Report on Government Services – Productivity Commission

The Report on Government Services is an important source of information to the community…

Report on Government Services – Productivity Commission

The Report on Government Services is an important source of information to the community and all Australian governments regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of government services.

The Report looks at a broad range of indicators relating to the cost, quality and timeliness of important services to the community and covers:

  • Education

  • Justice

  • Community services

  • Health

  • Emergency management

  • Housing and homelessness

Expenditure on these services makes up around 70 per cent of Australian, State and Territory Governments’ expenditure, or around $247 billion dollars.

“Getting Policy right in these important service areas is critical, and this Report provides important information for governments to learn from each other and consider where changes may be needed,” Michael Brennan, Chair of both the Productivity Commission and the Steering Committee said.

“It’s also vital that this sort of information is available to inform the community about the cost and quality of the services governments provide” Chair Michael Brennan said.

Mr Brennan commended participating agencies for their continued cooperation in producing the Report, which is now in its 25th year.

“There have been significant improvements over the past quarter of a century for the data presented in the Report, but we should not be complacent as there is still more to be done.”

“As policies and programs change and evolve, it is critical that relevant data are collected for monitoring and evaluation. It is these ongoing data developments that enable the Report to be an effective monitor of government performance nationally,” Mr Brennan said.

“And as the ways people want access to information change we are changing the way we provide the data” Mr Brennan said. “Commencing with the justice, emergency management and housing and homelessness sectors, the Report is being released progressively in an interactive online format.”

This comprehensive Report covers 17 services, and is being released in seven parts from Thursday 23 January through to Tuesday 4 February 2020. The schedule of release can be found below.

Releases will appear on the Productivity Commission website at The Report is produced by the Productivity Commission on behalf of all Australian governments.

Thursday, 23 January 2020 – 12.15 am

  • Approach to performance reporting – Part A
  • Community services (aged care, disability, child protection and youth justice) – Part F
  • Housing and homelessness – Part G

Wednesday, 29 January 2020 – 12.15 am

  • Justice (police, courts and corrective services) – Part C
  • Emergency management (fire and other emergency services) – Part D

Friday, 31 January 2020 – 12.15 am

  • Health (primary and community health, ambulance, public hospitals, mental health) – Part E

Tuesday, 4 February 2020 – 12.15 am

  • Child care, education and training (early childhood education and care, school education and vocational education and training) – Part B

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