5 Important Law Changes We Have Seen in the American Legal System in Recent Times

The idea of the law is to address current happenings in every state to ensure…

The idea of the law is to address current happenings in every state to ensure justice is served and decorum is maintained. This is why the law is dynamic and open to changes. If you have an eye for the law or have read through reviews on ReviewsBird.com, you will discover every now and then there are always legal changes.

In recent times, there have been several important law changes in the American legal system that everyone needs to be aware of. While it is impossible to discuss all of these changes, let us examine some of the important ones provided by lawyers online.

1. Police Reform Laws

The American legislature has recently reviewed the police reform laws which appeared to be one that seemed long overdue. Following the recent outcry of the Black Lives Matter movement and the push for a need to regulate the use of force on black people, America reviewed its police laws. The new changes to these laws include oversight and reporting of the activities of the police. It also provides for the setting up of civilian review panels to check the activities of some officers who act on the extreme.

2. Minimum Wage Laws

With the recent global pandemic altering the ways many live their lives, the economic effect is one that is almost difficult to recover from. To cushion the effect of the pandemic on the general American populace, there’s been a review of the existing minimum wage laws. This recent review of the law means there will be a raise of the baseline pay across major cities in the United States. This legal change is a widely celebrated one as the minimum wage has remained as it is for about eleven years now.

3. Laws Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

In Arizona and some parts of New Jersey and Montana, there has been the approval of some measures that seek to legalize recreational marijuana. If you are conversant with the news, you will discover that after much research, scientists have discovered some health benefits of marijuana. Following these discoveries, the legislative body of some parts in the United States have moved to legalize marijuana and decriminalize its possession.

4. The Prohibition of Landlords from Refusing to Show House Details

For a long while in the United States, many landlords always refuse to show, rent, or lease houses to individuals based on their source of income or involvement in certain activities. This appeared like an act of discrimination and in places like Colorado, there is a move to prohibit this action of landlords and allow everyone have equal access to lands and houses.

5. Changes to Sexual Assault Laws

Recently in New Hampshire, there are moves to change the state laws regarding sexual assault. Now, the definition of sexual assault has been broadened and it now includes sexual contact involving school employees and students that were not covered initially particularly those that fall between ages thirteen and eighteen.

It is a good thing to see that laws are constantly being reviewed and changed to suit the peculiarities of the times that we live in. These changes are the primary reasons for which laws exist and why a legislative house is being set-up. While there is still a long way to go, we hope to see more changes in the coming years with the American laws.