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Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.


Edwin Vieira, Jr.,
has condensed into this Monograph the substance of addresses he
has given
to small groups that represent a cross-section of American
citizens concerned
with fundamental monetary and banking reform.

Vieira’s purpose
is to present an analysis of the Federal Reserve System, its fiat
paper currency, and “fractional-reserve” banking that
infrequently, if ever,
appears in the popular press, in the media, in the discourse of
or political candidates, or (worse yet) in the nation’s schools.
This analysis,
however, is crucial to popular understanding of what the Federal
System is, what it does, and the dangers it poses to America’s
economy and
republican institutions of government. And such an understanding
is crucial
to sweeping legislative or

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Class Warfare – Nymag

When George Pataki was campaigning for re-election last fall, Rudy Giuliani’s people offered up the mayor to hit the stump with the governor in the nearby suburbs. Pretty good fit, it would seem: the man who cut their taxes, delivered to enthusiastic crowds by the man who tidied up the handful of square blocks they regularly visit.

But Pataki’s camp, one insider tells me, demurred, suspecting that what Giuliani really wanted out of this little road show was to elevate not the governor but himself – you know, let some of those swing voters who help elect senators lay eyes on him. One can’t help thinking they were right.

Two-kings-one-hill is an old story in politics, but Pataki and Giuliani are acting out the parts with a truly special vim and vinegar. What started with the usual off-the-record brickbats and items planted with political columnists took a nasty turn when

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American Shame


On any given day in America’s news cycle, stories and images of disgraced politicians and celebrities solicit our moral indignation, their misdeeds fueling a lucrative economy of shame and scandal. Shame is one of the most coercive, painful, and intriguing of human emotions. Only in recent years has interest in shame extended beyond a focus on the subjective experience of this emotion and its psychological effects. The essays collected here consider the role of shame as cultural practice and examine ways that public shaming practices enforce conformity and group coherence. Addressing abortion, mental illness, suicide, immigration, and body image among other issues, this volume calls attention to the ways shaming practices create and police social boundaries; how shaming speech is endorsed, judged, or challenged by various groups; and the distinct ways that shame is encoded and embodied in a nation that prides itself on individualism, diversity, and exceptionalism. Examining

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Political Style

Theresa May has left her mark on political fashion and in the first of the series, we are looking at her love of necklaces from the Italian brand Mirta Bijoux.

Throughout her time as Prime Minister and as Home Secretary, May has worn the chunky accessories from Mirta Bijoux on a regular basis. Bright, bold and definitely outside the box, May has worn her Ballsmania necklaces with dresses, skirt suits and with casual weekend looks. From meeting heads of state to fielding questions at the dispatch box, the Ballsmania collection has been a firm favourite of our second female Prime Minister.

Let’s take a closer look at the necklaces from the brand – and how May styled them.

Black, navy and pink

May has worn this one with a striking cobalt blue pencil dress from Amanda Wakeley. The perfect accessory!

Teal, turquoise and light blue

A 2018 holiday purchase, May

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NA 260 Nasirabad/ kachhi/ Jhal Magsi Polling Station Names and List of Candidates for Election 2018

NA 260 Nasirabad/ kachhi/ Jhal Magsi Polling Stations List, Candidate Names Election 2018 – GIS Map

NA 260 Nasirabad kachhi Jhal Magsi Polling Station Names and List of Candidates for Election 2018
NA 260 Nasirabad kachhi Jhal Magsi Polling Station Names and List of Candidates for Election 2018

In Nasirabad/ kachhi/ Jhal Magsi Polling for general election 2018 is being held on 25th July (Wednesday).

Nasirabad/ kachhi/ Jhal Magsi district has one national assembly constituency.

Tough competition is being expected between PMLN and PTI. While candidates of PPP, TLP and MMA are also in the field.

Total Registered Voters = 
Total Polling stations = 387

Candidate List 2018

Khalid Hussain Magsi Cow BAP
Sardar Abdul Sattar Khan Chair AAT
Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind Bat PTI
Syed Naseer Ahmed Shah Dopasi Arrow PPP
Shahnaz Naseer Baloch Axe BNP
Ali Hassan Saw NP
Molvi Muhammad Abdullah Book MMA

Complete Polling Scheme

Polling Station Number Polling Station Address Total Voters
1 Govt primary school phuligy balina (combined) 1237

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Panic, Pandemic, and the Body Politic

Infections don’t just attack weaknesses in the human body. They also exploit weaknesses in human society.

Some disasters are small, and some disasters are just very far away. Covid-19 is neither. It’s big, and it’s here, and it’s fast. Infection rates are currently doubling roughly every three days. It’s going to be bad, and it’s going to be sad. Just how bad and sad depends very much on what we do now.

I’m writing this on the 12th of March, 2020. That means the human race has between two and four weeks to get its shit together. We are not just dealing with germs that are too small to see; we are also dealing with structural hurdles that are too huge to see, in the way that right now, teleworking from my front porch in Los Angeles, I cannot see California.

Illustrated woman, speech bubble, virus cell

What Is the Coronavirus?

Plus: How can I avoid

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International Socialist Review

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ISR Issue 57, January–February 2008

The politics of identity

SHARON SMITH argues that identity politics can’t liberate the oppressed

FIGHTING AGAINST oppression is an urgent issue in U.S. society today. Racism, sexism, and homophobia have all reached appalling levels—that seem only to rise with each passing year. White students in Jena hang nooses, and Black students end up in prison.1 Squads of Minutemen vigilantes patrol the Mexican border with impunity, for the sole purpose of terrorizing migrant communities.2 College campuses across the U.S. commemorate “Islamo-fascism awareness week” as if it were just another legitimate student activity.3 Fred Phelps and his Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church congregation regularly picket outside funerals of gay soldiers killed in Iraq, proclaiming that they belong in hell.4

To be sure, the problem extends way beyond the extremist fringe. Media pundits barely comment on the outrages described above, while

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Politic 101

Typing, typing, typing – all I end up with are these three words …

Labor deserves this.

June 26th 2013, Julia Gillard is toppled by Kevin Rudd. In doing so the stage is set for the ‘The Next Election’. Will Rudd’s popularity win the day, or will memories resurface? What about the question of political conviction? Is the fragmentation of the Labor party the instrument through which Australia migrates to a multi-party political model? Serious days. So many questions. So many opportunities.


Thing is I’ve watched this movie four times now. And that – in and of itself – bothers me. There are conflicts present in the script – not spoken so much – just

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The genetics of politics – Body politic | Science and technology

IN 1882 W.S. Gilbert wrote, to a tune by Sir Arthur Sullivan, a ditty that went “I often think it’s comical how Nature always does contrive/that every boy and every gal that’s born into the world alive/is either a little Liberal or else a little Conservative.”

In the 19th century, that view, though humorously intended, would not have been out of place among respectable thinkers. The detail of a man’s opinion might be changed by circumstances. But the idea that much of his character was ingrained at birth held no terrors. It is not, however, a view that cut much ice in 20th-century social-scientific thinking, particularly after the second world war. Those who allowed that it might have some value were generally shouted down and sometimes abused, along with all others vehemently suspected of the heresy of believing that genetic differences between individuals could have a role

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