability law, national security law, and technology commercialization.

Over the years, the College of Law has graduated many influential and successful lawyers, business professionals, and financial leaders. We are proud to count among our alumni a US Vice President, members of the Senate and Congress, state senators and assembly members, state attorneys general, and many federal and state judges. In addition, many of our alumni have moved into leadership positions in some of the world’s largest law firms and into the fields of finance, real estate development, and international business affairs.

From big law firms to solo practice startups, from judicial clerkships to public advocacy, from the United Nations to Capitol Hill to Hollywood and across the globe, the knowledge and networks you create at Syracuse are at the heart of an incomparable experience and an education designed to endure.

That’s the Power of Orange.

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