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P.O. Box 2946-WPort Angeles, Washington 98362 So what’s this all about, can I really own…

Public Land Title

Public Land Title

Over 20 Years Helping People

P.O. Box 2946-W
Port Angeles, Washington 98362

So what’s this all about, can I
really own my own 20 acre claim on Government Land?

The answer to that question is YES YOU CAN.

People like yourself are filing their own claims in many different
states: like:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • North and South Dakota
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

Anyone who is legal age (18)
and is a citizen of the United
has the right to do so.  
That right and privilege was 
put into law for us by the 
congress of the United States.

Animated Gif These claims can differ in size if you wish. They can vary from as
small as 5 acres on up to as large as 160 acres. The normal size is 20 acres; if you’re
married the two of you may claim 40 acre claims. No one individual can stake a single
claim that is more than 20 acres in size. If you wish to claim additional acreage, you may
do so by claiming additional 5 to 20 acre locations side by side. Multiple family members
or partners may claim larger acreage together, up to 160 acres per claim.

 Public Lands Title has a complete,
easy to follow, step by step instruction packet
that is available for a ONE TIME FEE OF $20. Once you have this complete packet you will be
able to file your own 20 acre claim on government land. This is a federal government
program, once you know how to claim locations in one state the procedure is the same for
the others so do not send $20 per state if you’re interested in multiple states. Once you
have your packet you may call and speak directly to Public Lands Title research department
personnel for assistance if you need it. Don’t be bashful about using this service. If you
have a question it’s better to call and get help than possibly make a mistake on your
claim form with the government. This research department HELP LINE service is available to
you at no additional charge when you have your complete $20 packet.

There are many questions that come to mind when thinking of filing a
claim. Over the years the following have been the most important and most frequently


    tree.gif (3137 bytes)Do
    I own this claim or is it some kind of a lease?


      You own the claim, it is not a lease.

Do I have to buy this from the government?


  Are there any hidden charges from Public Lands Title for this?

  Ans.  NO

Do I have to live on what I have claimed?


Is this like homesteading?


    Not really.
    There are some similarities but for the most part this is much less expensive and
    definitely a lot easier.

Are these claimbable areas stuck way out in the boonies?


    Only if you want them to be. Example:
    There are large designated areas set aside for this purpose. Maps and other information in
    the complete packet will indicate that you may locate next to a paved road, a river or
    creek, a lake, a dirt road or no road at all; it’s up to you.

Are these areas in the desert or in mountains?


    Both. Again, it’s up to you.
    The information we provide will enable you to select the type of area you prefer; be it
    mountains or desert.

Can I pass on (will) what I have claimed to my family?


    Yes, you can.
    You may also rent or lease it to others as well as sell it if you wish to do so.

This seems too good to be true. What’s the catch? There must be something hidden that
I have to do.


    There is NO catch.
    There are three different types of claims that you are going to learn how to claim for
    yourself . The primary thing you will have to remember is “the government doesn’t
    like surprises” so let them know what you are going to do before you do it if it is
    going to make a major impact on the ground. Example: You will be permitted to cut and use
    trees for approved “on site” needs:

    BUT you will not be allowed to cut all the trees down for no good reason. You will not
    be allowed to pollute the ground, streams, creeks, rivers or lakes that your claim may be
    located on or near; so, remember to use common sense when you’re on the acreage you’ve
    claimed. This is a great government program; it will be easy for you to do and we are just
    a phone call away if you ever need any help.

Do I have to pay taxes on what I claim?


    Most counties in most of the states listed do charge taxes. The taxes are usually limited
    to $1 per acre per year. If you have claimed the normal 20 acres you could be responsible
    for $20 per year. A number of counties don’t charge taxes at all but if you select a
    county that does, $20 per year isn’t too hard to take.

Is it possible to have friends locate next to me?


    Yes it is; and YOU may locate additional claims next to your first one, too, as long as
    you agree to be responsible for the $1 per acre per year taxes. If you don’t, you will
    lose what you have claimed and someone else can claim it.

animated Miner

          Do I get the mineral rights
with my claim?


    Yes you do.
    This is a very important fact that may be of great value to you. In the answer to question
    #9 you learned there are three types of claims, only two of them give you the mineral
    rights, one does not. You will receive information on all three types in the complete

Is this going to be a hard thing to do that takes a long waiting time?


    No it’s not. Public Lands Title has been helping people and companies for
    years,  it is easy and fast as long as you know how and can fill out the proper form.
    That’s why we include all necessary information in the complete packet. Once you have read
    your complete packet you will know how to file your claim right away, and the government
    will accept your filing in one day.

Is there very much acreage left open to claim:


    Yes there is.  There actually are more than 50 million acres still available in
    the states listed above.

Do I really have to be a citizen of the United States to qualify for this?


    Yes; if you are not a citizen and you try to file a claim the government will not allow
    you to keep it. 

hope these questions and answers have helped you. The complete packet that Public Lands
Title has compiled for you goes into depth and is very easy to follow and comprehend. The
complete packet is laid out in a step by step format. The actual claim form that we
provide is a “fill in the blank” type with complete instructions. If you should
need personal assistance with anything, we’ve included a list of offices for each state
that you can go to and get personal assistance at no additional charge to you. If you wish
you may phone us and ask for our customer service help line for assistance. (Please no
collect phone calls, due to the one time nominal charge of $20. Phone during normal West
Coast business hours.) Sorry, we do not have e-mail available through this page. If you
ever need to reach us please call    1- (360) – 457-1100. 

Click on the coupon link BELOW to request your complete packet.
Please notice that you may deduct $2 dollars if you use the enclosed coupon. Therefore
send only $18. and not $20 for your complete packet. You must send the coupon to qualify
for your credit. Please print your return address clearly so it can be used as the
shipping label for your order. Remember, don’t send $18 per state; your one time payment
of $18 completely covers the cost of all information, maps and filing forms, for

Web TV users,  pay only $18.00 when you hand print your
return address on a sheet of paper instead of using the coupon.

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