Day: May 3, 2020

America’s Operating System, Open Source.

Law.Gov is an idea, an idea that the primary legal materials of the United States should be readily available to all,
and that governmental institutions should make these materials available in bulk as distributed, authenticated,
well-formatted data.
To make this idea a reality, a series of workshops were held throughout the country, resulting in a consensus
on 10 core principles.

The primary legal materials of the United States are the raw materials of our democracy. They should be made more broadly available to enable an informed citizenry.

Primary legal materials include documents of primary authority issued by governmental bodies, such as court opinions, statutes, and regulations. They also include the supporting documents and other media issued and maintained by those bodies, such as dockets, hearings, forms, oral arguments, and legislative histories. These materials can be found in every branch, at every level, national, tribal, state and local, and should be

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