“The SAFE Act stops criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from buying a gun by requiring universal background checks on gun purchases, increases penalties for people who use illegal guns, mandates life in prison without parole for anyone who murders a first responder, and imposes the toughest assault weapons ban in the country. For hunters, sportsmen, and law abiding gun owners, this new law preserves and protects your right to buy, sell, keep or use your guns.”

– Governor Andrew Cuomo

Travel Advisories

Advisory Level Date Updated Liechtenstein Travel Advisory

Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions

October 8, 2019

North Macedonia Travel Advisory

Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions

December 23, 2019

Nauru Travel Advisory

Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions

March 11, 2020

Palau Travel Advisory

Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions

February 4, 2020

Burma (Myanmar) Travel Advisory

Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution

March 26, 2019

Worldwide Caution


January 15, 2019

Afghanistan Travel Advisory

Level 4: Do Not Travel

October 22, 2019

Albania Travel Advisory

Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions

July 10, 2019

Algeria Travel Advisory

Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution

April 9, 2019

Andorra Travel Advisory

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Provides information on outbreaks with epidemic/pandemic potential or posing a threat to travellers

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Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials

Text in PDF Format

Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials

Adopted by General Assembly resolution 34/169 of 17 December 1979

Article 1

Law enforcement officials shall at all times fulfil the duty imposed upon them by law, by serving the community and by protecting all persons against illegal acts, consistent with the high degree of responsibility required by their profession.

Commentary :

(a) The term “law enforcement officials”, includes all officers of the law, whether appointed or elected, who exercise police powers, especially the powers of arrest or detention.

(b) In countries where police powers are exercised by military authorities, whether uniformed or not, or by State security forces, the definition of law enforcement officials shall be regarded as including officers of such services.

(c) Service to the community is intended to include particularly the rendition of services of assistance to those members of the community who by reason

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Goverment legal definition of Goverment


A political subdivision of a state, the power and importance of which varies from one state to another.

A county is distinguishable from a city or Municipal Corporation, since a municipal corporation has a dual character, both public and private, while a county is established by the state and is considered to be an agency thereof. Through home rule, a municipality may make certain decisions on matters of local concern, while a county is controlled by the state and does the work of state administration.

In the state of Louisiana, a state political subdivision is known as a parish. Comparable to counties, parishes have no independent existence apart from the state but possess only such authority as the state grants them.


The state constitution determines the procedures for the formation of a county. Certain states require a specific minimum size population or property value before a county is

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Trump Signs ‘Families First’ Relief Bill Into Law: Here’s What That Could Mean For You

While his administration and congressional leaders continued to hammer out a trillion-dollar COVID-19 stimulus package, President Trump signed into law Wednesday evening the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, the second bipartisan coronavirus relief bill Congress has passed so far  the first providing around $8 billion in emergency funding for emergency prevention and response efforts. So what’s in the “Families First” bill? Below is a breakdown of its key provisions.

The Families First law addresses the following key priorities, among others:

  1. provides additional funding for nutrition and food assistance programs, particularly in light of schools being shutdown and additional needs for elderly assistance programs
  2. expands paid leave benefits
  3. expands unemployment benefits
  4. provides coronavirus testing at no cost to consumers
  5. temporarily increases the Medicaid federal medical assistance percentage

Food and Nutrition Assistance Funding: Families First infuses significant federal money — nearly a billion dollars’ worth  into various nutrition assistance programs,

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‘Why law?’ It’s the question every would-be law student dreads | Law

Why law? That’s a question you’re going to be asked over and over again if you are starting to think a career in law might be the one for you. You’ll be answering it on work placement application forms, during mock interviews, at tutor meetings, when applying for courses, at scholarship interviews… the list goes on.

It has some variations – “why do you want to be a lawyer?” and “why do you think you’re suited to a career in law?” – but it’s basically the same question.

So if you are at school or college and thinking about a career in law, it’s a good idea to start considering how you’re going to answer it. And not just because you’d look stupid if you fluffed it.

Once you’ve worked out “why law”, you will find you can apply yourself to the process of achieving your goal in a

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Would you like to support the work of the Jamestowne Society?

PictureImage courtesy The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

The John White map, 1585, was the first map to be exclusiviely devoted to Virginia and to show the area with any deree of accuracy and detail. It also was the first map to name the Chesapeake Bay and to illustrate Sir Walter Raleigh’s ill-fated Roanoke colony, where White was Governor in 1587.The orientation of the map illustrates west at the top perhaps due to the early cartographer’s perception of the terrain as they looked westward. In this rare first state of the map, Chesapeake is spelled “Ehesepioc.” The map seen here is a 1590 engraving by Theodore De Bry and is commonly described as ‘that part of Ameria, now called Virginia”

PictureTheodore De Bry

​Born to a wealthy Protestant family and trained in his native Liège as a goldsmith and engraver, Theodore

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Political Cortadito

Okay, so Ladra’s been busy and begs for scraps of forgiveness from
the political junkies that need her particularly sarcastic java. But I’m
baaack. This is being republished from my new website location, www.politicalcotadito.com. Please bookmark or flag the page so you can go there because, eventually, I will stop repeating myself. Verbatim, anyway.

But this new venue allows me to start tracking a new scent. Or several
ominous odors, as it were. Despite the barrage of distractions, both
random and deliberate (more on that later), there has still been
information trickling in through gaps in the noise. And I’ve still been
listening to the clues that connect the dots. In the coming days, Ladra
plans to bark about the county mayoral’s race, Miami Lakes, Doral,
casino gambling, the school board, redistricting, residency requirements
— she said, as state reps and school board members (you know who you
are) collectively

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Artists Rights Society

The COVID-19 crisis has hit the artistic community especially hard, and Artists Rights Society wants to help

Since 1987, Artist Rights Society has been a resource for artists, their families, foundations and rights holders, protecting the intellectual property rights interests of over 122,000 visual artists and their estates.

We are currently in discussions to provide other forms of support to our members, but in the meantime, we wanted to direct you to some of the more generous emergency funding currently being offered to artists. 

  • Foundation for Contemporary Arts: For artists who incur unexpected or unbudgeted expenses for projects close to completion with committed exhibition or performance dates, $2,500 max

  • Max’s Kansas City Project: For New Yorkers in the creative arts, neediest cases prioritized $1,000 max 

  • Boston Artists Relief fund: For individual artists who live in Boston whose creative practices and incomes are being adversely impacted by Coronavirus 2019, $1,000 max

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