Society – 542 Photos & 238 Reviews – Hair Salons – 8327 Melrose Ave, Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, CA – Phone Number – Services

238 8327 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90069 (323) 655-4555 Willie took me from box dye…

Society – 542 Photos & 238 Reviews – Hair Salons – 8327 Melrose Ave, Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, CA – Phone Number – Services


8327 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90069

(323) 655-4555

Willie took me from box dye jet black, flat, lifeless hair to full, dimensional brown hair in one afternoon. He is a genius with color and truly understands tones. I showed him my goal photo and he looked at it for a brief moment and then made it happen. He also nails haircuts especially long, sexy layers. I adore him and cannot imagine trusting anyone else with my mane! You can trust Willie with any cut and color and he has the talent and skills to take you there.

The front desk staff is also super nice, professional, and attentive. I have never experienced this at other salons and I think it really adds to the experience at Society.

I would give zero stars if I could. NEVER go to this hair salon, spend your money elsewhere. I ive never had to write such a bad review. One of the hairstylist said to me because of a conflict / misunderstanding i had about their price, “if you cant afford to sit at a hair salon and get whatever you want, might as well go to a barber.” What kind of a person says that first of all, and it just represents this salon as a whole. In the beginning we called the salon, they said 50$ for toning hair as a special discount since we were referrals or whatever. We come in and they jack up the price to like 200$ and seriously so inappropriate when dealing with a customer honestly maybe because we were asians. Please don’t go to this salon. Worst ever experience at a salon. Its not that i cant afford the price. I just would not want to be treated this way. Id rather go to a different salon where im not rudely treated and pay 400$ for it. Please Dont go to this salon.

ALSO they make u blow dry ur own hair if u dont wna pay 100$ extra lol

I had an awesome experience at Society. I moved to LA from NYC earlier this year and actually found a colorist right away at another salon here in LA. I was happy with her work, but then she moved (lucky me) and I was on the hunt to find another colorist. I spent hours on yelp and scrolling on Instagram trying to find someone. I stumbled upon the Society page and saw a lot of talent, but instantly connected with Spencer’s work and esthetic so decided to make an appointment with her. It’s LA so obviously there’s a lot of talent and and not shortage of salons to choose from, but for me it’s also about finding a person (and place) that has the right vibe too. I’m so glad I went with my gut and booked with Spencer!

Right away when I walked in I knew it was going to be a great experience. The salon itself is stunning, but not pretentious. Everyone is friendly and there’s a lot of energy/buzz. The other stylists all made eye contact with me and said hello. The gentlemen at the front desk was helpful and attentive when I was booking my appointment over the phone and checking in. The assistants were great too, and made sure I always had a beverage and kept refilling.

Spencer took me from a light brown with some grown out highlights to a brighter, sandy blonde, and it came out so well, better than I thought it could be. She is a true artist and so passionate about her craft. A few days after my appointment she messaged me personally to make sure I was still happy with my hair AND someone from the salon called me to check in as well. Game changing customer service. I’m so happy I found Spencer and Society salon. Can’t wait to go back. Highly recommend.

AMELLLLLLLLLLL!!! She is my hair wizard goddess bc I am blonde again and feeling & looking amazing. After months and months of root grow out, I was worried it would be hard for me to get my blonde back. But behold, Amel gave me the blonde I wanted and kept the health of my hair in mind. She also made small details a priority and we ended with a perfect result. Not to mention, she really is just the coolest person around 😉
Thanks so much, girl! I love my hair.

I’m so happy I found this place! I came across it when looking to get a blow out and have been back 3x in the past 2 weeks alone! All the staff members were so amazing! Amel especially has been so so great with coloring my hair exactly how I wanted it! Thank you thank you thank you!

I just walked out of my first appointment at Society. I got my haircut by Hannah who is absolutely amazing. She listened and understood the cut I wanted per our consultation. Also, the service was very quick. I was immediately seated and began my appointment on time. This will not be my last time visiting Society. Thank you again Hannah!!

So thankful for Amel and the team at Society!!!! She transformed my never-colored hair to a gorgeous, dimensional, beautiful masterpiece!!! She knew exactly what I wanted and needed, and put all my concerns to ease!! I’m soooo happy to have found THE salon I will return to for life!!! They are the best!!

I wanted to like this salon, however based on my first (and probably last) experience here I find them to be an overpriced salon that has little to no respect for their clients.

