Illuminati News: Government & Mind Control

  The Power of Suggestion[Video 43:07]– “The secret of mind control is to change people…

Illuminati News: Government & Mind Control


The Power of Suggestion
[Video 43:07]
– “The secret of mind control is to change people outside of their awareness
so they do your bidding without realizing that that’s what they’re doing.” –
History Channel –
(Posted here: Sunday, October 01, 2006)

Brainwashing &
“Education Reform”

– “Brainwashing is a system of befogging the brain so a person can be seduced
into acceptance of what otherwise would be abhorrent to him. He loses touch with
reality. Facts and fancy whirl round and change places…. However, in order to
prevent people from recognizing the inherent evils in brainwashing, the Reds
pretend that it is only another name for something already very familiar and of
unquestioned respect, such as education or reform.” Edward Hunter,
Brainwashing (New York: Pyramid Books, 1956), pages 185-186) –
(Posted here: May 23, 2005)

History of
Mind Control

– Mesmer happened to be, believe it or not, the godfather of Amadeus Mozart. In
fact he raised Mozart, and of course Mozart was this incredible genius musician
and his biography will show you more than one obvious example of someone who
behaves as if he were suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. You can
conclude that maybe Mesmer played around to enhance the musical abilities of
Mozart at the cost of other parts of his personality. –
by Walter Bowart –
(Posted here: December 3, 2004)

The Battle for Your Mind
– Everything I will relate only exposes the surface of the problem. I
don’t know how the misuse of these techniques can be stopped. –
by Dick Suthphen –
(Posted here: July 24, 2004)

How to Detect Mind Control

from CTRL –
 (December 29, 2003)

Illuminati News: Government & Mind Control

The War on Consciousness
– We are truly in a war. It is not the war we
imagine we are in, which is the way our true adversaries want it. It is not
a foreign war against a foreign enemy. It is a war on consciousness, a war
on our own minds. The global war on terror that is being fought around the
world is an embodied reflection in the material world of a deeper, more
fundamental war that is going on in the realm of consciousness itself.

– by Paul Levy, June, 2007 –
(Posted here: Thursday, June 14, 2007)

David Rothkopf

Process of Indoctrination

– To counteract the opposition to elite
control that an informed populous necessarily generates, the elite have
little choice but to offer the pretence of openness and transparency about
their existence and their control. However, they are attempting to use their
control over the traditional corporate media to spin this revelation and to
control its release. Thus, Rothkopf is allowed to admit the existence of a
superclass of global elites…


(Posted here: Saturday, July 19, 2008)

Zbigniew Brzezinski

What is
Mind Control/ Psychotronic Torture?

– Actually, the goal of mind control is
to access those areas of the brain that are outside of the conscious control
of the individual by circumventing the normal inhibiting response of the
cerebral cortex: “an individual’s voluntary conscious self-control must be
bypassed or short-circuited.” This unconscious coercion is done through
electromagnetic-wave bombardment of the brain, .i.e. bombarding of the brain
with low-frequency radio waves. These airborne waves can travel over
distances and are known to change the behavior of animals and humans in
their path. Such remote control makes possible potentially frightening uses
for altering the brain’s functioning. These are invisible and deadly waves. –


(Posted here: Tuesday, September 09, 2008)

Mind Control Forum

– Lots of information here! – –
(Posted here: May 29, 2005)

Mind Control
– By Harry V. Martin and David Caul From the Napa Sentinel, Napa, CA, USA –
Napa Sentinel Mind Control
Series –
(Posted here: May 29, 2005)


– How to resist three UNESCO strategies for training students to reject
truth and conform to a pre-planned group consensus –
by Berit Kjos, 1998 –
(Posted here: May 23, 2005)

Mind Control the Ultimate Terror
– Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer
of the trauma based Monarch Project and the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control
programs. Mengele and approximately 5, 000 other high ranking Nazis were
secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath
of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip… –
By Ken Adachi –
(Posted here: May 27, 2005)

The No-Conspiracy Theory
– No-Conspiracy Theorists genuinely believe that Free Trade has
something to do with Freedom, that confessed CIA patsy Lee Oswald killed
John Kennedy, and that former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s
friends in Shawinigan deserved millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.

Rex –
(Posted here: September 15, 2004)

Ultimate US Government Mind Control Programs

– NOW they are using implants and directed energy weapons on a large
national scale and we are here to expose their activities of using them
on men, women and children. – –
(Posted here: April 22, 2005)

John Mecca


– An independent inventor with 6 U.S. registered patents to his name,
John Mecca focuses not only on space technology, medical devices but
primarily in design for the national defense, the inventions are to
promote the health and survival of human beings in an era of unchecked
technology. Born in New York, John Mecca taught himself the foundative
points of the sciences. The web site was created in
November 2003 in an effort to educate the American public as well as
government as to abuses of power in elite agencies technological sectors
allowing the virtual unlimited output of electromagnetic spectrum
energies. –
– –
(Posted here: April 22, 2005)

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
William M. Cooper –

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
– An Update on the Infamous Brainwashing
Papers above – –
(Posted here: August 15, 2004)

Joseph Goebbels: Propaganda

(Posted here: April 29, 2004)

Wizard of Oz and Illuminati Mind

(December 31, 2003)

Law, and the UCC

by Brian Lucas –

Government Mind Control Website

(March 13, 2004)

What American Sheep Believe –
(May 18, 2004)

Defending Ourselves Against Mind

– One of the first steps in guarding or
protecting our thinking against adverse influences is to identify the
subliminal tactics and methods of mind control which are currently so
pervasive in our society.  If we are alert to the lies and subtleties of
“evil”, then we can refuse to accept them into our consciousness. –

by Marjorie Tietjen, April 13, 2004 –
(Posted here: June 20, 2004)

Different Mind Control Programs


Bill Clinton Admits to Mind Control

– – –

Chris DeNicola

MK ULTRA|Project Monarch Mind Control Videos
[Videos: ca 2hrs of excellent mind control videos with testimonies from
victims and more…!
– Ewen Cameron was the world’s most influential
psychiatrist, and a CIA contractor for MKULTRA. He experimented on how to
wipe the human mind clean and then program it using electroshock therapy,
LSD, sensory deprivation, and depatterning…the use of a programmed message
repeated continuously for weeks and months to break down the human mind. His
participation in experiments on children in the US were never made public.
The wife of a Canadian MP was able to fight back and won in court decades
after the fact.
– YouTube Videos –
(Posted here: Wednesday, July 18, 2007)

Sidney Gottlieb (1918-1999)

Mind Control : America’s Secret War
[Video, 50 min]
– U.S. intelligence agencies spent millions on top-secret mind control
projects with a goal of creating totally dependable, programmable human
The projects involved brutal, often terminal experiments on thousands of
unwitting citizens in direct defiance of law, all ethical codes, and the
most basic human rights. We talk to author John Marks, who broke the story
of the CIA’s experiments known as MK-ULTRA and a woman whose past was erased
by a brainwashing experiment. –
The History Channel –
(Posted here: Wednesday, Aug 30, 2006)

Ultra, The Bush’s and World-Wide Deception: Prophecy Unfolding as The World
is Enslaved

– This is a cursory but fact filled work concerning the atrocities of mind
control perpetrated by the darker elements of US Government in the last half
century to this present day. The subject is so detailed, documented and
widespread, that it would take several books to tackle this subject
exhaustively, but my hope is that this work will educate the reader and arm
them with enough fact they can easily do further study on the subject. –
by Eric Jewell, March 1, 2003 –
(Posted here: Aug 5, 2005)

Mind Control & MK ULTRA
– On
28 November 1953, a delusional and depressed Dr Frank Olson threw himself out of
the tenth floor window of his New York hotel. Olson was a long-serving scientist
for the US Army’s secretive Chimical Corps Special Operations Division, whose
problems began at a meeting 9 days earlier.  –

by Richard G. Hall –
(Posted here: July 9, 2004)

Mission Mind Control
– A 1979 documentary about the CIA’s experiments in mind control and the
MK Ultra program –
ABC News ‘Closeup’ –
(Posted here: March 29, 2005)

The Rock Group "Rush"

Group “Rush” Involved in MK ULTRA Project, Using Sophisticated Mind Control
Techniques to Tag Colorado Clairvoyant


– Publishing this material is probably
the most dangerous thing I have ever done. I don’t care whether you are a
Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, a Buddhist, an atheist, a cultist, an occultist,
an agnostic or whatever your belief system, or lack thereof, is. It doesn’t
change the fact that this is happening today in this third dimension where
much of our spiritual consciousness is directed at the moment, and it’s time
to start acting as a unified human race to fight these unimaginably evil
forces to finally, after all those thousands of years, obtain REAL spiritual
– by Wes Penre, Nov 21, 2008 –

(Posted here: Friday, November 21, 2008)

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole, Britney Spears &
Mind Control

[Video: 56min 26sec]
– Freeman joins Kory Kortis on Esoteric Science
Roundtable for a discussion of current events involving Anna Nicole, Britney
Spears, Madonna, Walt Disney and much more. Could our top pop stars be mind
controlled slaves for the Illuminati. Is Anna Nicole’s baby girl an attempt
to raise a “moonchild” through an occultic ritual? You decide. 
– Blue Fly Productions,, June 04, 2007 –
(Posted here: Friday, August 04, 2007)

We the People Under God Strive to Keep our Nations
Principles of Freedom from Failing

