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Would you like to support the work of the Jamestowne Society? Image courtesy The Colonial…

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Would you like to support the work of the Jamestowne Society?

PictureImage courtesy The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

The John White map, 1585, was the first map to be exclusiviely devoted to Virginia and to show the area with any deree of accuracy and detail. It also was the first map to name the Chesapeake Bay and to illustrate Sir Walter Raleigh’s ill-fated Roanoke colony, where White was Governor in 1587.The orientation of the map illustrates west at the top perhaps due to the early cartographer’s perception of the terrain as they looked westward. In this rare first state of the map, Chesapeake is spelled “Ehesepioc.” The map seen here is a 1590 engraving by Theodore De Bry and is commonly described as ‘that part of Ameria, now called Virginia”

PictureTheodore De Bry

​Born to a wealthy Protestant family and trained in his native Liège as a goldsmith and engraver, Theodore de Bry fled the Netherlands around 1570 due to religious persecution and made his home in the free city of Strasbourg. From there De Bry left for England in 1586, where he made some of his best-known works, engraved copies after scenes from the New World. De Bry and his sons illustrated ten volumes of American travel literature with his New World engravings, published from 1590 to 1618. Most Europeans came to know the costumes and customs of the American Indians and the historical events of the New World through de Bry’s prints.  He also published a series of engraved portraits of famous men.

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Jamestowne Society gives $75,000 to Jamestown Rediscovery at the
​July 2019 Membership Meeting.

Jamestowne Society recognized as $150,000 donor to Jamestown Rediscovery in support of ongoing archaeology in and around the 1907 Memorial Church. Click here to read more.


The Jamestowne Society has been monitoring recommendations from the CDC. We are most concerned with the health and safety of our members.  

We have decided to cancel the April 17, 2020 luncheon in Washington D.C. and the May 7-9, 2020 meeting in Williamsburg, VA

Refunds will be mailed to our members who had registered.  Our thoughts are with you and your families.  We pray for your continued safety during this time.

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​ Jamestowne Society

Members of the Jamestowne Society are descended from early settlers who lived or held colonial government positions in Jamestowne, Virginia prior to 1700, or who invested in its establishment.  

The Jamestowne Society was organized for educational, historical, and patriotic purposes. The Society has a range of activities, from visiting early American sites, providing an annual graduate fellowship for research on Colonial Virginia prior to 1700, funding the restoration of records, and supporting preservation of Colonial sites.

Want to learn more about Jamestowne during the period 1607-1700, the Jamestowne Society, and its members? You are in the right place!

New Qualified Ancestors:

A9738: Mason, George I b. 1620 d. 1688 Burgess Stafford Co. 1676, 1680, 1684

A9737: Rolfe, Thomas b. 1615 Jamestown Resident, liv. 1670

A9735 Sir John Bourchier  b. 1557/8 d. 1626 in England, Stockholder Virginia Company of London.  His daughter Mary Bourchier married
​Jabez Whitaker (A8703)

A9736 Jane Fareley/Farley Muster of 1624/5 wife of Thomas Fareley/Farley

William Lee A9733 d. 1703 Northumberland, 1693 (Burgess) and Cuthbert Span A9734 b. 1651 d. 1696 Northumberland, 1693 (Burgess) – Northumberland County was omitted from Leonard’s The General Assembly of Virginia 1619-1978 for the Fall session.


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