Marked Man – Nymag

Marked Man – Nymag

Question: when is a Democratic primary really less about what Democrats want than what Republicans want?

This year, the vast majority of the 60 Assembly members and 24 senators who represent our city in Albany will seek re-election. Most will face no or nominal opposition; a few will face primaries, most of which reflect mere local turf battles.

But in one Democratic primary, the Republican mayor has chosen to interject himself by making an endorsement. That is an astonishingly rare development, and when something like it happens, it’s worth figuring out why.

The race is the upper Manhattan State Senate primary between incumbent Eric Schneiderman and challenger Guillermo Linares. What’s at stake here? Let’s have Denny Farrell sum it up. Farrell, the state Democratic Party chairman, is officially neutral, but he grasps that this contest is less about which of these ideologically similar Democrats represents this district than about State Senate Republican leader Joe Bruno’s drive to maximize his political power.

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