Foundation for the Law of Time

Something entirely NEW is happening within us, within our planet, within the solar system, within…

Foundation for the Law of Time

Something entirely NEW is happening within us, within our planet, within the solar system, within the galaxy, within the universe and within the multiverse and Beyond. A NEW FREQUENCY is being emitted from the galactic center transitioning us from one time to another time.

The Foundation for the Law of Time is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a vibrant and sustainable future based on a NEW TIME. Our key purpose is to define and elucidate the planetary transition that we are now going through, also known as the biosphere-noosphere transition. 

Since its founding in the year 2000, the Foundation for the Law of Time continues its promotion of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar as a new standard of time for all people who genuinely desire a new world. The 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan is a people’s initiative that recognizes the need to unify our species based on a new knowledge of time and a new vision of the cosmos. The cause of this peace plan is furthered by the promotion of the Banner of Peace and the principle of peace through culture.

Our Services Include:  

  1. The production and promotion of free 13 Moon pocket calendars, the annual Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, tools and educational materials including a free moonly “Noos-letter”, and 13:20 : Frequency : Shift blog. 
  2. Research and development programs in the law and science of time, intergalactic bulletins, and the creation of a systematic educational curriculum based on the New Time which will ultimately form the basis of a full-scale galactic education center; 
  3. The cultivation of strategic alliances with other scientific, spiritual, artistic, peace, and educational organizations which further the noospheric mobilization as well as the promotion of Time is Art.
  4. The convening of workshops and/or conferences as well as promoting every July 25 theDay Out of Time peace through culture festivals for positive social and environmental change, including the promotion of the international Banner of Peace.

“By performing this job of enormous benefit to all humanity, largely unaware of the exact nature of changes now occurring worldwide, the Foundation for the Law of Time has a unique historical and evolutionary role in disseminating new knowledge while informing, unifying and mobilizing many groups and organizations in preparation for the advent of the noosphere.” –Jose Arguelles, Founder  

Here are three considerations about time:

Time is of the mind. Change your time and change your mind. 

Time is the unifying field that holds all things together. 

Time is art.

Foundation for the Law of Time

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