Gemini August 2022 Horoscope: Inner Success

You might be processing so many strange thoughts and revelations as this month begins, Gemini….

Gemini August 2022 Horoscope: Inner Success

You might be processing so many strange thoughts and revelations as this month begins, Gemini. After all, your Gemini August 2022 horoscope begins with a powerful opportunity to follow your intuition! As aggressive Mars joins forces with unpredictable Uranus in your subconscious 12th house on August 1, you may discover secrets and hidden truths that blow your mind. Don’t be impulsive with this information, because it deserves to be treated with sensitivity.

You may be feeling more sensitive and sentimental this month. As Mercury—your ruling planet—enters your private and personal fourth house on August 4, encouraging you to let love and kindness inform your actions. Now’s the time to make yourself and your loved ones feel more at home. However, as Venus enters your third house of communication on August 11, your social life is also becoming a greater source of excitement! This will inspire you to engage in flirtatious conversations with potential lovers and to make plans with the many friends who wish you had more time for them.

In fact, as a full moon in Aquarius expands your perspective on August 11, you’re coming to terms with so many of the opportunities you’ve been overlooking. Embrace an open mind and tap into your need for adventure! Don’t get bogged down by the tiresome details when the big picture looks so beautiful.

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Some of the heavy thoughts you’ve been struggling to process will gain some clarity by August 16. This is when ingenious Mercury will trine innovative Uranus, urging you to lean into forgiveness and away from harboring resentments. Forgiveness is not about letting someone back in, but about choosing to no longer allow their drama to get to you. However, once aggressive Mars enters Gemini on August 20, you might feel far more passionate, hot-headed and quick to anger. Harness this rising energy and allow it to bring you confidence, not destruction!

Once your clever and quick-witted planetary ruler—Mercury—enters fellow air sign Libra on August 25, you’ll be in a much lighter and more enjoyable headspace. As Mercury enhances your fifth house of hobbies and artistic endeavors, you might be in the mood to express yourself in a more colorful way. Don’t ignore your creative instincts! And when a new moon in Virgo brings the month to a close on August 27, it will encourage you to nurture your personal life with some well-deserved TLC! You deserve to know that you belong. You need to know you are loved. Forget about cultivating an image of prestige and notoriety and focus more on finding inner success.

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