Door County, Wisconsin

Door County Government Buildings and Facilities…

Door County, Wisconsin

Door County Government Buildings and Facilities Will Not Open to the Public;

Door County Government Will Continue to Operate and Deliver Services

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Door County’s new website.

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Door County, Wisconsin

County Board Chairman Dave Lienau welcomes you to the Door County Web Site.

Door County Government, established in 1851, provides services to the County’s 30,000 year round residents as well as a seasonal population whose size fluctuates throughout the year. The county seat is the City of Sturgeon Bay. The county consists of the city, fourteen towns and four villages covering the 492 square miles of the Door Peninsula.

Door County’s over 300 miles of shoreline, five state parks, nineteen county parks, and year round activities offer many the chance to relax and unwind. Throughout the changing seasons, each of the towns and villages, offers something for everyone. Activities are endless – art galleries, live music and theatre, cherry and apple orchards, golfing, boating, fishing, hiking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and the list goes on. The changing seasons add to the beauty of the peninsula. 

Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Priorities
(Adopted January 26, 2010, Resolution 2010-08)

The Mission of Door County Government

Protect the people, economic vitality, and environment of Door County and enable its people to build productive communities, families and lives.  Deliver all county services and programs in a respectful, professional manner and manage operations consistent with available human, natural and fiscal resources.

Door County Government Vision Statement

We envision a Door County government that people feel has helped make the county a better place to live.  Door County government strives to be the leader in developing partnerships private and community organizations to deliver the programs and services people call for.  We are a government that listens to its people, promotes a diverse and vital economy, values fiscal responsibility and enhances the natural and aesthetic qualities that have for so long made Door County a premier place to live, work, and visit.

Core Values of Door County Government


Treat all people as you would like to be treated, responsiveness to people, be user-friendly.


Ensure public trust through honesty, fairness, consistency and follow-through.

Openness and Accessibility

People should feel they can approach and communicate freely with their county government.

Fiscal Responsibility

Accountability for the proper and efficient use of public funds and resources.

Strategic Priorities

  • Promote a diverse and growing economy producing high quality jobs.
  • Exercise sound financial management and build the County’s fiscal strength while minimizing the property tax burden.
  • Protect Door County’s natural resources, especially water quality.
  • Plan and manage land use in Door County to promote responsible development and to preserve our natural and aesthetic strengths.
  • Respond effectively to issues in Door County arising as our population ages and manages difficult economic times.

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