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The author drives Ichabod into specular associations that increase readers’ awareness of the US body…

The author drives Ichabod into specular associations that increase readers’ awareness of the US body politic as a disabled–mostly fragmented–construct.
The first part outlines the notion of the body politic. The second is a threefold look at the history of ancient (Aristotle), modern (Kant), and postmodern (Deleuze) philosophy, with respect to the philosophical treatment of the organism (as body politic).
“Corruption is a cancer that eats away the body politic, and unfortunately it diverts resources from where they were intended,” she said.
Notwithstanding the historical significance attributed to the televised debates of the leaders of the three main British parties, talk of resurgent, reawakened interest in and for the body politic seems to have been met.
Hamas has proven itself to be a dynamic force in the body politic of the Palestinian people.
Queer, in that tradition of the Body Politic, is “brash, inspiring, pig-headed – and vital,” much like CD itself.
WHILST the fully justified apoplectic reaction of all decent people to the self serving, immoral, deceitful body politic whose moral compass we rely to oversee our lives continues unabated, two names seem to be escaping the opprobrium.
“This lately exploded pustule on the posterior of the British body politic” – Description of Gordon Brown’s former aide Damian McBride, by Boris Johnson.
The majority report not only threatened Moses personally but also represented a serious schism within the body politic of the people of Israel.
His concern throughout is with political liberalism’s response to pluralism, a response he characterizes as an effort to “manage” (12) political discourse in order to avoid a fractured body politic. He especially challenges John Rawls’s notion of discourse as restricted to “public reason,” restrictions Rawls claims necessary for maintaining respect among those holding reasonable but incommensurable comprehensive doctrines.
From May 29 to June 16, BARD COLLEGE will host Dance Across Borders 2007: The Body Politic. Now in its 12th year, the symposium returns to the U.S.
But even if the New Anger remains a permanent part of our political discourse, I wouldn’t be much alarmed: it’s loud and it’s nasty, but it really is the sound of democracy, working its way through the body politic.

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