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There are 130,000 Personal Support Workers (PSWs) in Ontario alone. They are a vital link in the healthcare chain for people that need assistance at home, or in long-term care. They assist people who are seriously ill, and the elderly, and they perform a variety of functions including help with healthcare needs, personal assistance, palliative care, supportive care, and work around the house like cooking and housekeeping. So why do we know so little about them?

This week on the podcast, we’re going to dig into the working life, and the challenges faced, by Ontario’s PSWs, and we’re doing this in the wake of the recent news that the fourth PSW in Ontario has died from COVID-19. Sharon Roberts, a PSW at Downsview Long Term Care in North York, was one of 46 staff members to contract COVID at that facility, and in these precarious times for all employees in

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