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Department of Local Government – NCP



North and East Local Services

Improvement Project (NELSIP) 



The main objective of the North East Local Government Service Improvement Project (NELSIP) is to improve service delivery of the Local Authority by providing the necessary infrastructure facilities, increasing people’s participation to create equal opportunities society and enhancing knowledge, skills of officials and community through capacity building programs.                                   

32 projects have been implemented under the infrastructure facilities of the Local Authorities. It is comprised of rural roads (asphalt, concrete, interlock), drainage systems, stormwater canal, water projects, buildings (market, weekly fair, office, daycare & preschool, guest house) playground, and children park.



New construction and improvement of culverts, bridges and sewer lines, which are linked to road development projects have contributed to the increase in the efficiency of the transport sector. This will help increase investments, improve tourism activities and increase employment opportunities and improve the living standards of the people.  


The Assessment Report of the Social, Environmental and Economic Impacts of the NELSIP project has highlighted that the beneficiaries are satisfied with the road development as it is supported to reduced travel time, road accidents and improve comfortable traveling. 


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