– The United States government has a history of
human experimentation well documented in the public record. Historical
continual abuse are organized under many programs such as injecting
plutonium into service men and their pregnant wives among the many stories
from governments own websites and archives. Others like the Tuskegee
experiment were 300 airmen were actually prevented from obtaining penicillin
by covert deception which would have cured them, most died. MK Ultra and its
multitude of programs some of which installed electrodes in the brains of
people covertly continues to this day…
– –
(Posted here: Friday, December 10, 2006)

Conspiracy In the Urantia Movement

– The purpose of the CIA’s MKULTRA was to research
and develop methods of covert control of unwitting people for
exploitation by government defense and intelligence agencies. Drugs,
hypnosis, electronics, and psychology (including parapsychology and the
occult) were their basic research areas. – –
(Posted here: July 9, 2004)

MK-ULTRA Documents

(December 30, 2003)

The 3 Top
Illuminati Programmers Of All Time
They were all psychiatrists)

Dr. Ewen Cameron

Dr. White: Ewen Cameron

Legacy of Drugged and Shattered Lives

– Patients were brutalized and maimed with drugs, shocks and lobotomies
as Cameron sought a means to “depattern” and “re-program” the human
mind. Canadian survivors still able to seek reparation finally obtained
some compensation from the U.S. government in 1988. –
Freedom Magazine –
(Posted here: February 23, 2005)

MK-ULTRA’S “Dr.” Ewen
Cameron, Psychiatrist and Torturer

– Behind closed doors, human guinea pigs in shocking mind control
experiments conducted by our government and the CIA – -(Posted here: February 23, 2005)

The Canadian Government Has Paid Almost $ 7 Million in Compensation to
Victims of Project Monarch

by Wes Penre –
(December 28,

Brainwash Victims Win Cash Claims

– HUNDREDS of mentally ill patients who were subjected to barbaric
CIA-funded brainwashing experiments by a
Scottish doctor could be entitled to compensation following a landmark
court ruling.
Doctor Ewan Cameron, who became one of the
world’s leading psychiatrists, developed
techniques used by Nazi scientists to wipe
out the existing personalities of people in his care. –
The Sunday Times, Scotland, Oct. 17, 2004 –
(Posted here: October 23, 2004)

For Background on
Dr. Ewen Cameron,
Please Read Fritz Springmeier’s and Cisco Wheeler’s Detailed and
Revealing Books:

The Illuminati Formula Used to
Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati


Dr. Black
Sidney Gottlieb

Dr. Black: Sidney Gottlieb

Sidney Gottlieb and

Sidney Gottlieb (1918-1999), pictured above, was director
from 1953 to 1964 of the MK-ULTRA Project. MK-ULTRA was a secret CIA-run
Chemical and Biological Warfare program created at the height of the
Cold War. Its purpose was the development of chemical techniques of
brainwashing, espionage and mind control. –
(Posted here: February 23, 2005)

Gottlieb Ran LSD
Mind Control Testing

– James Bond had Q, the scientific wizard who supplied 007 with dazzling
gadgets to deploy against enemy agents. The Central Intelligence Agency
had Sidney Gottlieb, a Bronx-born biochemist with a PhD from Caltech
whose job as head of the agency’s technical services division was to
concoct the tools of espionage: disappearing inks, poison darts, toxic
handkerchiefs. – –
(Posted here: February 23, 2005)


Dr. Green
Josef Mengele

Dr. Green: Josef Mengele

Josef Mengele,
Dr. Green, and the American Mind Control Network

– Dr. Josef Mengele had evaded justice for decades. He ‘supposedly’ died
in 1979 of a stroke in Brazil or Paraguay, although his ‘alleged’
remains were not delivered over to authorities until 1985. But in light
of the dubious nature of the information relating to his ‘demise’ is it
possible that he in fact may have been secreted into the U.S.A.
following World War II, and worked for a secret fascist agency operating
within the intelligence community in an effort to perfect their mind
control techniques – MK-ULTRA, MK-DELTA, MONARCH, etc? –
Branton -(Posted here: February 23, 2005)

Multiple Personality

– Under the Nazi regime, the Satanic use of MPD was refined. Josef
Mengele, himself an Illuminati with a long Satanic family line, was the
master-mind behind the refining of creating MPD, especially in twins.
After the war he was smuggled out of Germany to serve the Illuminati via
the CIA. –
by Wes Penre, 1999 –

Network of Top Scientists Helped ‘Angel of Death’ Mengele
– The “Angel of Death” Josef Mengele, who was long thought to have been
the black sheep of Germany’s scientists under the Nazi regime, was in
fact supported by a network of elite researchers, new research has
revealed. –
Guardian Unlimited, March 22, 2005 –
(Posted here: March 25, 2005)


There’s Something About Henry
– Sympathy for the Devil (Portrait of an MK-ULTRA Assassin?) –
by David McGowan, June 2000 –
(Posted here: July 13, 2005)

Project Monarch Mind Control

– Amidst the subtle cerebral circumvention of the gullible populace,
through a multitude of manipulated mediums, lies one of the most
diabolical atrocities perpetrated upon a segment of the human race; a
form of systematic mind control which has permeated every aspect of
society for almost fifty years. To objectively ascertain the following,
one may need to re-examine preconceived ideologies relating to the
dualistic nature of mankind. –
by Ron Patton –
(December 27, 2003)

"The Illuminati Formula" CoverFritz Springmeier

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled
– Here is a remarkable and powerful book. Save it. Copy it., Give it to
friends and therapists for compassionate work. You now have in your hands
the very tools that can deprogram the dream. Once you know this, and you
absorb its implications, you can no longer be blind folded. By reading this,
you may be helping millions of monarch slaves . These techniques only work
by our ignorance of knowing them. Herein, let us apply the Heart to the
mind, and awaken a Middle Way, by infiltrating another piece of the cancer
of sleep, as All Is God in Action. –
by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler –
(Posted here: Oct 24, 2005)

Wizard of Oz


– The history behind the Wizard of Oz programming is interesting. It
suggests that the Wizard of Oz has had an important part in the occult world
all along. – –
(Posted here: Jan 11, 2006)

Dick Cheney

A Most Dangerous Game

– Dick Cheney, then White House Chief of Staff to President Ford, later
Secretary of Defense to President George Bush, documented member of the
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and Presidential hopeful for 1996, was
originally Wyoming’s only Congressman. Dick Cheney was the reason my family
had traveled to Wyoming where I endured yet another form of brutality–his
version of “A Most Dangerous Game,” or human hunting. // It is my
understanding now that A Most Dangerous Game was devised to condition
military personnel in survival and combat maneuvers. Yet it was used on me
and other slaves known to me as a means of further conditioning the mind to
the realization there was “no place to hide,” as well as traumatize the
victim for ensuing programming. –
Excerpt from the book by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips, “Trance
Formation of America
” –
(Posted here: Feb 19, 2006)

Cathy O'Brien

with Cathy O’Brien on the Trance Formation of America

[Video: 00:48:00]
– Cathy O’Brien was born in Michigan in 1957 and
although most of this information will be hard to believe, it is all true.
The MK Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation is real and on August
3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses
concerning the CIA’s Top Secret mind control research project and most of
the congressional records are included in her book.
Mandatory watch!

– by Conscious Media Network –
(Posted here: Tuesday, October 02, 2007)

SAN FRANCISCO – Bid to Sue over LSD Rejected
– A federal judge has tentatively ordered dismissal of a $12 million
lawsuit against the U.S. government, filed by a former deputy marshal
who said he was unknowingly drugged with LSD as part of a CIA
mind-control program before trying to hold up a San Francisco bar nearly
a half century ago. –, Apr 13, 2005 –
(Posted here: April 16, 2005)

The History of Montauk Air Force

source unknown –
 (January 3, 2003)

The Montauk Project And Camp Hero

by John Quinn –
 (January 3, 2004)

Galleries of the Montauk Base

Camp Hero Website –
 (January 3, 2004)

A Short History Of Secret US Human
Biological Experimentation

(December 30, 2003)


by Mojmir
Babacek –
 (February 6, 2004)

NLP Mind Control

– “I can hypnotize a man —
without his knowledge or consent — into committing treason against
the United States,” boasted Dr. George Estabrooks in the early 1940s.

NLP Mind control website –
(Posted here: June 23, 2004)

Experiments Into Remote Mind Control

– “The large black top of the Federal Building in San Francisco looks like a
giant air-conditioning vent, 50 feet tall, comprising the entire top of the
building. It is actually a radar, microwave, and radio transparent shield for an
array of communications devices on the roof of the building. Such “blinds” on
top of government buildings are nothing unusual, it isn’t necessary to visually
remind everybody that such buildings also are likenesses of Orwell’s Ministry of
Information (read, CIA). –
by Jim Keith (1949-1999) –
(Posted here: May 12, 2005)

I Sold My Soul to Rock’n’Roll & Mind

by Wes Penre –
(December 30, 2003)

The Grammars of Film: The Network
News Propaganda – How TV Brainwashes Consumers

– To
brainwash the masses requires that the owners of the system create an
assemblyline structure of content to transmit to the masses via the
locally owned television stations so that culture can be homogenized
just as in Orwell’s 1984. Watch this video that gives a small glimpse
backstage on the global brainwashing machine of the power elite. – –
(Posted here: August 31, 2004)

Silver Hammer

– Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a term designating the immensely powerful,
near-instantaneous surge of electromagnetic energy produced by a nuclear
explosion. It was first discovered in the late 1960s. The EMP from one
detonation a few thousand miles above the earth would destroy all electrical
systems throughout an entire continent. –
by Dr. Robert Becker –
(Posted here: December 3, 2004)

Information Control For Social Manipulation
– The news and entertainment we consume, and thus our thoughts and opinions, are
shaped not just by the media and entertainment corporations but by governments,
their agencies and the military-industrial complex. –
by David B. Deserano, MS –
(Posted here: March 11, 2005)

