Most victims do not know that there are various kinds of damages they should be…

Most victims do not know that there are various kinds of damages they should be entitled to in personal injury law. A simple car accident offers more than just medical compensation. There are several other injuries and damages the victim sustains that they should be compensated for. If they are not counseled or represented by an experienced attorney, they often walk away leaving large sums on the table as well as their rights to contest it in the future. Here are a few damages that should be included in a settlement.

Compensation For Pain and Suffering.

In personal injury law, this is considered general damages because it is very subjective and cannot easily be quantified. However, it is very real. The trauma and mental anguish of suffering a major car accident are enough to scar a person even if the person came out of it in one whole physical piece. Las Vegas personal injury lawyers will ensure that such damages are included in the settlement claim.

Medical Expenses.

A no-brainer, medical expenses are the most common of car accident damage claims. It covers everything about the medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident. This is also usually the primary concern of the victims. Doctor’s consultation, hospital utility charges, education bills, ongoing therapy expenses, and other future health care requirements need to get the injured person back to as normal a life as possible will be covered in this damage settlement.

Property Damages.

Car accidents usually involve damage to all vehicles involved, although some more than others. In some cases, the vehicles are completely totaled and cannot be salvaged for anything but scraps. Property damages ensure that these items are fixed or replaced per the damage sustained. The cost of repairing a vehicle, and renting a car until the damaged one is road-worthy or replaced should be covered in the settlement.

Loss Of Income.

If an accident leaves the victim incapacitated or unable to conduct normal activities and hold a job to earn income, the settlement should include compensation for loss of income and livelihood. Where the victim cannot return to work in the future, the compensation is much higher as it should be. If the victim will be absent from work because of the injury, he should be reimbursed for the income he will lose for that period. Sick days and vacations do not count as the time to recuperate because those are normal work entitlements. The injury was sustained as a result of the carelessness of another person and they are thus liable for the income the victim loses because of the absence.

Loss Of Consortium.

Even matters as private as the inability to be intimate with one’s partner or spouse because of an injury sustained from a reckless car accident is damage that should be included in settlement negotiations.


The implications of a car accident in personal injury law are far-reaching. The settlement covers more than just medical expenses. However, because most people are unaware, uninformed, and unrepresented, they sell themselves short by accepting sub-par settlements that leave the other damages out.