Corrupt Government

There is no entity that is more obnoxious than government. No entity kills…

Corrupt Government

There is no entity that is
more obnoxious than government. No entity kills more. No entity plunders
more. No one entity violates more individual rights more often, with more
impunity. And none spews more propaganda and lies. History proves this
beyond a shadow of a doubt. Be it a monarchy, oligarchy, union of
socialist republics, or a communist Nation-State like the people’s
republic of china, you can rest assured that a big powerful government
will be the bane of Liberty every time. It has always been this way.
Government must be checked. Bureaucrats must be resisted. They must be
over-ruled. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The tree of liberty must be
refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is
its natural manure”.

Often people think that
government corruption involves certain government employees (or elected
officials)  breaking the law, taking bribes, or wrongfully issuing special favors to
select individuals or cliques to promote
their own career. To an extent, this is government corruption, but such
activity only scratches the surface. It represents a small
fraction of the real corruption going on. The most egregious corruption
originates right in plain view in the halls of legislature. It
happens routinely now, it’s just that most people don’t recognize it.

Rest assured that if the
founders of this country saw how Congress — with assistance and acquiescence
from the judicial and executive branches —  has destroyed liberty and
justice;  if they were to witness the current government’s utter disregard
and overt contempt for individual human rights, they would be calling for
revolution in a big way. The founders were not fond of tyranny. The
problem with having a revolution now is that the people have forgotten
the virtues of liberty, justice, and rights. A revolution wouldn’t accomplish anything unless more people understand
and desire a return to
the principles on which this country was founded. 

A corrupt government is one that
extends unlawful jurisdiction over the people it is supposed to protect. A
corrupt government is one that legislates beyond its rightful power by
erecting laws that do injury to liberty,  justice, and individual
rights. A corrupt government believes that might makes right, and that its mission is to curtail  freedom, regulate every aspect of
personal and financial affairs, and tax the populace into submission while
falsely claiming it is acting in their best interest. 

The Constitution of the United States was ordained with the
primary object being the defense of Liberty. This can be achieved by
limiting the government’s scope of power. In the Constitution, specific
powers are delegated to three distinct branches of government: The
legislative (Congress), the administrative or executive (Presidency), and
the judicial (Courts and Jurors). Congress can only create laws in the
pursuance of liberty — in pursuance of the Constitution. And two
conditions must be met: #1 Jurisdiction must exist and #2, Congressional
act(s) must not violate the rights of any individual citizen(s). If both
of the conditions are not met, any anti-constitutional decree Congress
might install is not valid. It should not be enforced (gun control
legislation comes to mind)! An example of a violation of a person’s rights
would be a tax levied that involves taking things (like money) from one
citizen or group and giving it to another (several anti-constitutional
acts come to mind such as farm subsidies, social security, and foreign
aid). These Congressional boondoggles violate the right to due process and
just compensation.

“Crime fighting” power, as is the case with war power, is
the most noxious and abused power a government can exercise. The founding
fathers knew this. The scope of Federal “crime fighting” jurisdiction is
extremely limited. For example, in Article 1 section 8 paragraph 7,
Congress is granted jurisdiction “to establish post offices and post
roads”, and in paragraph 10, “to define and punish piracies and felonies
committed on the high seas, and against the law of nations.” However, Janet
Reno and her minions pretend not to know this. Note that it took an
amendment to Constitution to prohibit alcohol, which, not coincidentally,
was a disastrous anti-constitutional measure that had to be abandoned
later due to the huge increase in real crime that it spawned. Crime
fighting power within high tide lines is reserved to the individual States
and to the people as jurors.

