CleanBC | Government of British Columbia

Making B.C. industries the cleanest in the world by to support good jobs, be more efficient, and use cleaner energy

Along with our actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, CleanBC provides an effective blueprint to grow our economy. The low-carbon economy we’re moving to will bring opportunities across the province, so people can continue to live and work in the communities they call home.

As industry continues to work with the clean tech sector to develop innovative solutions that reduce emissions, we can market our products, services, and technology to a world that is increasingly demanding clean, low-carbon solutions.

Ramp up the CleanBC program for industry

  • Direct a portion of B.C.’s carbon tax paid by industry into incentives for cleaner operations and projects that will reduce emissions

Improve air quality by cutting air pollution

  • Reduce emissions from short-haul trucking and the transport of goods

Reduce methane emissions from Natural Gas

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British Geriatrics Society

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Four years ago, the BGS embarked on an extensive project to review its communications, and to update its image and brand. This exercise has culminated in the launch of a brand new website, packed with exciting new features and functionality. Our new site brings together all BGS services into one platform: conferences, the BGS blog, policy updates, membership, our Age and Ageing journal, and in time eLearning.

To receive updates when we publish new BGS blogs please log into our new website and update your communications preferences.

Please follow the simple instructions so that you can log in, access BGS services and update your communication preferences. You can read instructions on how to log in to the new website here.

Please do this regardless of any previous account you may have had. Your old login details are now

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What is law? | The British Academy

From the moment that we humans began to sort ourselves into communities, we have had to work out how to control ourselves for the greater good of all. How can we resolve disputes without laying into each other, causing mayhem? Every society chooses authority over anarchy – but whose authority? The governance of the King or Queen was once good enough, and the rule of the priests still is in quite a few places. Custom and tradition do the same for some cultures, even today. 

The rule of law is a different way of doing authority, replacing the will of the monarch, priest or cultural leader with a set of rules that are based on explicitly agreed constraints on power. It is not just our power as ordinary mortals to do what we want that is controlled by these rules standing above us. King John at Runnymede in 1215 didn’t

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The British Fantasy Society | Welcome to The British Fantasy Society

The British Fantasy Society | Welcome to The British Fantasy Society

Short Story Competition 2020

March 12, 2020

The BFS Short Story Competition 2020 will open on 01/04/2020. Anyone can enter, regardless of how many times they have been previously published. The competition is open to […]

Sixteenth Watch by Myke Cole. Review.

March 20, 2020

Sixteenth Watch by Myke Cole Angry Robot, pb, £9.99 Reviewed by Sarah Deeming America and China are in conflict over the moon’s resources, not quite at war, but it’s in […]

LEGACY OF ASH by Matthew Ward. Review.

March 16, 2020

LEGACY OF ASH by Matthew Ward. Orbit Books. h/b. £25. Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins. Otherwise known as the Phoenix of prophecy, Lady Katya, dowager duchess of Trelan, rides […]

Steel Frame by Andrew Skinner. Review.

March 13, 2020

Steel Frame by Andrew Skinner Solaris Books, pb, £8.82 The opener is one of the
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