Day: October 29, 2020

Geneva Consensus: U.S. joins Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia and Uganda to sign declaration challenging right to abortion

Access to abortion is widely restricted in the other countries to co-sponsor the declaration. “There is no international right to abortion,” Pompeo said.

Though the document does not directly address same-sex marriage, the only co-sponsors to have legalized it are Brazil and the United States, while the text’s language affirming the family as “the natural and fundamental group unit of society” has clear meaning for countries that restrict LGBT rights. Among the co-sponsors, the Egyptian

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Barack Obama recalls epic battle for healthcare law in excerpt from memoir

An advance chapter from Barack Obama’s first memoir of his White House years, published on Monday by the New Yorker, takes readers inside the epic political battle behind the passage of the Affordable Care Act at the end of his first year in office.

Barack Obama, Sonia Sotomayor are posing for a picture: Photograph: Tim Sloan/AP

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Photograph: Tim Sloan/AP

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Landing as the healthcare law faces a new threat from the

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should we really become a cashless society?

Coronavirus has accelerated the concept of a cashless society.

a hand holding a remote control

© Vulnerable groups may struggle with a move to a cashless society.

During the peak of the pandemic, consumers were urged to shun physical money as much as possible amid fears that banknotes and coins could harbour the virus – and instead, pay for things with contactless cards, limiting the amount of human interaction needed to purchase everyday goods.

Therefore news from cash machine operator LINK

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View: Imperative to zap the cancer of religious radicalism to save the body politic

Is to criticise anti-democratic practices and beliefs propagated in the name of a religion to criticise the religion? The answer might seem obviously and emphatically in the negative. But this is far from obvious to a whole lot of people around the world and in India. But it is important to gather consensus on answering the question with a definitive ‘No’, for democracy to flourish and protect the rights of even those who brook no
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