Congress lacks jurisdiction to subsidize businesses and
individuals through confiscatory tax schemes. See Amendment V. Jurists
(judges) can nix laws that violate the Constitution and jurors (common
folk) can nullify bad laws/prosecutions that violate the conscience. We
have a Bill of Rights as an additional check to protect the Liberty of the
Citizens and the sovereignty of the States. At the inception of the USA,
the citizens of the several states, and their posterity, were assured a
maximum amount of Liberty. There was no other nation on earth that offered
more freedom than the USA. This brought peace and prosperity as never seen
before in history. The federal government must uphold the rights of the
people. It must not usurp the just powers of the states. Congress and the
executive branch are bound by the Constitution. Every citizen is
guaranteed liberty and justice here. We can’t be subjugated. We people; we
commoners give the government its just powers. It operates at our

Corrupt Government

But Not A

Many people think that what
makes our country great is that we are a democracy. Well, this isn’t a
democracy. The USA is a union of autonomous Republics. But there is
nothing inherently good about either form of government. There are bad
republics. There are bad democracies. There are bad dictatorships and bad
monarchies. What makes the US unique is that we have a limited form
of government. We have a government whose power can’t lawfully extend
beyond that which has been expressly delegated to it. I’ll repeat myself.
If the Constitution doesn’t expressly give jurisdiction to the federal
government over a certain subject, it may not act on it. Note that
the Constitution had to be amended in order to punish people who
traded in alcohol. We have a Constitution with checks, balances, and
limitations on all branches of government. It may seem a novel
concept to many, but we citizens have powerful tools at our disposal that
can stop statist tyrants dead (in some cases literally) in their tracks.
We’re guaranteed the right to be tried by a jury of fellow citizens; by
a jury of our peers empowered to judge both fact and law
. The
government will not tell you this. They in fact blatantly lie about it.
But the Supreme Court, every time the issue is brought in front of it,
reaffirms that we citizens, as jurors, hold final veto power on any and
arbitrary laws/regulations/prosecutions. And as noted by Alexander
Hamilton in Federalist Paper #83, “trial by jury is a safeguard against an
oppressive exercise of the power of taxation“. You heard that
right. There are no second-class citizens in the US. No government
official can carry a title of nobility. The government cannot suspend the
right to petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus in times of peace. Congress
can pass no bills of attainder.

Citizens are Guaranteed due process if the government acts
against them. With minor exceptions (mainly military and maritime
jurisdiction), the Common Law is the only nationally recognized form of
law. We have a right to speak our mind without fear of retribution from
the government. Private property is protected. The government must return
just compensation if it dispossess a citizen while in pursuit of public
goals. The right to bear arms is nearly absolute. Government employees must
obtain a search warrant from a judge in order to shake down a free
citizen. And even then, a warrant must be obtained from a judge specifying
precisely who, where, why, and how a search will take place, and exactly
what is being searched for. All rights and powers not expressly delegated
to national government, including those not listed in the Constitution,
belong to the states and people (amendments 9 & 10). I could go on,
but I would be talking about the ways things are meant to be — not how
they are now.

Today, most of us are Subjects of a corrupt
. Many are involved knee deep in it. But we are not
powerless. We, in fact, should not allow the government to act
wrongfully against us. Most people don’t even realize how far off course
our government has strayed. We can light the torch of Liberty again. But
we won’t do it at the polls. It won’t be done via legislative actions. It
won’t be accomplished by way of executive order/decree. Politicians and
bureaucrats do not
deliver Liberty, they take it! More people are beginning to
understand this. It will probably take less than ten percent of us to
stand tall, exercise, demand, and reaffirm our absolute right to
judge both fact AND LAW
in order to restore liberty and
Justice. When enough are educated of this power, the Torch of Liberty will
begin to shine bright again. Failure to exercise this fundamental right
has brought us where we are today.

If a law doesn’t fit, you must acquit! That includes tax
code prosecutions as well as excessively punitive and anti-constitutional
“crime fighting” legislation. We do not need to wait for a ruling from a
judge to nix an unjust prosecution. We do not need to wait for the “right”
politicians to erect the “right” legislation to take back our inalienable
rights. We people are the ultimate check against despotic government
authoritarians. Effective use of trial by jury is deadly to government
bureaucrats, politicians, and their henchman. It’s a highly efficient and
bloodless form of rebellion. Shall we take back our Liberty now?

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