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April 11, 2013 by meafish Alright Pets! Are you ready to explore the deep blue…

Pet Society’s Blog | Just another weblog

April 11, 2013 by meafish

Alright Pets! Are you ready to explore the deep blue sea? This week we’re diving to the depths of the ocean and getting back some awesome items that just can’t be found on land! Hold on to your tails Pets! Because we’re going underwater!

We have some amazing items in store for you! Starting from the Aqua Mystery Wig Box, with wigs that look good above and under water! To the most comfortable bed in the deep blue sea! Get the best view of the ocean from the Scene Changing Aqua Window!

So what are you waiting for? Dive into Pet Society NOW!

Ride the Waves with Aquaflow!

April 4, 2013 by meafish

We’re traveling back in time this week! A time when clothes were classy and stylish, when hairdos were flowing and gorgeous! When Pets had swag and rode in hot convertibles! Yes, Pet Society fans. We’re going back to the golden ages!

So this week, check out the amazing outfits in the Golden Age Mystery Outfits, try out the awesome wigs and play some sweet tunes on the Golden Age Piano! There’s that and a lot more waiting for you in Pet Society!

Blog_Layoooout 1950s

March 28, 2013 by meafish

Whoever told you that you shouldn’t play with your food, obviously never visited Pet Society’s Veggie World! Here you not only play with your vegetables but you wear them, ride in them and decorate your home with them!

You can have a relaxing bath in an Aubergine, put on a lovely Cabbage dress or a comfortable Carrot outfit and hop into a carriage made out of cabbage with tomato for wheels! There’s that and a lot more! With Salad Hats, vegetable fairies and the cutest cabbage pup you’ll ever see!


March 21, 2013 by meafish

The bunnies are back in town! Are you ready for a bunny loving good time? Because this week we have a delicious surprise for you! From cute furry little outfits to colorful Bunny Hot Air Balloon Seats! What’s more, we have a Mystery Evolving Easter Tree! How many Pets can say they have a tree like that!

Celebrate Easter with a cute and cuddly Easter Bunny Maker! So hurry down to Pet Society and brace yourself for a Bunny Mayhem!


March 14, 2013 by meafish

Birds of Pet Society, this week is for you! It’s a whole week of gorgeous colors, nests, beds and more! So all you bird lovers and bird watchers out there get those binoculars out because we’re going bird watching!

There are so many things to see this week. Starting with the unique and beautiful bird inspired outfits to awesome places to hangout! And this week you’ll be soaring the Pet Society skies with some gorgeous wings!

March 7, 2013 by meafish

Come one, come all! To the greatest festival yet, held right here in Pet’s Town. Why o fcourse, it’s a whole week ok festivities right here!
That’s right! It’s St. Patricks Day! And we promise you will have an absolutely amazing time, from hammocks to trampolines and gazebos!
And it doesn’t stop there!
We have an absolutely gorgeous time changing window and more than one lucky pair of wings!
So let’s scurry little Pets! Because by golly! There is surely more than a pot of gold waiting for us!



February 28, 2013 by meafish

Pet Society would like to wish you a Happy Women’s Day! We’ve tried to put together all things that will make you feel special! From pretty colors to gorgeous swings and a delicious spread of deserts! Give yourself a treat this Women’s Day!

Check out the Fair Lady Mystery Outfits, where outfits from around the world have been got just for you! Don’t have to walk this Women’s Day when you can fly instead! With gorgeous evolving wings! That and so much more is waiting for you in Pet Society!


February 21, 2013 by meafish

Welcome young Pets; are you ready to begin your training? The only training that is super fun and cute! Welcome to Shifu’s Closet!

There’s a lot to learn! First you must begin with the Shifus State of Bliss Tree! The best place to find inner peace! Then you must be brave enough to ride on Shifus Rocket Chair! Don’t worry, it’s a lot of fun all you have to do is hold on!

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Pet Society and let the training begin!

There’s also a clearance sale at Paw Mart! So hurry there now! Some of your favorite items will be up for sale for the last time!


That’s not all! There’s also a new quest waiting for you! Some amazing new pals from the Shifu’s Pal Set are waiting to be found!

Shifu-Pal Shifus-Tigress-Pal Shifus-Monkey-Pal

Shifu Pal

Shifus Tigress Pal

Shifu’s Monkey Pal

Shifus-Bear-Pal Shifus-Pal-Set-Surprise

Shifus Bear Pal

Shifus Pal Set Surprise!

February 14, 2013 by meafish

The Mayor was up to his usual experiments in the Scientist Lab, with the help of his Foody Pals he finally found out the missing link to the Meatball Rain Machine! Now the Mayors house has been raining delicious meatballs all day long!

Not just that, this week has a lot more exciting NEW items, with the color changing wings and the disappearing bed! When you’re in Pet Society even when science goes wrong, it can be so right! Check out the awesome items waiting for you in next week’s theme – Science Gone Wro

2251_Science-Gone-WrongAnd there’s A LOT more! With a new quest and an amazing new room waiting for you! So what are you waiting for? Start building, asking and buying collectibles to get your very own Ice Cream Room!



February 7, 2013 by meafish

Are you ready for a fabulous Valentine’s Day?

With a little help from Cupid, we’ve gathered up some amazing items for you all! From spectacular bubble baths to romantic dinners for two – we’ve got it all. That’s right! Everything you could possibly imagine for a perfect romantic day. And it doesn’t end there… you don’t just get to celebrate for the day but an entire  week!

Go ahead and crack open those boxes of chocolates and bring out the bouquets, because its going to be a fun filled week of romance, starry eyed surprises and  spirit.

So are you ready to be bedazzled?



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