Visitations Mind Control

– This is links from the “wayback machine”, which means most of those mind
control links are not on the regular Internet anymore, but can be read here in
the “Web Archives”. I suggest you download and save important information to
your hard drive. We don’t know for how long this information will be available
at all. Wes Penre
(Posted here: April 24, 2005)

Disrupts TV Viewers Hypnotic State

– In the article at the following link — it is said that “It is known by
measured changes in alpha states that an ASC [altered state of
consciousness] occurs within 30 seconds or so of the commencement of
watching television.” –
Kentroversy, June 22, 2005 –
(Posted here: June 25, 2005)

Non-lethal Weaponry and Waging War

– From 1960 to 1965, the American Embassy in Moscow was targeted by a
mixture of electromagnetic waves and microwaves causing a wide range of
physical and mental illness among personnel serving there, which culminated
in the eventual death of the US Ambassador. –
– –
(Posted here: July 8, 2005)

Noise Gun

ABC Reports on Non-lethal Weapon Aimed at Protestors
– The below article from the ABC website, though written before the
Republican Convention, describes one of these new weapons. Remember that the
military and our intelligence services have weapons at least 10 years in
advance of anything that is available for public use. –
– –
(Posted here: July 8, 2005)

Mind Controllers

– According to the Central Intelligence Agency’s Fact Book, [1] the United
States has carried on foreign intelligence activities since the days of
George Washington, but only since World War II have they been coordinated on
a government-wide basis. Under the provisions of the National Security Act
of 1947, the NSC (National Security Council) and the CIA were established.
P. 1-4 –
by Dr. Armen Victorian –
(Posted here: July 8, 2005)

Mind Control on Children

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, whose father was deeply involved in experiments on children
Dr. Helen MacMurchy

Charles Kirk Clarke

More Than 50,000
Children Used In CIA-Connected Experimentation Programs;
Investigative Journalist Has Story Suppressed And Experiences
Threats Before Its Eventual Release In Alternative Publication

– “Stories have surfaced about illegal government experimentation on
adults through programs like MKULTRA, but I have meticulously
documented the abuse going on with innocent children,” said Hahn, a
Canadian now residing in the U.S., who also has been threatened
numerous times during her two years of researching the story. –
by Greg Szymanski, Feb 26, 2006 –
(Posted here: Feb 27, 2006)

Wizard of Oz

Some of the Symbolism in the Film “Wizard of Oz”

– Dorothy, playing the damsel in
distress, is infected with ego. She is a representation of the man, the lion
the lion, the scarecrow the eagle, and the tin man the ox in the above seal,
the four kerubim – this is not important here, so consult the Book of Thoth
for more information in Atu XXI. Dorothy falls ill and inadvertently awakens
her Holy Guardian Angel, the trance of wonder comes, bringing color to
world. Her HGA [Holy Guardian Angel, Wes Penre’s comment] then guides her
along the Yellow Brick Road, Tifareth, and the trance of wonder comes,
adding color to the world. –
– by Russell Harms, December 25, 2008 –

(Posted here: Friday, December 26,

America’s Crime of the Century?

– Up to 50,000 innocent children may have died or disappeared in Quebec’s
Psychiatric Institutions. Survivors demand justice –
Freedom Magazine –
(Posted here: Feb 27, 2006)

Husband OF Illegal Child
Experimentation Victim Fighting U.S. And Canadian Government’s Massive

– Rod Vienneau says he will not stop fighting to get justice for his wife
and many others who were tortured and abused at the hands of illegally
sponsored government mind control and drug programs. –
by Greg Szymanski, March 2, 2006 –
(Posted here: March 02, 2006)

Graves Of Children Found Near Montreal; Another Duplessis Orphan Tells Of
Being Tortured As A Child In CIA Experimentation Programs Using Nazi Doctors

– Pierre Sampson, now 60, is calling for justice an an open investigation to
stop the murder of innocent children in government sponsored child
experimentation programs. More than 50,000 children said to be illegally
experimented but crooked officials on both sides of the border blocking
investigation. –
by Greg Szymanski, Apr 13, 2006 –
(Posted here: Apr 13, 2006)

Carol Rutz

A Nation Betrayed
– The Chilling True Story of Secret Cold War Experiments on our Children and
Other Innocent People

[E-Book] (Saved version at Illuminati
– Using electroshock, drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation and other
types of trauma the CIA conducted Mind Control experiments on children in
their attempt to create a Manchurian Candidate.

Thousands of innocent children who have now grown into adults are silently
suffering from the effects of these experiments.

Your tax dollars paid doctors to participate in these and other experiments
in ESP, Remote Viewing, Radiation and research with Chemical and Biological
Warfare while working under government contracts in the U. S. and Canada. –
Carol Rutz –
here: Wednesday, November 22, 2006)

Cathy O'Brien

Now is the Time for SOULotions
– How can anybody in their right mind think that you
can have somebody tell you the truth under torture???

Just think about it: You are a child and an abusive parent accuses you of
stealing something from the house. You know you’re innocent. He screams and
shouts at you and orders you to confess. You cry and assure him you didn’t
do it, but he doesn’t listen. The punishment for ‘not telling the truth’
becomes more and more severe, so what will happen in perhaps 99% of such
cases? The child will lie and say he/she did it, to have the abuser to stop!
Now translate this to the CIA torturing so called ‘terrorist suspects’; even
if they are innocent, most of them will likely confess to get a break from
the torture.

Moreover, if you’re tortured long enough, you will split your personality to
abstract yourself from the pain, and you become a compliant servant to the
torturer. George Bush and his gang of heavy criminals know this, of course,
but want to use the techniques for their own dark purposes. Comment by
Wes Penre, –
– by Cathy O’Brien, June 08, 2007 –
(Posted here: Saturday, June 09, 2007)

Education and Mind Control


Manchurian Candidates

[Excellent article]
– It has occurred to me that the cause of America’s illiteracy
crisis has been discovered. It is the reading curriculum in our
schools. Unfortunately, the damage to children appears to extend
way beyond reading failure. One wonders if the hidden agenda in
the readers has created our victim culture, a generation of
withdrawn and resentful children, alienated from themselves,
their parents, society, books and ideas. –
by Matt James, March 08, 2006 –
(Posted here: March 16, 2006)

X-Rated ‘Children’s’ Books Outrage Students’ Parents

– The ‘Young Adult Novel’ is a growing genre in ‘literature.’
The problem is, the books are foul and vile, filled with
sexuality, homosexuality, terrible profanity and various other
kinds of perversity. And the American Library Association works
hard at keeping them available to our children. Any attempt to
remove any of these books is labeled censorship by the ALA. They
fight tooth and nail.” –
WorldNetDaily, March 15, 2006 –
(Posted here: March 16, 2006)

What’s Wrong With Education? It’s the Government, Stupid!

– It is as if something is sacred about “the schools.” We hear
no end of “we ought to do this in ‘the schools’” or “it is a
travesty that we do that in ‘the schools’.” Again, we always
attack the symptom rather than the problem. The problem isn’t
the radical talibanic Christian right or the radical secular
humanist left or not enough money or the ACLU or any of that.
The problem is the government. To paraphrase James Carville,
it’s the government, stupid! –
by Doug Newman, March 13, 2006 –
(Posted here: March 16, 2006)


Judges Want
To Terminate Family’s Homeschooling Rights

– Many observers believe this is merely
the beginning of a movement to totally ban homeschoolng because
the California Legislature and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger worked
together to establish Senate Bill 777 and Assembly Bill 394 as a
law that institutionalizes the promotion of homosexuality,
bisexuality, transgenderism and other alternative lifestyle
choices within the public school system. –
– by Jim Kouri, News With Views, March
05, 2008 –
(Posted here:
Thursday, March 06, 2008)

Mind Control of the Masses

Yuri Bezmenov

The Communistic Take-Over of
America is Almost Completed!

[YouTube Video: 8min 28sec]
– In this interview, a Soviet born, KGB trained
employee, who fled to USA in 1968, with risk for his own life, after being
fed up with the criminal Soviet System, tells about the four stages of
communistic takeovers. Much to his surprise, he noticed that the Soviet
Communistic Propaganda was already well developed here in America, too! And
he was even more amazed to see how fast it had been accomplished!
– Interview by G. Edward Griffin with Yuri Bezmenov,
1985 –
(Posted here: Saturday, July 14, 2007)

Mass Mind Control
Through Network Television – Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

– Why do countless American people go along with the War on Iraq?
Why do so many people call for a police state control grid? A major
component to a full understanding of why this kind of governmental
and corporate corruption is to discover the modern science of mind
control and social engineering. –
by Alex Ansary, Out Of the Box, Dec 29, 2005 –
(Posted here: Jan 08, 2006)

Derren Brown

Amazing Video Proves
that Subliminal Suggestion Works

[Video, 6 min 40 sec]
– Here is a video of an amazing experiment carried
out by the brilliant Derren Brown. Using extremely subtle subliminal
suggestion he is able to guide the creative ideas of two top advertising
designers as they create a new campaign, supposedly from their own
   You will be shocked by the conclusion. It raises serious questions
about how easily we are influenced in every area of our lives, and even
makes one question the true nature of creativity and where ideas really come
– Mind Power News –
(Posted here: Wednesday, May 02, 2007)

Fox News using NLP

Interpreting Media (Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP)
How the media manipulates through NLP and other techniques


– This is very important information.
Here is the proof how mainstream media use Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
which is an occult mind control technique, to manipulate someone trying to
speak the truth. The public needs to wake up to the fact that this is done
ALL THE TIME, not ONLY at Fox News, which is exemplified here. The news
anchors are SPECIALLY TRAINED to do this, being part of the plot to keep the
population apathetic and asleep. –

(Posted here: Sunday, August 24, 2008)

Your Television

– “Do you know we are ruled by TV?”
from the poem “An
American Prayer
” by Jim Morrison – –
(Posted here: May 30, 2005)


How Television Affects Your
Brain Chemistry — And That’s Not All!

