After Trump publicly exposed himself as Earth’s preeminent moron regarding how science relates to combatting…



After Trump publicly exposed himself as Earth’s preeminent moron regarding how science relates to combatting the novel coronavirus, the imbecile-in-chief claimed his new focus is America’s economy. If that is Trump’s intent, then it is worth looking at why America is facing an economic disaster after his predecessor, President Barack Obama, left him with a raging economic success. Most people understand that Trump inherited a thriving “Obama economy”  only to completely decimate it in a matter of weeks.

It is no secret that besides robbing American taxpayers, Trump’s laser-focus was on eliminating all of President Barack Obama’s accomplishments and policies enacted over a combative eight years. As leader of the Executive Branch of government, wiping out Barack Obama’s achievements is still dirty Don Trump’s raison d’être.

Erasing policies that benefit all Americans has always been the GOP’s primary goal, and with Trump in a place he does not belong they have been wildly successful. With valuable assistance from “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, Trump has inflicted damage on America that will last for a generation, at least. But one area that Trump inflicted serious damage was unilaterally wiping out all of the jobs and economic gains earned by an effective President’s Administration that put America and its people’s best interests front and center.

As is typical in America, a Democrat in the White House inherited a severely damaged economy and spent precious time and resources fixing the damage 8 years of Republicans working for the extremely wealthy and their corporate interests produced.

Like George W. Bush before him, Trump inherited a prosperous economy and immediately began implementing policies that did nothing but inflict economic damage on his supporters in the agriculture, manufacturing, and service industry. Still, the economy Trump inherited was booming in no small part because the Obama Administration implemented policies that took advantage of technological advances in the clean energy sector as well as the healthcare industry. The latter thanks to the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and the former a result of policies enacted to combat anthropogenic climate change.

Despite a robust economy, one of Trump’s first misdeeds shortly after his very poorly-attended inauguration was taking America out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP). That hard-fought “deal” was a boon to the agriculture industry in particular, as well as protecting American companies’ intellectual property. But because it was a “partnership” worked out by President Obama, Trump made it go away.

Farmers were hurt and large-scale processing plants were lost and drove many in the agriculture industry into bankruptcy and suicide. It is noteworthy that the Republican-controlled Congress could have stopped Trump with relative ease, but the cowards wanted to placate their yes-man to ensure he would sign massive tax cuts for corporations and the filthy rich.

Trump’s next move against the agriculture industry was laying waste to immigration policies that left farmers desperately seeking skilled farm workers, and no choice other than watching their crops rot in the fields. Once again, Republicans in Congress could have, and should have, stopped Trump’s malfeasance borne of a vendetta against President Barack Obama and his accomplishments.

Despite all of Trump’s ill-advised moves to erase Barack Obama’s accomplishments, moves that hurt individual Americans, the Obama economy was too robust and durable to suffer devastation from sleazy Trump’s vindictive assaults. That durable economic success ended over the course of a couple of weeks because Trump refused to act on months of warnings from his own administration that a global pandemic would eviscerate the economy and put a horrific end to tens-of-thousands of American lives.

It is particularly noteworthy that part and parcel of America’s failure to staunch the spread of COVID-19 in country was due to Trump eliminating procedures, agencies, and policies put in place by President Obama for the express purpose of staunching the spread of a devastating virus such as COVID-19.

There are some pundits who claim Trump is more concerned about the nation’s economic health than he is tens-of-thousands of Americans’ lives and to a point it is absolutely true; Trump does have tens-of-thousands of Americans’ blood on his tiny hands because he has no regard whatsoever for any human life. It is important to remember, though,  that although Trump boasts wildly about a healthy economy, unless he personally profits from said economy he could not possibly care less about GDP, business growth, jobs, consumer spending, or a stable stock market. The only thing about the economy that interests Trump is how useful it is as a campaign tool.

It is clearly evident at this point that Trump was duly warned, over and over again, by his own underlings as well as intelligence agencies, that unless America was proactive in implementing the procedures the Obama Administration put in place, the novel coronavirus would devastate the nation’s economy.

By now it is common knowledge that Trump was warned early in November about the danger of COVID-19, but because his only focus is promoting Donald Trump’s reelection, he deemed the warnings were “of no interest.” Those early warnings were followed by over a dozen others over the following three months and besides warning the malicious narcissist about the cost in American lives of doing nothing, each warning was accompanied by how the economy would crash and burn without immediate action.

Trump is as unilaterally responsible for the economic disaster resulting from the spread of COVID-19 in America as he is the growing loss of innocent Americans’ lives. Of course it is true that Trump did not create the novel coronavirus, nature accomplished that feat. But Trump did create the economic disaster plaguing the nation and it is in no small part because he

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