I had an appointment for a haircut with Spencer on 12/13 at 2PM. I showed up for my appointment and the guy working behind the front desk told me Spencer needed 15-20min to close out her client and suggested I grab coffee or lunch to pass the time. No big deal – so I went to Carrera for something to drink. When I came back it was almost 2:30, and still no Spencer. I asked the guy working the front if Spencer needed more time, because I could go home and come back since I lived around the block. He told me that Spencer would have me shampooed in 5 minutes and urged me to stay. So I stayed and got shampooed…. however afterwards I was sitting in a chair STILL WAITING, with wet hair. After waiting some more in the chair, I realized it was now 3PM, an HOUR after my scheduled time.

I was pretty livid and got up to leave. I told the girl at the front that I could no longer wait for Spencer and that if the salon has known she was going to be running so behind they should have called me beforehand and gave me a heads up. I saw that the girl Spencer was working with had extensions, so it seems like this was a complete fail on proper scheduling on the salons part. This completely botched my schedule as I worked my day and errands around this appointment. The staff apologized and asked me to stay for a discounted haircut with Spencer, who was now conveniently ready. Because I had a holiday party that night, I reluctantly said okay.

The haircut was fine and so was the styling-Spencer was apologetic but I don’t think she was sincere since she had seen me sitting in the chair waiting that whole time and didn’t say anything. Although I did get my haircut, I felt like I had my time wasted and disrespected by condescending salon workers who only cared about a specific clientele. This was a terrible way to make an impression on a customer eager to give you their business.

I will not be returning back to this salon.

Ok so long story short, Spencer is a goddess.

I came in for a color correction at 9 AM. I was looking for an ashy blonde balayage/ombré/I know nothing about hair term, and by god Spencer did it. It took 8 hours because Spencer was taking maybe 8 SINGLE STRANDS of hair at a time to bleach it and create a seamless flow of color.

Throughout it all, Spencer was so lovely to talk to and kept offering me this delicious cappuccino and even got me some cookies (low blood sugar). She’s such a sweetheart and didn’t even charge me the full number of hours because she said that even she didn’t anticipate it taking so long and therefore, she wouldn’t feel comfortable taking that money. That’s called integrity and passion about hair and her clients.

I’ve never had a go-to salon before, but Spencer is undoubtedly my regular stylist now. I didn’t even know I hated my hair color so much until Spencer showed me what it could’ve been. And I’m in love.

I reached out to her through Instagram a couple days after for some hair care and styling tips, and she responded so thoroughly and promptly. In or out of the salon, Spencer really really cares about her clients.

(P.S. I couldn’t wait until daylight for the picture, so the warm light makes it look a lot golden than it is.. but look at her Instagram for a well-lit picture!!)

Disappoinment…. Worst experience I had last November.
I got my Hair color done by AMEL.
Paid more than $500 for color. My hair was demaged so bad that despite spending alot of money on treatments and I was hoped wait for a month and hopefully my hair will get better with treatments but it didnt work. I reached out to her a month after but she was not willing to help in anyway she got me signed in a contract before. So I can’t do any complaints. As what she should do is be honest and should tell the customer with the worst case if want to get color as expectations.
I follow up with other stylist, my only option was to cut my hair really short, it was really demaged.
My suggestion is avoid Amel. She does not know what she is doing and is terrible at treating customer.

I recently moved to LA & was searching all over for a good hair salon. I am so thankful I found Amel & Lo at Society!

I’ve always struggled getting that perfect blonde tone without the brassiness, but since coming here, Amel has completely nailed it. She’s 100% a blonde expert. As far as styling, Lo crushes it every time! I have a lot of hair & it’s not always easy to curl, but she definitely has that magic touch.

10/10 recommend this spot if you’re a local in the LA area

I am so indebted to soceity salon for their expert blowouts at a reasonable price!

I buy the 3 pack and make a last minute appointment everytime I have a big audition – and I am always so happy with the results!

Honestly just stopped by based on reviews. The customer service was great and the girls were so so sweet BUT!!! It took forever and for 500$… they didn’t even dye my roots! So I’m walking around with bleached roots and red lava hair… I feel like I wasted money and time. I’m very very disappointed and I won’t be going back. I love the cut but the dye job was so poorly done and inattentive.

I do not appreciate being put in the position of having to write this review. The salon experience is supposed to be uplifting and at times therapeutic. Instead I was victimized and when I tried to politely clear things up my concerns were marginalized. If this is the experience you are looking for then Society is the place to go.

Ladies I believe there are places out there that are much better and much more enjoyable than Society. AND YOU WILL NOT GET RIPPED OFF!

I went to get extensions and I paid in excess of $900 for the work that was done and everything involved.

Every time I made an appointment I received notification by email that I had an upcoming appointment.

I never missed and I always paid onetime. Every time I went the conversation was always shifted towards scheduling the next appointment, it got to the point where it was uncomfortable. “No”was apparently not an option.

Ultimately I had my extensions removed and very explicitly stated that I wanted “to take break”. They continuously called me and pressured me to come in and I was always very clear that I was done for the time being.