– Many of you believe watching TV is a harmless,
entertaining activity worthy of your attention, but the video below will
give you some eye-opening things to consider.
  In just under four minutes you’ll learn why television is essentially a
platform for elite advertisers to peddle their wares, and how the steady
stream of images could be making your life in reality seem dull and slow in
  If you watch TV, you owe it to yourself to watch this video. –
– by Dr. Mercola, Oct. 20, 2007 –
(Posted here: Saturday, October 20, 2007)

We Are Moving
Ever Closer to the Era of Mind Control

[Now recognized in main-stream media]
– The military interest in new brain-scanning technology is beginning to
show a sinister side –
by Steven Rose, The Observer, Feb 05, 2006 –
(Posted here: Feb 07, 2006)

Air Force Plan:
Hack Your Nervous System

– The brain has always been a battlefield. New weapons might be able to hack
directly into your nervous system. // “Controlled Effects” (see image,
right) is one of the Air Force’s ambitious long-term challenges. It starts
with better and more accurate bombs, but moves on to discuss devices that
“make selected adversaries think or act according to our needs… By
studying and modeling the human brain and nervous system, the ability to
mentally influence or confuse personnel is also possible.” –, Feb 13, 2006 –
(Posted here: Feb 25, 2006)


The Most
Powerful Weapon In The World

– Take a look around their website and witness sickening quote after quote
explaining how their vision is to allow the total control of citizens by
their government or their military, to keep it that way, and to facilitate
conflicts with and the takeover of other countries and the execution of
total control over their citizens. –
by Steve Watson, March 08, 2006 –
(Posted here: March 10, 2006)

Ex-Agent Reveals KGB Mind Control
Techniques – Paper

General Boris Ratnikov, who
served in the KGB department for Moscow and the Moscow Region, told
Rossiiskaya Gazeta that people in power had resorted to various methods of
manipulating individuals’ thoughts since ancient times, and that it was
hardly surprising that secret services adopted the practice when it acquired
a scientific foundation in the 20th century. –

–  RIA Novosti, Dec 22, 2006   –
(Posted here: Thursday, December 28, 2006)

The Illuminati and Mind Control

You Are a
Mind Control Subject

– If you are activistically inclined to expose the
lies, fraud and deceit commonly purveyed by the mouthpieces of government,
industry and the media, you have no doubt encountered that glassy-eyed-stare
from people who are well-entrenched in our present societal matrix. Out of
polite unbelief they stare at you with their minds in neutral. Their
programming does not compute with the information you are presenting.  
– by Hari Heath, The Idaho Observer, Apr 2007 –
(Posted here: Thursday, August 09, 2007)

Electromagnetic Weapons

Mind Control
Directed Energy

– I know this is a very long article, and
everybody’s time is precious. However, I still HIGHLY recommend you to read
the WHOLE thing. If you can’t do it in one session, do it in 2, 3 or 10.
This is very important, because we are going to see and hear a lot more of
this in the near future. All sound unbelievable? Boy, this is just the
beginning – unfortunately. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and
demand a stop to those horrifying activities. [Comment by Wes Penre,
Illuminati News] –
– by Andrea Stone, June 8, 2007 (Updated Aug 17,
2007) –
(Posted here: Saturday, August 18, 2007)

Puppet Master

Manipulation of Human Behavior

– “If you were to begin researching interrogation,
interviewing, and brainwashing techniques, you would eventually notice that
one particular interesting-sounding volume appears over and over again in
the relevant bibliographies: something called The Manipulation of Human
Behavior, published in 1961 [by John Wiley & Sons]…”
– by Gary J. Lew, Sep 11, 2007 –
(Posted here: Thursday, September 13, 2007)


Brain Controlled Robot Arm

[Video: 00:05:35]
– We have now discovered and deciphered the “code”
the brain produces when it tells our body to do something. We now have the
ability to control a device only using our thoughts. This technology could
one day soon replace normal prosthetics with mind controlled prosthetics.
Cyborgs anyone? Makes me wonder if we know how this works and what this
“language” means and does, does that mean we can reproduce this “language”
input it to the brain and make people do what we want them to do?
– by Gary J. Lew, Sep 11, 2007 –
(Posted here: Thursday, September 13, 2007)


Mass Mind
Control Through Network Television: Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

– Why do countless American people go
along with the War on Iraq? Why do so many people call for a police state
control grid? A major component to a full understanding of why this kind of
governmental and corporate corruption is to discover the modern science of
mind control and social engineering.
– by Alex Ansari,, Apr 21, 2008 –

(Posted here: Saturday, Apr 26, 2008)


What Chemtrails Really Are

They spray barium powders and let it
photo-ionize from the ultraviolet light of the sun. Then, they make an
aluminum-plasma generated by “zapping” the metal cations that are in the
spray with either electromagnetics from HAARP, the gyrotron system on the
ground [Ground Wave Emergency Network], or space-based lasers. The barium
makes the aluminum-plasma more particulate dense. This means they can make a
denser plasma than they normally could from just ionizing the atmosphere or
the air. –


(Posted here: Wednesday, June 18, 2008)

Cults and Mind Control

Cults in General

The New Religious

– Aldous Huxley first presented the “scientific dictatorship” to the public
imagination in his book Brave New World. In Dope, Inc., associates of
political dissident Lyndon LaRouche claim that Huxley’s book was actually a
“mass appeal” organizing document written “on behalf of one-world order” –

by Phillip D. Collins, Feb 6, 2005 –
(Posted here: February 7, 2005)

Watchman Fellowship’s 2001 Index of Cults and Religions

– Annually Watchman Fellowship publishes an index issue of the Watchman
Expositor. The 1998-99 Index contains brief definitions, descriptions or
cross references on over 1,200 religious organizations and beliefs. – –
(Posted here: June 14, 2005)

Eckankar logo

Evidence that Eckankar is a Covert Occult Organization and a Front for the

– Eckankar, a New Age religion with its
worldwide headquarters in Minneapolis, is deceiving its members as to its
true origin and purpose. It is not a spiritual organization but a disguised
form of advanced Freemasonry. It was created by its founder, Paul Twitchell,
in 1965, to promote worship of the gods of ancient Egypt. Not only did
Twitchell plagiarize the writings of other authors to a shameless degree,
but he deliberately concocted his teaching as a covert way of getting naive
members of the public to worship the magical deities from the Old Kingdom
period of ancient Egypt. Eckankar is therefore a disguised occult teaching
with a hidden occult agenda. Most of its members appear to be unaware of
this. –
– by Ruth and Noah Samuelson, Oct 10,
2008 –

(Posted here: Friday, November 14, 2008)


(The Watchtower Society)

Pastor Charles Russell

Facts About
Jehovah’s Witnesses

– Russell was a Zionist. He was strongly against converting Jews to
Christianity, and actively involved in encouraging the establishment of a
Jewish State in Palestine. Benjamin Netanyahu, the ninth prime minister of
Israel, when he was the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations stated “A
recognition of Pastor Russell’s important role as an early American
Christian advocate of Zionism is long overdue.” – –
(Posted here: March 18, 2006)

Inside Sources Reveal
23,720 Reported/Unreported Child Molesters on File at Jehovah’s Witness
Headquarters in New York

– These insiders provided my contacts with a computer data base number of
23,720 child molesters on file there. The files labeled as the “specialized
shepherding arrangement” is a front for reporting child molesters to home
office. –
Silent, May 6, 2005 –
(Posted here: May 6, 2005)

The Watchtower
and the Masons – Explosive E-Book

[Download, .pdf file]
– Bombshell booking exposing the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Freemasons, and
Radio.Indymedia.Org, Feb 16, 2006 –
(Posted here: Feb 27, 2006)

Witnesses Took Action Against Critical Website

[This is the same way the Church of Scientology silence their critics.
They don’t want their members to find out the truth.
– On March 14th, 2006 the Watchtower Society (Jehovahs Witnesses) took
action against this website forcing my hosting company to take it down. They
claimed Copyright Violations, yet despite repeated requests the Watchtower
Society never provide a list of alleged violations as required by the
Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. The DMCA letter describing the
alleged violations was to be written under penalty of perjury, yet the
Watchtower Society was not willing to do this. –
by David Gladden –
(Posted here: March 19, 2006)

Zion Logo
Freemasonry LogoThe Watchtower Society Logo

Between, and About, Zionism, Freemasonry and Jehovah’s Witnesses

provided by J.R., Feb 02, 2006 –
(Posted here: Feb 03, 2006)

The Church of


L. Ron Hubbard - 1911-1986 (The Founder of Dianetics and the Church of $cientology)

The Satanic (Occult) Roots of

[Audio: 43min 50sec]
– This IS Scientology in a nutshell. I have personal
experiences with the cult, and know what this audio is talking about first
hand. It’s all true! I hope you are willing to listen to this whole thing,
because we all need to know this; if not for anything else, for the sake of
our children, whom otherwise may be attracted to the powerful propaganda the
cult is burping up. The Church of Scientology is one of the largest cults in
the world, and probably one of the most destructive. Wes Penre
– by Wes Penre, Aug 04, 2007 –
(Posted here: Saturday, August 04, 2007)

