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Table of Contents Making B.C. industries the cleanest in the world by to support good…

Making B.C. industries the cleanest in the world by to support good jobs, be more efficient, and use cleaner energy

Along with our actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, CleanBC provides an effective blueprint to grow our economy. The low-carbon economy we’re moving to will bring opportunities across the province, so people can continue to live and work in the communities they call home.

As industry continues to work with the clean tech sector to develop innovative solutions that reduce emissions, we can market our products, services, and technology to a world that is increasingly demanding clean, low-carbon solutions.

Ramp up the CleanBC program for industry

  • Direct a portion of B.C.’s carbon tax paid by industry into incentives for cleaner operations and projects that will reduce emissions

Improve air quality by cutting air pollution

  • Reduce emissions from short-haul trucking and the transport of goods

Reduce methane emissions from Natural Gas development

  • Reduce methane emissions from upstream oil and gas operations by 45%

Industrial electrification

  • Provide clean electricity to planned natural gas production in the Peace region
  • Increase access to clean electricity for large industrial operations

Carbon Capture and Storage

  • Develop a regulatory framework for safe and effective underground CO2 storage and direct air capture

Cleaner fuels for industry

  • Make industrial natural gas consumption cleaner with a minimum 15% to come from renewable gas

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