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It seems like there’s always something big going on in the United States. From business to politics to culture, it can be hard to get a grip on it all. Infoplease is here to help. 

World History

Major historical events from ancient times to the present

U.S. History

Timelines, colonial America, the early Congresses, the history of the U.S. flag and symbols, primer on the Constitution, and more

U.S. Documents

Read the texts of the Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Emancipation Proclamation, notable speeches, and more

U.S. Historic Monuments

The history of famous landmarks, including the Washington Monument, Mt. Rushmore, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, and more


Summaries of major events in U.S. and world history, disasters, entertainment, science, society, and more

U.S. Presidents

Biographies, inaugural speeches and presidential addresses, info on the families of the presidents, and more

U.S. Elections

Stats and facts on

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Inside the OPM Hack, The Cyberattack that Shocked the US Government

The US OFFICE of Personnel Management doesn’t radiate much glamour. As the human resources department for the federal government, the agency oversees the legal minutiae of how federal employees are hired and promoted and manages benefits and pensions for millions of current and retired civil servants. The core of its own workforce, numbering well over 5,000, is headquartered in a hulking Washington, DC, building, the interior of which has all the charm of an East German hospital circa 1963. It’s the sort of place where paper forms still get filled out in triplicate.

The routine nature of OPM’s business made the revelations of April 15, 2015, as perplexing as they were disturbing. On that morning, a security engineer named Brendan Saulsbury set out to decrypt a portion of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) traffic that flows across the agency’s digital network. Hackers have become adept at using SSL encryption to

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Free Goverment Grants: Goverment Grants

Free Government Grants

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Tyndale Society Home Page

On this page: Society Aims • Society History • Membership • News • Events

William Tyndale statue in BristolWilliam Tyndale

Forbidden to work in England, Tyndale translated and printed in English the New Testament and half the Old Testament between 1525 and 1535 in Germany and the Low Countries. He worked from the Greek and Hebrew original texts when knowledge of those languages in England was rare. His pocket-sized Bible translations were smuggled into England, and then ruthlessly sought out by the Church, confiscated and destroyed. Condemned as a heretic, Tyndale was strangled and burned outside Brussels in 1536.

Photo: Statue of William Tyndale by Lawrence Holofcener (2000), Millennium Square, Bristol, United Kingdom.
© Brian Buxton.

Tyndale’s English translation of the New Testament was taken almost word for word into the much praised Authorised Version (King James Bible) of 1611, which also reproduces a great deal of his Old Testament. From there his words

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Department of Local Government – NCP



North and East Local Services

Improvement Project (NELSIP) 



The main objective of the North East Local Government Service Improvement Project (NELSIP) is to improve service delivery of the Local Authority by providing the necessary infrastructure facilities, increasing people’s participation to create equal opportunities society and enhancing knowledge, skills of officials and community through capacity building programs.                                   

32 projects have been implemented under the infrastructure facilities of the Local Authorities. It is comprised of rural roads (asphalt, concrete, interlock), drainage systems, stormwater canal, water projects, buildings (market, weekly fair, office, daycare & preschool, guest house) playground, and children park.



New construction and improvement of culverts, bridges and sewer lines, which are linked to road development projects have contributed to the increase in the efficiency of the transport sector. This will help increase investments,

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Government House – Governor of New South Wales

Government House is the Official Residence and Office of Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AO QC, 39th Governor of New South Wales and Mr Dennis Wilson. Her Excellency is the 28th Governor to occupy this Government House and has held the position since 2 May 2019.

In 1788, soon after a British settlement was established at Sydney Cove, the first Governor of the colony of New South Wales, Governor Arthur Phillip, laid the foundations of Sydney’s first Government House.  This building was located in Bridge Street (on the site of the Museum of Sydney). After nearly 50 years of serving as the colony’s political, ceremonial and social centre, the building had become worn and dilapidated and many submissions were made to the British government for permission and funding to construct a new building.

In 1836 construction finally began on a new Government House.  The new building was influenced in

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Latest News from the Beehive

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Center for Sport, Peace, and Society

CSPS helps global leaders develop innovative solutions to socio-political challenges using sport. We work to create a more peaceful, equitable, and inclusive world.

Through its work as implementing partner of the U.S. Department of State Global Sports Mentoring Program, the center has worked with international sports leaders and U.S. mentors on five-week exchanges, where the leaders develop Action Plans for sport-based social change in their communities. These plans have contributed to the creation of national sports leagues and federations for women and people with disabilities and impacted legislation to make countries more inclusive and accessible.


CSPS Impact Areas

Global Exchanges

Global Exchanges

CSPS travels the globe to assist with sports-based clinics that promote the values of equality and inclusion.



CSPS brings international leaders to the U.S.

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Federal, State, Local Government Contracts & Bids Notification

Architectural: Civil Engineering, Engineering Design and Drafting
Cleaning and Custodial:  Janitorial Equipment and Supplies, Linen and Towel Services,
Parking Lot, Window washing
Construction and Remodeling:  General Contractor, Roads, Bridges,/ Sidewalk, Roofing /
Roof, Door, Window, Ceiling, Flooring / Floor, Fencing / Fence, Painting,
Carpentry, Cabinet, Mill Work, Plumbing, Pumps, Pipeline, Sanitation, Drainage,
Water-Proofing, Electrical / Electronic, Lighting, Elevators, Escalators,
Lifts, Playground
Construction and Building Materials:  Masonry, Stone, Brick, Tile, Drywall, Plaster, Road Work,
Consulting Services: Grants Writing, Lobbyist, Legal, Litigation, Mediation,
Environment and Conservation:  Surveying, Mapping, Aerial Photography, Environmental
Testing, Site Inspection, Asbestos, Hazardous Waste, Trash Disposal, Recycling,
Waste Water, Sewage Treatment, Air Purification, Tanks, Excavation, Demolition,
Financial and Accounting:
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