– Actor Tom Cruise is becoming increasingly known for his commitment to
Scientology rather than his latest film. And an article faith for
Scientologists is a belief in aliens from outer space.
(Posted here: June 6, 2005)

L. Ron Hubbard

Satanism, Scientology & Suicide

– When you look at the origins of a group you look at its roots and the
“signature” of its genetic inheritance. Even though the organizational roots
may be hidden from sight the organization will always bear the type of
“fruit” dictated by its “genetic” heritage and origins. The main origins of
Scientology are revealed in Hubbard’s imitation of Aleister Crowley and his
“Ordo Templi Orientis” (OTO). –
FactNet –
(Posted here: July 12, 2005)

the New Scientology World Order

– After this final purging of Scientology-defined “degraded beings,”
Scientology will have gained control of every aspect of your life, your
country, and the world. Imagine your children and their children having to
live under the Scientology dominated social, economic, and political order
simply because you rationalized or were afraid and did nothing, too little,
or failed to organize, work with, and support those organizations who were
working for the collective security of all of us. – –
(Posted here: June 19, 2005)

L. Ron Hubbard

Tom Cruise, Matt Lauer on Scientology and Psychology
– When you read what Cruise has to say, you agree with him. Of course you
do… That’s the purpose of this interview! What he is saying about drugs
and the tendency for doctors to prescribe easy fixes rather than have people
look at their diets or other factors is accurate. The Easy Fix aka prescribe
drugs, is the one advocated by doctors today because insurance companies
only let a doctor spend 15 minutes with each patient. –
by Rayelan, June 24, 2005 –
(Posted here: July 22, 2005)

Tax-Exempt Money Purchased Street Drugs from Drug Dealer

– In a shocking video-taped confession by Scientology
staff member Mike McClaughry, law enforcement officials have learned that
the Church of Scientology purchased street drugs from a drug dealer in order
to frame a California Health Department official for illegal possession of
narcotics. –, Sep 16, 2005 –
(Posted here: Sep 22, 2005)


You Didn’t Know About Scientology

– All men shall be my slaves.
All women shall submit to my charms.
All mankind shall grovel at my feet.
– L. Ron Hubbard – Affirmations, Jan 27, 2006 –
(Posted here: Jan 29, 2006)

Church of Scientology, FLAG Organization, Clearwater, Florida

Group ‘Anonymous’ Declares War on Church of Scientology

– An internet group calling itself
Anonymous has declared war on the Church of Scientology, in the form of an
ominous posting to the YouTube site. ‘In the statement, the group explained
their goal as safeguarding the right to freedom of speech.  –

– by Exposé, Jan 24, 2008 –
(Posted here:
Friday, Jan 25, 2008)

The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

(The Mormons)

Warren S. Jeffs
Warren S. Jeffs

Polygamist Indicted in Child-Sex Case

– Warren S. Jeffs, 49, president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints
, was charged with one count each of sexual
conduct with a minor and conspiracy to commit sexual conduct with a minor in
Colorado City from March to June 2002. –, June 11, 2005 –
(Posted here: June 15, 2005)

Tempest in Texas

– Jeffs says that the government is “wicked,” as are outsiders and the
mainstream Mormon Church (leaders prefer its full name, Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-Day Saints
, or LDS), and that all will soon be stricken
from the earth by God’s hand. – –
(Posted here: June 15, 2005)

Satanic Child Sacrificing
Rituals First Reported At Vatican And Now At LDS Temple In Salt Lake City

– A. True Ott, excommunicated by the Mormon Church for his controversial
research, says he experienced death threats trying to get at the truth
behind deep-seeded corruption in U.S. government and LDS hierarchy. Satanic
influences abound and corruption must stop in order to avert World War III,
claims Ott in his upcoming book ‘Free At Last.’ –
by Greg Szymanski, Feb 13, 2006 –
(Posted here: Feb 13, 2006)

Dr. McNeil

Mormonism and Masonry: A Ritualistic Relationship?

– Masonic ritual forms the foundation of The Mormon Church’s
Endowment Ceremony ritual and Joseph Smith and his Apostles
adapted their Masonic experiences to provide ritual to a
otherwise ritual-less church. –
by Dr. Richard G. McNeil Jr., May 14, 2005 –
(Posted here: Feb 14, 2006)

The Godmakers

“The Godmakers” – Cartoon
Banned by the Mormon Church

[4 videos – 7-10 min each]

– This first video is showing the
supposed belief system of the Mormons in cartoon form.
   In this second, third and fourth videos, a Mormon explains which
portions are true, which are half-true, and what is completely false. The
cartoon in question, “the Godmakers”, mocks the Mormon faith and leaves
people with a distorted view of the Latter-Day Saints, according to this
member of the Latter-Day Saints –

– YouTube –
(Posted here:
Saturday, December 15, 2007)

The “I AM”


The I AM Activity, Guy Ballard, and St Germain Exposed

– Were you ever an I AM Student? Do you wonder why the magic you first felt
when you became an I AM Student was gradually replaced with uncertainty,
confusion, fear, loneliness? You are not alone. – –
(Posted here: June 14, 2005)

The Children of


Selina Bishop                            
Justin Helzer  

Bags of Bodies – Children of Thunder

– Murderous Glenn and Justin Helzer called their cult “Children of the
 – –
(Posted here: June 19, 2005)

The Ra


The Raelian Embassy

The Raëlian Files: Sex,
Clones and UFOs

– Members of the Raëlian Religion Believe That Extraterrestrials Created
Mankind in Test Tubes and Eternal Life Can Be Achieved Through Cloning.
While Waiting for Immortality to Become a Reality, They Practice an
Alien-Taught Version of Free Love. – –
(Posted here: July 10, 2005)

Raël along with UFO replica
Raël along with
UFO replica

UFO Cult Infiltrated

– A young filmmaker says he infiltrated the UFO cult known as the Raëlians,
and he’s looking to blow the lid off the secretive group with footage he
shot while undercover. –
WorldNetDaily, Aug 14, 2005 –
(Posted here: Aug 17, 2005)

Sai Baba

Sai Baba

Sai Baba Exposed: Fraud, Fakery & Molestation

– Evidence has been gathering for many years that Sai Baba is not quite the
saintly Indian guru whom his devotees believe him to be. –
Nexus –
(Posted here: July 22, 2005)

The Process Church of Final Judgment

Charles Manson

The Process Church of
the Final Judgment

– “My prophecy upon this wasted earth and upon the corrupt
creation that squats upon its ruined surface is: THOU SHALT
KILL.” – from “Jehovah on War”, by Robert DeGrimston aka Christ – –
(Posted here: Jan 30, 2006)

(See Microchipping)


Interviews with Mind Control Survivors

Cathy O'Brien

Interview with Cathy
O’Brien on the Trance Formation of America


– Cathy O’Brien was born in Michigan in 1957 and
although most of this information will be hard to believe, it is all
true. The MK Ultra Project Monarch mind control operation is real
and on August 3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into
the reported abuses concerning the CIA’s Top Secret mind control
research project and most of the congressional records are included
in her book. Mandatory watch!
– by Conscious Media Network –
(Posted here: Tuesday, October 02, 2007)

The Cisco Wheeler Interview

CKLN-FM Mind Control Series
— Part 22 –
(December 30, 2003)

Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor (cover)

Brice Taylor Interview
CKLN-FM Mind Control Series 23, Part 1-2
– Initially, up close, my father
primarily was, at home on a daily basis, and my mother was also programmed
to abuse and program me. My whole family was actually involved in my
programming, including my grandparents on both sides, aunts, uncles and my
brothers. As I grew older, by the time I was five, I was being taken to
military bases in and out of California and officials there were programming
me, and later, doctors at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute in California, and
places where there were NASA installations – I was also programmed. –
–  Producer/Interviewer: Wayne
Morris, CKLN 88.1 FM Ryerson Polytechnical University Toronto, Ontario –

(Posted here: Thursday, January 01,

The Svali Interview

Interview with former Illuminati Programmer –


(January 5, 2004)

Born Into The Illuminati, A Friend Fears For Svali’s
Safety As She Has Come Up Missing

– After going public with details of her lifelong experience in the
Illuminati, including childhood torture and brainwashing, Svali has
disappeared. –
by Greg Szymanski, July 26, 2006 –
(Posted here: Thursday, July 27, 2006)

Illuminati Defector Details
Pervasive Conspiracy

Henry Makow, Ph.
interviews Svali, former Illuminati Programmer –
(January 5, 2004)


A Tribute to
Svali, Illuminati Whistleblower

– Svali is, or was, an American woman
born into an Illuminati bloodline. When she was twelve years old, she was
taken to the Vatican for a ceremony she was told would be very important.
What she witnessed – an actual child sacrifice (the child was 3 or 4 years
old, and appeared to be compliant) on an obsidian slab over a large
pentagram in a basement catacomb – is told in her extraordinary interview
with Greg Szymanski. –
– –

(Posted here: Sunday, May 04, 2008)


Information About MPD/DID

MPD (Multiple Personality
) Defined

(December 31, 2003)

MPD Glossary

31, 2003)

Multiple Personality Disorder
– by Wes Penre –
(December 27, 2003)

Sexual Abuse
and/or Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)



Satanic Ritual Abuse Exists

List of Legal Cases, Web Pages Proving the
Existence of Ritual Abuse, Organizations with Data Proving the Worldwide
Existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Ritual Abuse Books

– Lists of Legal Cases: Believe the
children (1997). “Conviction List: Ritual Child Abuse”.

The Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive”, by Diana Napolis, is published on
the world-wide web at: This archive contains 92 cases as of February 12,

– Compiled by “SmartNews”, Oct. 2008 –

(Posted here: Saturday, October 18, 2008)


Ted Gunderson

SATANISM & THE CIA: International Trafficking in Children

– This is one of the best videos I have seen online. This is an absolute
It is 75 minutes long, but worth every second of viewing.
Ted Gunderson
is lecturing, and a Catholic woman, Linda Wiegand, whose
children were subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse testifies in public
to how the Government stole all her properties and ruined her life when she
tried to help her kids. If, after watching this video, the viewer is not
convinced that Satanic Ritual Abuse exists on a high level of
nothing will, no matter how much proof. Please take time
to watch!
Wes Penre –
– by Ted Gunderson, former FBI –
(Posted here: July 16, 2005)

The Ted Gunderson Files
– How corrupt people try to smear a genuine truth-seeker: The
principle members of Ted’s Character Assassination Team include Virginia
McCullough, Cherie Seymour, & Kate Dixon of, Stewart
Webb, Barbara Hartwell, Kathleen Sullivan, Jackie McGauley, and Kathy Kasten
of UCLA. These people have tried to characterize Ted as some version of a
‘double agent’ whose pretense to helping people is just a cover for his
‘real work’, which is to help the dark side. When you read their defamatory
words, you will be given conclusions (E.g. Ted’s “Cointelpro”) without
evidence or proof to back up their assertions. The tools these character
assassins employ include repeated innuendo, guilt by association, and
outright slander to support their unfounded allegations against Ted
Gunderson. – –
(Posted here: July 16, 2005)

Ted Gunderson’s Official Website
– “I cannot accept that the truth will be suppressed because the people
involved are people in power” Patrice Alegre, convicted killer – –
(Posted here: July 16, 2005)

Linda Wiegand’s
Nightmare: A Hideous Child Abuse Catastrophe

– According to the retired head of the Los Angeles Bureau of the FBI, the
Linda Wiegand case is “the worst case of child sexual abuse and judicial
corruption I’ve seen in 47 years of investigative work.” – –
(Posted here: July 16, 2005)

Experiments with Mind Control on Children

– The CIA mind-control apparatus has been well known since 1975, when 10
large boxes of documents were released pursuant to Freedom of Information
Act requests. –
by Jon Rappoport –
(Posted here: July 16, 2005)

Cache Of Child Porn Found at Roman
Catholic Seminary

– A vast
cache of child pornography and photos of young priests having sex has
been discovered at a Roman Catholic seminary, officials said Monday …, July 12, 2004 –
(Posted here: July 13, 2004)

George Bush, The CIA, Mind Control &
Child Abuse

– … the report claimed that senior members
of Tony Blair’s government were being investigated for pedophilia and
the “enjoyment” of child-sex pornography. With the investigation
reaching to senior members of his Government, Blair declared a news
blackout on the story.  –
by Glen Yeadon –
(Posted here: July 28, 2004)

First Public Airing of “Conspiracy of Silence”

[Please read this and download the 55 minutes
video! This is 100% PROOF that the giant pedophile ring goes ALL THE
WAY up to the White House, and that mind controlled sex slaves are very
common around our highest level politicians, including Presidents. This
documentary was supposed to be aired by the Discovery Channel, but was
banned. This gives credit to ridiculed former sex slaves like

Cathy O’Brien
and others, who in books have revealed this cancer to a
world who doesn’t listen! Wes Penre
] –
(Posted here: Sep 11, 2005)

The Franklin Scandal Tried in Civil Court

– U.S. government mind control programs, like MK-Ultra and Monarch, directed
against helpless victims–human guinea pigs–have been virtually ignored by
the Big Media Cartel. On Feb. 27, 1999, however, U.S. District Court Judge
Warren Urbom found former Franklin S&L manager Lawrence E. King guilty of
numerous crimes committed against mind control victim Paul A. Bonacci. – –
(Posted here: Sep 11, 2005)

Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien
Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien

Trance-Formation of America

[Please read their books if you haven’t already. I can’t imagine any
information more telling than this what is going on at the top level of our
society. Wes Penre
– TRANCE Formation of America is the first documented autobiography of a
victim of government mind control. Cathy O’Brien is the only vocal and
recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra Project
Monarch operation. Tracing her path from child pornography and recruitment
into the program to serving as a top-level intelligence agent and White
House sex slave, TRANCE Formation of America is a definitive eye-witness
account of government corruption that implicates some of the most prominent
figures in U.S. politics. –
Trance-Formation of America Website –
(Posted here: Sep 11, 2005)

Bennett and the Great White BrotherhoodBob Dylan

Bill Bennett and the Great White Brotherhood

– In the home of the brave, Jefferson turning over in his grave,
Fools glorify themselves, try to manipulate Satan. – Bob Dylan
Rigorous Intuition, Oct 05, 2005 –
(Posted here: Oct 06, 2005)

Cathy O'Brien

Trance Formation of America

– .. the graphic nature of the footage, you will see medical footage of Ms.
O’Brien’s vagina under examination, which was carved with an exacto knife to
resemble a demon’s face by her abusers. This face is shown in the video and
the examining doctor gives her opinion on the legitimacy of the carving. –
The Rigorous Intuition Board, Sep 23, 2005 –
(Posted here: Oct 06, 2005)

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney’s Other Big Secret

[The mind controlled victim Cathy O’Brien claimed in her book; “Trance
Formation of America” that Cheney raped her continuously with his oversized
penis. Many people laughed and discarded this. However, there seems to be
photo evidence …, Wes Penre
Rigorous Intuition, Nov 15, 2004 –
(Posted here: Oct 06, 2005)

Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture
– This information may upset or enrage some people. I could not bring
myself to read these books for over two years. The torture and depravity
they describe is excruciating. My mental filters would not accept it.
Writing about it is difficult. –
by Henry Makow Ph.D., Nov. 13, 2004 –
(Posted here: November 15, 2004)

The U.S. Child Abuse Industry
– Remember, the
OFFICIAL view of the U.S. Federal Administrative Government under
Klinton was revealed by Attorney [Gestapo] General Janet Reno, during a
Senate Investigation into the reason why the government murdered, by
burning to death, the men, women and children, in a church on Mount
Carmel, near Waco, Texas. Her OFFICIAL OPINION for the US FEDERAL
ADMINISTRATION was ‘ end the child abuse…’ –
by Fronline, PBS –
(Posted here: November 12, 2004)

Conner on Michael Aquino, Head of “Church of Set”

[QuickTime Audio]
QuickTime here
– Exposing Aquino as an MK ULTRA Programmer, a child molester and more… –
by John Conner, Resistance Manifesto –
(Posted here: May 29, 2005)

T. Alexander Hickman


Sexual Abuse & Political & Legal Conspiracy. RCMP Incompetence &
Cover up.
Priors Of Grand Bank NFLD Canada
– If T. Alex Hickman, Justice Minister, 1966 to 1979 also
Health Minister 1968 to 1969 and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of
Newfoundland 1979 to 2000, 34 YEARS OF COMPLETE LEGAL SYSTEMS CONTROL, at
41 years of age, rapes and impregnates your younger sister Susan, at 12
years old, what would you do? – –
(Posted here: December 5, 2004)

Good People Do Nothing

– Some of this abuse is described as “ritual” or “ritualistic” abuse. In a
study reported by Finkelhor, Williams, Burns, and Kalinowski, the authors
found that 13% of a national sample of 270 cases of child abuse in a day
care setting involved allegations of ritual abuse. –
by James Randall Noblitt and Pamela Perskin –
(Posted here: Oct 11, 2005)

Pictures From the Minds of Satanic Abuse Victims
– This patient provided me with drawings that she had done that to me
held no special significance until now 2005, after reading your book,
Children of the Matrix. –
David Icke Articles –
(Posted here: January 29, 2005)

Michael Jackson on Trial

… If There is Any Justice in This World …

– … if Michael goes to jail, and there is any justice in this world,
so should his father, Joe. I don’t defend pedophilia (if this is
the case with Michael), and although he has been severely traumatized
and destroyed, I believe that a person, even if he/she has such desires,
should be able keep them to him/herself and not live them out. –
by Wes Penre, March 13, 2005 –
(Posted here: March 13, 2005)

Bush, The CIA, Mind Control & Child Abuse

– At least one of King’s young prostitutes reported that at one party,
she saw George Bush pay King and then depart with a young black man. The
President was a pedophile and involved in a pedophile ring, the story
had to be squashed at all cost. King is currently serving fifteen years
for the failure of the Franklin Credit Union. At least two of his
victims have been wrongly imprisoned for refusing to recant their
testimony. Meanwhile pedophiles like George Bush are free and able to
abuse other children all in the name of national security. – –
(Posted here: April 15, 2005)

Pope ‘Obstructed’ Sex Abuse Inquiry

Pope Benedict XVI faced claims last night he had ‘obstructed
justice’ after it emerged he issued an order ensuring the church’s
investigations into child sex abuse claims be carried out in secret. The
order was made in a confidential letter, obtained by The Observer, which
was sent to every Catholic bishop in May 2001. –
The Observer Int., Apr 24, 2005 –
(Posted here: April 27, 2005)

Guards Assault Female Inmates
– Three years before prison guard Edmond Hook sexually assaulted and
impregnated inmate T’Nasa Harris, officials at the Camp Brighton
facility near Pinckney received an anonymous letter claiming he was a
“sexual predator.” –
The Detroit News, May 22, 2005 –
(Posted here: May 24, 2005)

