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Dear Fellow Members and Friends of the Digital Government Society:   On behalf of the…

DGS | Digital Government Society

DGS | Digital Government Society

Dear Fellow Members and Friends of the Digital Government Society:


On behalf of the Digital Government Society board members, as the president of the Digital Government Society, I would like first to thank you for your trust. We are committed to serve the community and to position the Society as a recognized leader in digital government research and practice.


The Society has four main objectives for the next two years 2018-2019:


  1. The Society will be the platform for its members to meet, to exchange ideas, to build new collaborations, and to lead digital government research and practice.
  2. The Society will strive to remain close to its members by listening to their needs and interests. The objective is to make the Society contribute to the development of the careers of its members and provide a knowledge-rich platform.
  3. The Society will reinforce its links with conferences, scholarly publishers, and other societies to enlarge the networking potential of its members.
  4. The Society will continue to provide to PhD students opportunities to develop their scholarship and build their professionalism. It will also deepen their involvement in the Society activities.


Besides these objectives, the annual international dg.o conference remains the main conference of the Society. From year to year, the conference is growing and attracting more submissions and more attendees. For the upcoming 2018 edition, the conference received 200 submissions. The conference will continue to strengthen its relationship with top journals demonstrated by the publication of multiple different special issues. The Society will continue to support the conference, maintain its high scientific level, and consolidate its position as one of the main conferences in the domain.


Finally, I especially would like to acknowledge the past Society board members under the leadership of our past president, Dr. Sehl Mellouli.  Dr. Mellouli and his team have consolidated the achievements of past borders and developed privileged partnerships with journal publishers. The new board will work to build on the successful efforts of past boards, members and other leaders in the field.


I wish the new board a very fruitful term and look forward to working with you all!




Luis Luna-Reyes

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