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Government & Geographic Information Collection The Government and Geographic Information Collection contains materials produced by…

Government & Geographic Information Collection


The Government and Geographic Information Collection contains materials produced by the U.S. Federal government, the State of Illinois, the City of Chicago and several international governmental organizations, including the United Nations. Our extensive map collection is complemented by geospatial services supporting the use of GIS software for data analysis and visualization.

Geospatial Services

map of Chicago

The Libraries are the main provider of GIS services and software at Northwestern. GIS professionals provide training and consultations.

All library computers have GIS software installed. An oversized scanner is available and can be used with staff assistance. A plotter printer is available in the Information Commons.

Learn more about our services.

Social Science Data

graph image

Looking for social science datasets for your research or instruction?

We provide research guides and consultations to help collect, manage or access data for secondary analysis. Learn more about our services.

See our research guides:

Map Collection

world mapOur collection includes more than 200,000 maps, atlases, and related publications. Although most holdings are U.S. Federal Government products, we also collect some international, navigational, topographic and geological maps. Get started.

WWII Posters

WWII poster

View more than 300 World War II-era posters issued by various U.S. government agencies. They represent the government’s effort, through art, illustration and photographs, to unite the American people in a time of adversity. See the collection.

League of Nations


The League of Nations existed from 1919 to 1946 and the 260 documents in this digital collection focus on the founding of the League, international statistics published by the League, and the League’s work toward international disarmament. Begin browsing the digital collection.

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