Inmates Struggle to File Charges Against Officers
– She said the alleged sexual abuse made her feel humiliated, degraded,
embarrassed and worthless. She submitted the signed complaint and then
waited for authorities to investigate. They didn’t. Instead, she
received a letter 24 days later from prisoner affairs manager James
Armstrong telling her the complaint had been rejected. “It has been
determined your grievance cannot be processed further by this office
because … it is vague, illegible, or contains extraneous information,”
Armstrong wrote. –
The Detroit News, May 22, 2005 –
(Posted here: May 24, 2005)

State Fumbles Sexual Misconduct Probe
– When Assistant Deputy Warden Willis Chapman was first accused of
having consensual sex with an inmate in 2002, the prison investigator
closed the case within a week as “unfounded” without even interviewing
him. –
The Detroit News, May 22, 2005 –
(Posted here: May 24, 2005)

Suicides Follow Unheeded Complaints
– Smith, who hanged herself with a sheet, is not the only female inmate
in Michigan prisons to attempt suicide after alleging sexual abuse by a
guard. Since 1990, at least eight women who said they were sexually
assaulted have attempted suicide. Two died. –
The Detroit News, May 22, 2005 –
(Posted here: May 24, 2005)

Status of Michigan Prison Reforms
– Dozens of guards and staff members with criminal records who were
already on staff when the rule was put in place kept their jobs. –

The Detroit News, May 22, 2005 –
(Posted here: May 24, 2005)

The Rutherford Institute
Ritual Abuse: The Attack on Our Children

– Dr. Hammond’s main subject was the ritual abuse of children. He stated
that in as many as two-thirds of ritual abuse cases, the victims had been
subjected to highly developed and uniform technology of mind control,
suggesting that there is a large network of practitioners conducting such
atrocities on children in the U.S. Often, according to Hammond, these will
be “bloodline people,” that is, people who are involved in cultic practices
such as Satanism or in American intelligence agency programs. –
by John W. Whitehead, May 16, 2005 –
(Posted here: May 28, 2005)

New Leads Implicate CIA, Government Officials In Child Prostitution Ring

– Rothstein now believes the CIA was involved and tried cover it up. “They
were assigned to find out if there was an agency connection to it and I am
quite sure that if they found one, to make sure it was covered,” he says. –
KWWL7 News, May 26, 2005 –
(Posted here: May 28, 2005)

Sexual Abuse

Institutionalizing Sexual Aggression in the Military

[This is long, but well worth reading!]
– Women (and occasionally men) who are victims of rape on military
installations by other military members do not have recourse to civilian
courts until they have completely exhausted every remedy within the
military, which can take years, especially if the military drags its feet. –, July 17, 2005 –
(Posted here: July 17, 2005)

Catholic Church

Oakland, Calif., Diocese Settles Church Abuse Suits for $56 Million

– The Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland has agreed to pay $56 million to
settle lawsuits filed by 56 alleged victims of priest sexual abuse, the
diocese said Friday. –
AP News, Aug 6, 2005 –
(Posted here: Aug 7, 2005)

Some Major
Settlements in Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse Cases

– Sexual abuse by U.S. Roman Catholic priests has cost the church more than
$1 billion. Some of the largest known payouts to victims in the past three
years: –
AP News, Aug 6, 2005 –
(Posted here: Aug 7, 2005)

General Kevin P. Byrnes
Gen. Kevin P. Byrnes

Four-Star General Sacked

– WASHINGTON (AP) — In an extraordinary move, the Army sacked a four-star
general who was the subject of a Defense Department investigation into
alleged sexual misconduct, an official said Tuesday. –
CNN, Aug 10, 2005 –
(Posted here: Aug 11, 2005)

Four Star Army General Fired For Alleged Sexual Misconduct; Some Say He May
Have Been Ousted For Attempting To Thwart The Bush Administration Plans To
Strike Iran

– General Kevin P. Byrnes was relieved of his duties Tuesday, only the third
four star officer to be fired in more than 15 years. Observers speculated
there are much deeper reasons behind the firing of the high-ranking officer
said to be against the administration’s escalating war policies. –
by Greg Szymanski, Aug 10, 2005 –
(Posted here: Aug 12, 2005)

Marc Dutroux

Pink Ballets & Protected Pornographers … Some Post-Christian Realities

– He had been convicted and sentenced (in April 1989) to a 13-year prison
term for the rape of five children and the sexual torture of an elderly
woman. In view of his “good conduct” in jail (no potential victims victims
), his term was shortened. This was compounded by an amnesty granted by the
King of Belgium, which led to his being released in April 1992. Americans
may find it hard to believe what happened next – but then you do not live in
a welfare state. –, May 13, 2004 –
(Posted here: Aug 23, 2005)

Richard Hamlin Vs. Satanic Ritual Abuse Conspiracy

– The Placerville, California trial of Richard Hamlin, a successful attorney
in Sacramento, has all the hallmarks of a high-level Satanic Ritual Abuse
criminal conspiracy, including allegations of MK-Ultra mind control,
bio-warfare, child pornography, snuff films, and other “black” (covert
military) projects. –
by Uri Dowbenko –
(Posted here: Nov 18, 2005)

Satanic Ritual Abuse: Incest, Murder & Snuff Films

– I have detailed previously on my site the horrific details of rape,
torture, and abuse perpetrated by Dr. Siemer on his children, his
grandchildren, and children of others. – –
(Posted here: Dec 23, 2005)

"The Illuminati Formula" CoverFritz Springmeier

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind
Controlled Slave
– Here is a remarkable and powerful book. Save it. Copy it., Give it to
friends and therapists for compassionate work. You now have in your
hands the very tools that can deprogram the dream. Once you know this,
and you absorb its implications, you can no longer be blind folded. By
reading this, you may be helping millions of monarch slaves . These
techniques only work by our ignorance of knowing them. Herein, let us
apply the Heart to the mind, and awaken a Middle Way, by infiltrating
another piece of the cancer of sleep, as All Is God in Action. –
by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler –
(Posted here: Oct 24, 2005)

Fritz Springmeier

Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula
– This book is dedicated to the two million Americans and counting who have
been programmed with Monarch-type trauma-based mind control. This book is
written to destroy trauma-based mind control before it destroys the human
race. It’s time for this horrendous secret to end. –
by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler –
(Posted here: Dec 23, 2005)

The Svali Interviews

[A Must Read!]
– The Illuminati: Interview with Ex Illuminati Programmer – –
(Posted here: Dec 23, 2005)

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Great Britain

Illuminati Ritual Abuse
– The Guardian newspaper of Feb 2nd 2007 highlighted
the fact that teachers in Britain are now taught to watch for signs of
ritual abuse. Research from 38 cases where children were either murdered as
in the Victoria Climbie case, or subjected to horrific abuse.  

– by T Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies –
(Posted here: Sunday, February 11, 2007)

She's nice, Dick, but not young enough...Hell, it's itching!

Escort Agency Business


– When New York Governor Eliot Spitzer
geared up to go after the Bush administration for their collaboration with
criminals in the US mortgage industry, Spitzer was politically assassinated
by having his private business as an escort agency client revealed.
  Now the owner of one of the most active DC-based escort services – a
favorite of Republicans including McCain and Giuliani – has “hung herself.” –
– Alex Jones interviewing Wayne Madsen –

(Posted here: Tuesday, May 06, 2008)


Hard-core Pornographic Homosexual “how-to” Booklet Given to Hundreds of Kids
at Brookline High School April 30

[Warning! Disturbing pictures!]
– At statewide “Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network” conference held at
Brookline High School for children and teachers to promote homosexuality in
schools, elementary through high school. – –
(Posted here: July 6, 2005)

Pornography – A Deadly Poison
– Is pornography a problem? According to Family Safe Media the size of the
Industry could be as high as $12.0 billion US and it is growing bigger
everyday. The evil elite has allowed us access to the internet so it can
corrupt our society within. Sure, because of the internet we know more about
conspiracies of the world, but at what cost! –
by Richard Vizzutti, July 8, 2006 –
(Posted here: Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006)

Mind Control Centers

Sigmund Freud Statue at the Tavistock Institute

Tavistock Center – The Best Kept
Secret in America

by Dr. John Coleman –
(February 26, 2004)

The Tavistock
Institute – Illuminati Fascists Use Nazi “Mind Control” Techniques To
Destroy America

– The Tavistock Institute originated the *mass civilian bombing raids*
carried out by Roosevelt and Churchill purely as a clinical experiment in
mass terror, keeping records of the results as they watched the guinea pigs
reacting under *controlled laboratory conditions*! – –
(Posted here: Sunday, Apr 23, 2006)

Tavistock Institute –

Illuminati Fascists Use Nazi Mind Control Techniques To Destroy America!

