Education, Schooling, and Society // University of Notre Dame

Sam Adofo (ND ’20). Majoring in ACMS with an Actuarial Science minor, Sam is from Central…

Education, Schooling, and Society // University of Notre Dame

Education, Schooling, and Society // University of Notre Dame

Sam Adofo (ND ’20). Majoring in ACMS with an Actuarial Science minor, Sam is from Central Falls, Rhode Island. He has a long interest in tutoring and education. Sam will earn his master’s through the ACE Teaching Fellows program after he graduates.



Julie Allpow (ND ’20). Majoring in American Studies and Peace Studies, Julie is from the south side of Chicago. One reason she is minoring in ESS is because, as she says, “There is a gap in peace studies initiatives in America. Education is something that can fill that gap.” 



Lindsay Baca (ND ’20). Majoring in Psychology with a Latino Studies minor, Lindsay is from Los Angeles, California. Lindsay has her eye on graduate school in law school, after which she aims to work in K-12 education policy and law. But first she will gain an M.Ed. through ACE Teaching Fellows. 



Maddie Carr (ND ’20). Majoring in Psychology, Maddie is from Rockville, Maryland. Given her interest in behavior and development, Maddie is also interested in teaching. She will get her master’s degree through the ACE Teaching Fellows program.



Paige Curley (ND ’20). Majoring in English and Spanish with a minor in Latino Studies, Paige is from the Hudson Valley of New York. She had good teachers growing up and therefore may want to teach. She’s also interested in law advocacy.



Mar Diego (ND ’20). Majoring in Economics, Mar is from Makati, Philippines. With a strong interest in education issues across developing countries contexts, Mar hopes to pursue further studies after graduation to qualify for a professional vocation in education and healthcare policy design and impact evaluation.  



Delaney Farwell (ND ’20). Majoring in Anthropology with a Business Econ minor, Delaney is from Jacksonville, Florida. She chose ESS because, among other things, “I wanted to study and try to understand the inequalities that exist in the American education system.” 



Alice Felker (ND ’20). Majoring in Psychology and ACMS, Alice is from Bethesda, Maryland. Alice has done extensive research on continuing education for adults with disabilities and will continue to work in disability rights and policy after graduation. She’s considering a dual degree in law and social work.



Nay Fernandez (ND ’20). Majoring in Sociology, Nay is from New Orleans, Louisiana. A Posse scholar with years of experience as a camp counselor, Nay chose both her major and ESS because she would like to work with kids one day. 



Collin Gortner (ND ’20). Majoring in Political Science with a minor in Constitutional Studies, Collin is from Monticello, Illinois. ESS courses, he says, “have provided me with the opportunity to explore the intersection between political science and education. The minor has confirmed my desire to do ACE after graduation.”



Emily Graff (ND ’20). Majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior, Emily is from the south side of Chicago. Emily is interested in the brain and how we learn. She hopes to pursue graduate programs focusing on what causes learning delays and how to address them.



Mary Elsa Henrichs (ND ’20). Majoring in English and German, Mary Elsa is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mary Elsa chose ESS in part because she is curious about why we study what we study and how that applies to life after college.



Donna Hoang (ND ’20). Majoring in Political Science and minoring in Teaching English to Other Language Speakers, Donna is from Horsham, Pennsylvania. She is passionate about intercultural education and curriculum development, which led her to ESS.




Sam Kennedy (ND ’20). Majoring in Philosophy with a minor in History, Sam is from the south side of Chicago. With a heart for public education, Sam wants to teach someday, with hopes of becoming a professor.



Catherine Korth (ND ’20). Majoring in Marketing with a minor in Sociology, Catherine is from Westfield, New Jersey. She is curious about how the learning environment affects learning and will earn her master’s through the ACE Teaching Fellows program.



Zion Lee (ND ’20). Majoring in PLS and German, Zion is from Deagu, South Korea. Zion is interested in the role of education in developing a social/political atmosphere that promotes virtue. He hopes to pursue further studies on the relationship between philosophy and education in graduate school.



Annie Moran (ND ’20). Majoring in Psychology with a minor in Catholic Social Tradition, Annie is from the north side of Chicago. With a passion for service, she would like to teach through a post-graduate teacher training program or grad school.



Shaynne Pryor (ND ’20). Majoring in Philosophy, Shaynne is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Experience has shown her the “nitty gritty importance of education.” She aims to be a judge, with hopes of starting a college scholarship program for kids in JJCs.



Julia Randall (ND ’20). Majoring in Economics, Julia is from Montclair, New Jersey. A Notre Dame rower, Julie has loved education and children since she was young. The sociology course “Social Inequality and American Education” is where she learned about the ESS minor.



Carolina Robledo (ND ’20). Majoring in Music with minors in Latino Studies and History, Carolina is from San Antonio, Texas. Carolina is concerned about education policy. Of our schools she says, “So much needs fixing. We need better teachers and more opportunities for underrepresented students.” Carolina will earn her master’s as an ACE Teaching Fellow.



Emma Scheibel (ND ’20). Majoring in American Studies with minors in Hesburgh and Poverty Studies, Emma is from Rockville, Maryland. Emma is drawn to issues around educational equity. “I want to make change from within, maybe as a teacher, and later as an administrator or in government.”



Evy Stein (ND ’20). Majoring in English and Psychology, Evy is from Madison, Wisconsin. This fall Evy will do research on the issue of authorship and its place in determining whether or not to read something. She is considering law school after graduation.


Natalie Stevens Fabs Photo

Natalie Stevens (ND ’20) is from Moorestown, New Jersey. Majoring in Psychology, she has a focus in child development. Natalie is drawn to both her major and ESS because she’s interested in how children learn. Since sophomore year, she has been a research assistant in Dr. Julie Braungart-Rieker’s Families and Babies studies lab. After graduation Natalie plans to pursue a master’s degree in educational administration.



Mary Stoutenburgh (ND ’20). Majoring in Applied and Computational Math and Statistics, Mary is from Dallas, Texas. She has always loved teaching and will earn her M.Ed. through the ACE Teaching Fellows program.



Honoka Suzuki (ND ’20). Majoring in Applied and Computational Math and Statistics with an Actuary minor, Honoka is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. An SSLP at a STEM ed summer camp serving a low-income neighborhood drew Honoka to ESS. She aims to become a data scientist working with data related to education policy and educational outcomes.



Alli VanOverberghe (ND ’20). Majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business Econ, Alli is from Chicago, Illinois. She plans to pursue a master’s in school psychology after graduation. She writes, “Through my work in Professor McNeil’s lab, I’ve realized how much I like research and I am looking to integrate that with my career.” 


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