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Law Courses

The Law Faculty Handbook is jam-packed with detailed information on course offerings for the academic year.  Each course is described, including the course code, course title, course level, the convenor’s name, entry requirements, DP requirements, and assessment mechanism.  You will find everything you need in this handbook. 

Course information is also available for undergraduate and postgraduate students at each of our three departmental sites at and and, so head over there for department-specific course listings.

One of the Faculty’s highlight courses is the Legal Practice Course (DOL 4500F/S), offered by the UCT Law Clinic – which provides students with insight into, and handson experience with, client case management. 

The Legal Practice Course affords students the opportunity of receiving a full credit for community service, in fulfilment of the current LLB curriculum requirements. Many students taking final year courses may be interested in the Legal Practice elective, as an important course for every law student, particularly if you are intending to practice. For those not intending to practice, it is equally important in showing how justice works or does not in our country. 

Many of our past students go on to do their articles and have confirmed how this course has helped them.  Watch out for registration alerts towards the end of each year, for the following year’s enrolment.  A fundamental function of the UCT Law Clinic is the excellent practical training it offers to senior law students through the Legal Practice Course (DOL 4500F/S). 


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