Politics in Hungary | Domestic and international politics related to Hungary, through the eyes of a hardcore Fidesz-supporter

Once upon a time, there was a Communist state party in Hungary which was called…

Politics in Hungary | Domestic and international politics related to Hungary, through the eyes of a hardcore Fidesz-supporter

Once upon a time, there was a Communist state party in Hungary which was called Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party, that is MSZMP for short in Hungarian.  This party served Hungary’s Soviet occupiers from 1956 until 1989. The Soviet Communist party journal was called “Pravda” in those times.  This means “truth” in Russian.  It went without saying that Pravda was writing about anything but the truth.

MSZMP dropped their M for “munkás” (“worker”) in 1989, so they became democratic, pro-Western, pro-market economy, pro-human rights, progressive tolerant, anti-racist and whatever. This Hungarian Socialist Party was defending democracy from Fascists and Nazis in unison with the even more progressive, even more anti-racist, pro-homosexuality,  etc., so very ‘liberal’ Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ), whose long serving party president Gábor Kuncze was a “díszgój” by the very words of these very free democrats. “Gój” (goyim) means “gentile” and “dísz” means “ornament, decoration”. Perhaps “figurehead” is the best translation in this context.  Suffice it to say that accusations of  “anti-Semitism” was their main political weapon of choice.  Shortly after the MSZP-SZSZ block drove the Hungarian economy into the ground in 2008, the Hungarian Socialists replaced their prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsány, with a certain Gordon Bajnai.  Mr. Bajnai led the country until 2010 when Fidesz wiped these “progressive forces” out from power in their first landslide election victory.  SZDSZ dissolved itself and left a big public debt behind. Bajnai announced he would quit politics.

He did so… for about three years while he was hiding in the USA and he was being trained by the Soros-Clinton cabal. Then he returned to Hungary and he founded a party called “Együtt Magyarországért” (Together for Hungary).  However the MSZP-SZDSZ remnants got yet another huge beating from the Hungarian electorate in 2014.  Bajnai disappeared again, now apparently for good,  and his party soon started dwindling.  They winded up after their crushing election defeat this year. To cut a long story short,  MSZP ran a certain Gergely Karácsony as their prime minister candidate for the 2018 election  campaign and Karácsony was an outsider from this small party group “Együtt-PM”.   Karácsony was a mayor in a Budapest district. Since mayors cannot be MPs, too, in Hungary, Mr. Karácsony decided to keep his job and he handed  his MP party mandate over to a certain Olivio Kocsis-Cake.  Kocsis-Cake was heralded as “Hungary’s first Black MP” and that was only about the only thing we could hear about him so far.


Olivio Kocsis-Cake holds a sign “I have been working for Uncle Georgie”. (George Soros)

  In fact he still seems to work for him.


Now Mr. Olivio  Kocsis-Cake has made his political debut. He gave an  interview  to BBC a few days ago and he said that

I’m a historian and I haven’t understood so far what happened in Germany in the 1930’s and how Hitler could get full control. … Now I’m getting to understand this. … So there is a fear that the same will happen in Hungary as in the 1930’s in Germay.

The linked BBC video illustrates Kocsis-Cake words with sinister images of the paramilitary group Magyar Gárda … which was founded by Jobbik under the pre-2010 MSZP-SZDSZ government. A selection of short interviews with opposition Jobbik politicians and Jobbik supporters also serve the BBC agenda. As my readers may know, Jobbik became a  de facto ally to Mr. Kocsis-Cake’s political side, that is the MSZP-SZDSZ remnants, in the 2018 election campaign.  Another thing what BBC “forgot” to mention that Magyar Gárda was disbanded almost ten years ago.

The  BBC’s playing the anti-Semite card against Hungary and the Hungarian government has acquired a particularly interesting  perspective now. It was less than two weeks ago when PM Orbán paid a state visit to Israel and Israeli PM Netanjahu was speaking very highly of him and Hungary.

BBC has turned into Pravda in our times.


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