List of websites that rate and review UK solicitors

When you want to use the services of a solicitor, you will want to get…

List of websites that rate and review UK solicitors

List of websites that rate and review UK solicitors

When you want to use the services of a solicitor, you will want to get a good one. This is because the better the solicitor you get, the higher your chances of getting the desired result. Finding the right solicitor can be a challenge. Fortunately, several types of platforms list, rate and review different solicitors so that you could just go through the list and check. Some of the types of websites you might want to check are discussed subsequently.

Reviews website

One of the types of websites that list rate and review UK solicitors is the reviews website. This is especially when such companies are limited to UK companies such as You will be able to find a list of solicitors in the UK as well as the experiences of those that have patronized them. You can subsequently lookout for solicitors that the customers have stated helped them treat cases similar to the case you wanted to treat and then patronize them. This, of course, is if the customers have said they handled the situation well and they were satisfied with the outcome.


There are directory websites that list companies according to the type of products and services they offer. They are the equivalent of yellow pages that some countries had in the past that listed the names and phone number of companies and individuals. Hence, you can easily visit those directory websites and go to their solicitor or legal category. Some of the directories also make provision for people to rate the companies or websites that are listed on their platform. The ratings can help you know those that people that have patronized them are happy with and those they are not happy with.

Solicitors’ comparison website

Some websites are committed to comparing various products and services. Some of those websites are dedicated to comparing solicitors and law firms. They will list different solicitors and law firms based on their specializations and compare them in terms of price, success rate and reputation among others. Hence, you can easily find the category of solicitors you are interested in on their website and you will be able to find a list of solicitors and how the website rates them.

Solicitors’ matching websites

Peer to peer relationships has increased since the advent of the Internet. There are now several websites that match people who need a service to people who are interested in such services. In the same way, some websites match solicitors to people who need solicitors. A person who needs a solicitor can easily visit such sites and list the category of problem they have and summarize the reason they need a solicitor. The solicitors that cater to such types of cases will be notified and those that are interested will contact the individual.

Search engines

You can also go to a search engine and search for solicitors that cater to the type of case you have in your area of residence or area of interest. You will find a list of solicitors and law firms and their websites. You could also get links to directories and other articles where you can find a list of top solicitors that can help you out.