– The Tavistock Institute developed the mass brainwashing techniques
which were first **used experimentally on American prisoners of war in
Korea**! –
Covertmatrix website –
(Posted here: September 13, 2004)

Walt Disney Agenda

– Walt Disney was a 33°
Freemason and initiated in the Illuminati Order. Behind all those
cartoons, magazines, movies etc., is a hidden agenda to mess up
children’s minds. –
by Wes Penre, July 4, 2004 –
(Posted here: July 4, 2004)

Urban Transport

Mind Control Survivors! READ THIS!!! Here are the forums you
must avoid if you seek healing. These forums are set up by Illuminati
programmers and they will do everything they can to destroy you and/or
send you back to your programmers/handlers! –
Urban Transport –
(Posted here: February 12, 2005)

Mind Control Survivors’ Websites

The Kathleen A. Sullivan Website

a CIA Mind Control SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse)
Survivor –
(December 31, 2003)

Advocacy Committee for Human
Experimentation Survivors & Mind Control

– We represent the North American survivors of nonconsensual, federally
funded, human experimentation. – –
(Posted here: Aug 5, 2005)


Coloring Outside
the Lines – The Journey of a Multiple

– A Mind Control Survivor Remembers… –
– Take a journey to the center of the mind. This is a challenge. Are
you willing to go to that place that is so close, but yet so far? I am
tenaciously unraveling the mystery of the past, of who I am, and who I am
meant to become.
– –
here: Saturday, November 25, 2006)

Lectures, Audio & Video

Rutz’s Lecture at Indiana University in November 2003

by Carol Rutz, Author of “A Nation Betrayed” —

(December 31, 2003)

The Greenbaum Speech – Hypnosis in
MPD: Ritual Abuse

by Dr. D.C. Hammond Ph. Dr –
27, 2003)

Fritz Springmeier

Springmeier Interview on Illuminati and Mind Control Slavery

– Government mind control overlaps with many other things – it overlaps with
a higher government and a secret world government called the Illuminati. As
I investigated the Illuminati I had to also learn about their front that
they operate. They hide behind the veil of National Security. They use our
patriotism against us and make us think that for our own interest, for our
own security of our own nations, that we have to subject ourselves to all
the secrecy that they impose upon us. –
– Fritz Springmeier Interviewed by Wayne Morris,
Jan 04, 1998 –
(Posted here: Sunday, October 21, 2007)

Survivors Speak Out

Victims’ Introductions

victims of severe mind control speak out –
(January 9, 2004)

Mind Control Forum

list of victims and their stories –
(January 9, 2004)

Jackson Reveals To the Press That She Is a Multiple Personality

– … The other character living inside her is
Damita Jo, which is her middle name and the title of her latest album. Damita Jo, she says, is “a lot harsher,
and quick to put  you in your place.” –
– by Wes Penre, June 6, 2004 –

Ronald ReaganJosef Mengele

Sold As A Child Sacrifice
To The Illuminati Cult, Victim Survives Ritualistic Drowning To Tell Her
Story. High Level Officials and Nazi War Criminals Involved, Including
Ronald Reagan and Nazi Joseph Mengele

– Mauri tells about satanic horror stories beginning in Cedar City, Utah,
and then moving to southern California where her life became a nightmare
filled with cult torure and abuse. –
by Greg Szymanski, Feb 20, 2006 –
(Posted here: Feb 21, 2006)

Born Into The Illuminati, A Friend
Fears For Svali’s Safety As She Has Come Up Missing

– After going public with details of her lifelong experience in the
Illuminati, including childhood torture and brainwashing, Svali has
disappeared. –
by Greg Szymanski, July 26, 2006 –
(Posted here: Thursday, July 27, 2006)

Robert Duncan O'Finioan

Ultimate Warrior: Robert Duncan

[Video: 1hr 13min
– Duncan O’Finioan was the Ultimate Warrior…
brainwashed, conditioned and controlled as part of a highly classified
MKULTRA program called PROJECT TALENT. From a thousand others trained as
child warriors in 1966, he is now, he believes, only one of 20 left alive to
tell the story., Dec 16, 2006 –
(Re-Posted here: Saturday, December 16, 2006)

Svali is

– She had not been heard from online
since November of 2006 and it was feared she had been killed. I have learned
that she is residing safely in an isolated place of refuge with a number of
fellow Christian brothers and sisters. She is in no immediate danger and is
continuing to heal and grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. –

– by Ed Koni, Oct 11, 2008 –

(Posted here: Sunday, October 12, 2008)

Lawsuits and Legal

The Canadian Government Has Paid Almost $ 7 Million in Compensation to
Victims of Project Monarch

by Wes Penre –
(December 28,

Satanic Subversion of the US

– on Michael Aquino & the Temple of Set –
(February 21, 2004)

Lawsuit Claiming  CIA Used
Mind-Control in 1957 Can Proceed

– A federal judge hearing a case of a former federal agent who claimed
that he was drugged by the Central Intelligence Agency as part of a
mind-control project says the trial can go forward. –
NBC4.TV, May 25, 2004 –
(Posted here: June 3, 2004)

Enough Evidence For Trail Of CIA

– A San Jose man who
claimed the CIA secretly had given him LSD in 1957 as part of a
mind-control experiment — causing him to try to hold up a San Francisco
bar in a fit of paranoia … –, May 25, 2004 –
(Posted here: June 3, 2004)

Sidney Gottlieb, one of the evil psychiatry doctors, who was one of the master-minds behind MK-ULTRA mind control...

Victim Of MKULTRA Mind
Control Sues Government And Others For Torture And Abuse

– Now almost 40 years later, Smith, a successful businessman with a stable
family life, has filed a lawsuit in Canada seeking some semblance of justice
for the tortuous abuse he endured from defendants including unscrupulous
psychiatrists on both sides of the border, doctors working under government
sanctioned programs with ties to CIA operatives. // And the incredible fact
about Smith’s story is that he isn’t alone, being one of thousands of adults
and children who had their medical records changed overnight from sane to
insane while being subjected to illegal experimentation. –
by Greg Szymanski, March 15, 2006 –
(Posted here: March 15, 2006)

Janine Huard

Woman Sues Ottawa Over CIA Brainwashing at Montreal

– Five decades after unwittingly participating in
brainwashing experiments that were funded by the CIA and the federal
government, 78-year-old Janine Huard went to Federal Court yesterday to try
and persuade a judge she is entitled to compensation.
– by Katherine Wilton, CanWest News Service,
Jan 11, 2007 –
(Posted here: Saturday, January 12, 2007)

Miscellaneous on Mind Control

“We Can Implant Entirely False

from Guardian Unlimited,
December 4, 2003 –
 (Posted here: January 12, 2004)

The Columbine Shootings &
the Perfect Manchurian Candidate

 – by Wes Penre –
(February 22, 2004)

‘They Hate Us Because of Our Freedom’

Alfred A, Hambidge, Jr. –
(Posted here: April 20, 2004)

Mind Control Getting Smarter by the

by Liz Else, New Scientist, April 2004

(Posted here: April 30, 2004)

MCF Victim: Linda & Donnie Hintz
Corporate coverup in Stark County Ohio. Mother of 2 sons stalked, drugged,
raped resulting in brain damage. All covered up to protect big local oil
business –
by Donnie Hintz –
(Posted here: July 24, 2004)

Ain’t It Great To Live In the Land of
Freedom and Justice?

– When I read things like these, I really have to force myself to get the
strength back to continue what I am doing. It does not happen very often
that I feel that way, but this article makes me wonder – isn’t there any
limit to people’s stupidity? –
(Posted here: August 19, 2004)

Killing With God On Our Side

– How leaders, like Bush and Hitler, push God and religion to justify wars, and how the
mind controlled population
of the world blindly follows! –
by Wes Penre, August 19, 2004 –
(Posted here: August 19, 2004)

Control: The Zombie Effect

– Methods of latent impact on the human psyche are no longer secret. –

Pravda, Nov 10, 2004 –
(Posted here: November 14, 2004)

John Creasy, Man
On Fire: Top-Notch Mind Control

– We should acknowledge that the government is trying to control our
minds, even if you think they couldn’t do it to you.  We can agree that
a certain percentage of the people are weak minded, and all these
aforementioned effects will drive them a little crazy, similar to post
traumatic stress.  Let us be very conservative, though, and say Man On
Fire pushed only 10% of the entire viewing audience into this state. –

by Erik Fortman –
(Posted here: March 11, 2005)

US Homeland Security Department Hires Liaison To Work With Movie Makers:

– In Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes and Censors the
Movies, author David Robb last year portrayed the Pentagon’s office as a
propaganda machine that cajoles Hollywood into showing the military only
in a positive light, the report said. –
China View, March 13, 2005 –
(Posted here: March 13, 2005)

Many Students Willing to Give Government Control of Press
[Mind Control on our kids works – here is the proof]
– Lindsey Pendergrass trusts the government more than she trusts the
press. That’s why she doesn’t believe that newspapers should be allowed
to publish everything without government approval. –
The Oregonian, March 15, 2005 –
(Posted here: March 16, 2005)

Toying With Death
– In the military ‘boot camp,’ “brutalization is designed to break down
your existing mores and norms” and cause you “to accept a new set of
values that embrace destruction, violence, and death as a way of life,”
explained Col. Grossman. –
by Berit Kjos, 2004 –
(Posted here: May 23, 2005)

Playing video games

Violent Video Games Alter Brain’s Response to Violence

– Many studies have concluded that people who play violent video games are
more aggressive, more likely to commit violent crimes, and less likely to
help others. But critics argue these correlations merely prove that violent
people gravitate towards violent games, not that games can change behaviour.

New Scientist, Dec 12, 2005 –
(Posted here: Dec 13, 2005)

Healing from

Satanic Ritual Abuse and
Mind Control


Healing Roads – Ritual Abuse

Help resources for those of you who are
survivors from Satanic Ritual Abuse, and information for you who want to
know more … –
(December 31, 2003)

Defending Ourselves Against Mind

from –
(Posted here: April 17, 2004)

Iranian Student, Victim of Psychotronic Torture, Seeks Relief
– [Editor’s Note: Some of you may find it hard to believe what is being
explained here, but this person is not exaggerating in the least. I get
dozens of e-mails from victim of electronic torture and this man’s
statements are very typical. Based on feedback from other victims, we
now seem to have some ideas on how to thwart these signals. It’s not
perfect, but we are getting some nice reports of partial, and sometimes,
total success…] –
Educate Yourself –
(Posted here: December 9, 2004)

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