Teachings on human sexuality by the Roman Catholic Church

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Editor’s Note: Aleister Crowley (1875 – 1947) contributed greatly to the “magical
as it has been called, during the first half of the 20th
Century. His written works have had a profound effect on the practice of
Magick. In addition, Satanism, as currently practiced by the Church of Satan and
similar groups, have relied heavily on a sensationalistic interpretation
of his writings. There are even marks of his influence in the writings
of Gerald Gardner, the individual most responsible for the recreation of Wicca circa 1950.
Unfortunately, many conservative Christian authors have associated
Crowley’s beliefs and practices with Mediaeval Satanism. The latter was
a form of Satan worship that did not exist in reality. The Christian
church invented it in order to provide the theological and legal
justification for the Witch burnings of Western Europe. Because of this
association, most of the writings by Fundamentalist and

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Posted by Steve Wilcox, 9 Apr 2020

Steve Wilcox offers six reasons why Christians can continue to have hope even in a time of pandemic.

Right now we’re in lock down: we can’t meet – friends, family, church family; we dread turning on the news or looking at the paper to see things getting worse and worse; we’ve had to cancel good plans; many of us are feeling isolated; worst of all we don’t know how long it will go on for.

Many people are choking in an atmosphere of anxiety and despair but as Christians we have lots of reasons to hope. Here are six to remember:

1. Our good and loving Father is in control
When something like this happens it’s easy to think that God’s lost control – that this is beyond him. But the Bible is clear that God is in

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