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In working to achieve transparency, public participation and collaboration, agencies across…

In working to achieve transparency, public participation and collaboration, agencies across the government have established Open Government Web pages and asked the public for ideas and suggestions.

Open Government Plan

NSF Open Government Plan 4.0

NSF Data Sources

NSF Web Content

Records and Reports

  • Digital Strategy and Open Data

    As required by the Open Data Policy and OMB Open Data Supplemental Guidance, NSF maintains a Public Data Listing in the JSON, XML, and HTML formats comprising our inventory of publicly available agency datasets.

  • Motor Vehicle Management

    NSF executive fleet vehicle disclosure.

  • NSF Chief FOIA Officer Report

  • NSF Conference Report

    OMB Memorandum M-12-12 requires federal agencies to report by January 31st of each year, information on all agency-sponsored conferences from the previous year where the net expenses for each single conference were in excess of $100,000. This report is also required to include the agency head’s waiver for any single conference with net conference expenses that exceeded $500,000.

  • NSF Data Quality Standards

    NSF has developed information quality guidelines designed to fulfill the OMB guidelines.

  • NSF Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years (FY) 2014-2018
    Investing in Science, Engineering, and Education for the Nation’s Future sets the Foundation’s direction for the next five years.

  • Public Access Plan: Today’s Data, Tomorrow’s Discoveries: Increasing Access to the Results of Research Funded by the National Science Foundation

    NSF’s plan for increasing public access to the results of research NSF funds, builds on the Foundation’s long-standing commitment to data sharing and clear and open communication of research findings

  • Report of the 2009 Advisory Committee for GPRA Performance Assessment

    Performance Assessment at NSF is guided by the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).

  • Review of Web Measurement and Customization Technologies

    NSF is required to review its use of web measurement and customization technologies annually to ensure compliance with all laws, regulations, and OMB guidance.

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