Imagine my surprise one day to see that $500 has been charged to my card by Society for a missed appointment that I NEVER MADE!! My card was charged WITHOUT ANY AUTHORIZATION WHAT SO EVER! This is not legal in any way.
I had never made and appointment
I had never provided my card number for this alleged appointment.
I never authorized the charge and I sure as heck did not authorize a charge for $500 which is greater than any amount stated on the menu!!

The highest charge on the menu of services is $450 and yet they charged me $500 which could only be after consultation which, why would I need a consultation at this stage in the process? I had no there reason to make an appointment if I had, so how do we get $500?? Only answer is fraud, and outright theft.

I work as a director of client services in a well known litigation firm. The senior partner of the firm called Society and was told by Alex that a message would be passed along to Sam Devine, the owner. That was two weeks ago. There has been absolutely no response!

At this point the firm is proceeding with a lawsuit for fraud and all the charges that go along with the improper charging of the credit acrd without authorization. They continue to ignore me and my lawyer. I hate that it has come to this, but I hate even more the thought of other people who were taken advantage of who were not lucky enough to work in a place like I do.

Go somewhere else. Getting a bad hair styling is one thing. The hair will grow back. Getting victimized, lied to, and marginalized is altogether different.

The people are very nice and everyone is friendly. You will be treated like a queen while you’re there but there will be no transparency about pricing and future costs. They are the quintessential wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Keely is amazing! She’s an incredibly talented stylist, and very easy to talk to. I genuinely enjoy seeing her every time I need a cut. After moving here from NYC, took me years to find an LA stylist who could consistently do a great cut that would compliment my long hair, and Keely’s the one! And if you’re thinking about getting bangs, she’s your girl.

Society is a clean, cozy, friendly salon on Melrose. Only downside is parking in Weho, so just give yourself extra time before your appt to snag something. And pray it’s not street cleaning day lol

KEELEY is an actual cut & color master- I have had the best in the biz do my hair (I’m also in the beauty industry) and she is definitely one of the very best. If you’re trying to figure out who to see, stop considering and just book with her, you’ll be SO happy you did!! She listens to what you want and makes it a million times better. She is also sweet, kind and professional, I love going to see her!

As a persian woman with a full head of wavy/thick hair, it is always hard to find someone to do a good job straightening my hair and if someone does do a good job it takes anywhere from 3-4 hrs! Which is way too long for me to have someone constantly pull at my hair.

Then I found Valencea who worked wonders on my locks. She did an amazing job in a fraction of the time that other stylists would take to straighten my hair. I will definitely be back!

Richard is so talented!!! I just moved here and had a bad experience with another salon. So he assessed me and worked wonders on my hair! I went from yucky dry haired gross brunette to a beautiful balayage blonde. I was worried it would look lame on a 54 year old woman…but no! I look like a movie star! I highly recommend Richard. And he is so nice and helped me with restructuring my over processed hair. It’s so soft and healthy now. Thanks Richard!!

Kelsey just single-handed lay TRANSFORMED my hair. Not only is she the sweetest person but she really listened to my concerns and gave me the hair of my dreams. I’m always nervous because my hair is thin and brittle but I love to highlight it which isn’t really advised for thin hair. Kelsey found a way to give me the color of my dreams while maintaining the health and strength of my hair. It looks fuller, healthier and exactly the way I’ve always wanted. If you’re looking for a colorist/stylist that will actually listen to you and take their time, go to Kelsey. I’ve been bouncing around for 5 years to find a go-to person and after working with Kelsey, I can confidently say that I’ll never need to go anywhere else again. Thank you!!

I’ve been getting my hair done by a close friend for years. Unfortunately, he moved to the Bay Area and can only do my hair on occasion.

With Halloween and my birthday coming up, I was desperately in need of a bleach and tone. My natural hair color is very dark, and I had about an inch of root growth. I’ve been bleaching it platinum so it’s pretty obvious when my roots grow in.

I researched lots of salons in LA (on yelp actually), and landed on Society. I messaged the owner Sam through a yelp message at about 12am at night, and she responded that night and squeezed me in for an appointment the following day. What a saint!

I’ll be honest I was very nervous going into it since I’d been with the same hair dresser for years. My appointment was with Mischi. Right of the bat, I loved her vibe, look, hair, everything. I had a feeling I was going to be in good hands! She’s a pro colorist who specializes in color, and doesn’t take appointments for hair cuts. In other words she does color all day long, and has perfected the art. She nailed my platinum blonde look. She took her time on my hair and it turned out great!

Also they gave me a cold pellegrino while I waited, a true class act! I love pellegrino, keep up the good work society!

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