Canada’s Public Sector Technology Event

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Canada’s Public Sector Technology Event


The public sector and business has counted on GTEC to help you keep up with the changing landscape of technology and service delivery in Canada. With the nationally recognized awards program and annual conference, plus other learning products, GTEC has been your destination for innovation and excellence in public sector IT.

UBM has valued being part of the GTEC community and have served as the organizer of this leading public sector information and communications technology (ICT) conference and exhibition for almost 25 years. Unfortunately, the event no longer aligns with UBM’s strategic objectives and are postponing the event for the foreseeable future.


Canada’s Public Sector Technology Event
GTEC 2016 - Make Valuable Trusted Connections

Make valuable, trusted connections

GTEC has connected Canada’s leaders in public sector IT with businesses and other bold thinkers about technology. Our partnerships are time-tested for value, reliability and relevance in solving business problems.

Celebrate excellence in IT

GTEC’s prestigious Distinction Awards program promoted, recognized and celebrated our nation’s very best in public sector technology and service delivery innovation.

GTEC 2016 - Celebrate Excellence in IT
GTEC 2016 - Smart Services Help You Succeed

Smart services to help you succeed

Technology today is about knowing how to connect people, products and ideas in new, innovative ways. GTEC offered a unique mix of products designed to help you grow your understanding of Canadian IT and how best-of-breed technology can solve your most pressing business challenges. Learning more about the business of public sector information management and information technology in Canada starts here.

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