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Update: Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and the uncertainty of its continued spread in Alabama, all classes scheduled from March 16 – May 31 are cancelled in a face-to-face format. We are working hard to examine our options for rescheduling. While some classes will be able to be rescheduled later in the year, others may not be rescheduled until next year.

All participants enrolled in cancelled courses will be advised of the changes as they occur and will automatically be enrolled in the rescheduled class. We will email current registrants with more details as they are available and we hope that you are satisfied with our solution. There will be no cancellations fees for any class registration through May 31st. Please continue to be patient as we work out the details over the coming weeks and we will post all changes on the GEDI website as soon as we

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eGovernment for Development – What is eGovernment?

What is eGovernment?

A. What is eGovernment?

eGovernment is the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve the activities of public sector organisations.

Some definitions restrict e-government to Internet-enabled applications only, or only to interactions between government and outside groups.  Here, we do not – all digital ICTs are included; all public sector activities are included.

In our definition, then, governments have been practising e-government for more than 50 years: using that first mainframe in the Statistics Office was “e-government”.  We just didn’t give it that name 50 years ago.

B. What Does eGovernment Cover?

There are three main domains of e-government, illustrated in Figure 1 (adapted from: Ntiro, S. (2000) eGovernment in Eastern Africa, KPMG, Dar-es-Salaam) :

Respectively, these particularly address the problems that government is too costly, too inefficient and too ineffective (e-admininstration); too self-serving and too inconvenient (e-citizens and e-services); and too insular (e-society).

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iciHaiti – Politic : Development of electronic governance in the country

iciHaiti – Politic : Development of electronic governance in the country
16/02/2020 08:29:02
iciHaiti - Politic : Development of electronic governance in the country

The Observatoire du Numérique en Haiti (ObNH), takes note of the Government’s decision to designate the Haitian Institute of Statistics and Information Technology (IHSI) as the privileged interlocutor for the development of electronic governance in the country.

Faced with the disparity and interoperability of IT solutions currently implemented in public administration, the opacity of the methodology, strategic choices, technological solutions and the inadequacy of the legal framework governing the sector, the ObNH understands the absolute need to overcome the multifaceted challenges and issues of the social divide and of the digital economy to which face the public and private sectors and to harmonize public policies in this area.

Consequently, the ObNH wishes that the resources allocated in the past can join those of the IHSI in order to ensure a modernized delivery of State services withh “a

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